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1 April 2020 - 07 Sha'ban 1441

As salamualaykum Respected brothers and sisters.

Many of you would have received an undated WhatsApp broadcast message with contents hinting that the current situation regarding our lockdown will lead to “food riots” and “war". The message was passed around with ‘Mufti Ak’ written beneath it, clearly misleading people as if to say that I am the author.

I wish to clarify to the public that I, Mufti Abdool Kader Hoosen, did not author that message nor played any part in the circulation of that message.

This is clearly the work of miscreants and deviates in our communities. This mischief making has no place in our Deen. It is undoubtedly the work of the cowardly shiah or one of their hypocritical agents who hide behind the skirts of their wives and who lack the courage to come forward and own up. Remember that the shiah are out of the fold of Islam. I entrust the culprits and matter to Allah to deal with.

Rest assured we will take measures to trace the culprits. Once identified, we intend instituting legal action against those involved.

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