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Mufti Abdool Kader Hoosen – Women at the Eidgah


Among the Signs of the Approaching Hour of Qiyaamah, the Hadith informs us:

“The dunya will be pursued with the amal of the Deen.”

The primary motivation for the deceptive merrymaking ‘i’tikaaf’ trips to Al-Aqsa is nafsaani gratification, and absolutely nothing else. A Brother from Durban who is at this moment in Jerusalem, having gone for the deceptive i’tikaaf which is devoid of Shar’i substance, witnessing the scenario at Musjidul Aqsa and Jerusalem, writes:

I am currently in Aqsa. Like you, The Majlis has rightfully said, this is a holiday. I myself am the worst of the lot and am shameful after introspecting and looking at myself and actions within. The following is my observation.

People have come here for a holiday under the guise of Nafil ittikaaf. While they read Fard salaat in Musjid ul Aqsa, after Esha the parties are on. They dont even wait for taraweeh to finish. Jerusalem becomes alive.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’re somewhere in Europe. The coffee shops and hukka bars are buzzing. The local Palestinians, the international tourists, even Our South African Muslims are frequenting these places as well. The Israelis are loving it, because these Coffee shops and Hookah bars are owned by them, and they are cashing in.

No signs of boycotting here. All morals are left at home when on holiday, knowing fully well that a few miles away their Muslim brothers and sisters are being slaughtered in Gaza.

There is no sign of Sunnat here. A handful wearing The Sunnat libaas, no one wearing Kurtas, no one wearing topis, all mostly clean shaven. Ladies dressed in tracksuits, hair open, no niqab.

And this is the 3rd holiest site in Islam.

There is a video going around outside Aqsa, people chanting and shouting, like animal, Labaik Ya Aqsa, Men and women intermingling freely outside Aqsa. This is the behaviour of the Palestinians here as well. Palestinians and those from other parts of the world alike.

From my observation, how is the help of Allah going to come to these lands if all the laws of Allah are being violated here. This is a first hand experience.


At least back in South Africa, the last 10 days of Ramadaan are taken a bit more seriously, with Musjids having programs of Bayan’s and zikr etc. It is as if there’s no Ramadaan here in this holy land.


26 Ramadhaan 1445 – 6 April 2024



Booed Biden Humiliated: White House in Tears after Rejected Iftaar Event

Russia Working to Remove Taliban from Terror List


Posted on Tue 19 March 2024


Collectors from a body, Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape, are collecting funds in South Africa and Botswana. The Ameer of this body is one Moulana Ihsaan Abrahams. I recall that last year he was involved in some moral fracas and The Majlis had dissociated from him. What is the current status of this body? Should we contribute?

The entity is bogus. Its Ameer is not bonafide. Do not contribute anything. His letters of recommendation are baseless. In the few decades we have known this person, his only objective was funds.

The current Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape of which Maulana Ihsaan Abrahams is the ameer, is a mere paper entity. We had an association of many years with him, but of no avail. His concern is only hallucinating about grandiose plans and schemes which never materialize.

The best thing for him to do is to scrap the name Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape, to repent and spend Ramadhaan in I’tikaaf in some small remote Musjid.
Please to the Community of Botswana to inform your Border Post not to allow him in Botswana.
The address he gave there is his house address in Cape town.

8 Ramadhaan 1445 – 19 March 2024
Please contact the nearest police station or the Majlis UL Ulama P.E

'Israel' lost over 3,600 casualties since the start of the war on Gaza

Israeli media addressed on Sunday the increasing number of the Israeli occupation forces' killed soldiers during confrontations against the Palestinian Resistance in Gazza, which amounts to the size of a brigade.

Channel 12's military correspondent, Nir Dvori, said the Israeli military lost around 600 occupation troops, alongside 3,000 injuries, a number not experienced for decades.

Earlier today, the Israeli occupation military confirmed that a Sergeant first class was killed Saturday during confrontations with the Palestinian Resistance in Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gazza City.

The military mentioned that the killed troop fought with the 932nd Battalion of the Nahal Brigade.

...Israeli political writer, Ben Kesbit said in the meantime, "There is nothing in Gazza, other than Hamas' attempt to return and build its capabilities in areas where the army had retreated", emphasizing that this is something "Israel" has absolutely no control over, according to the Israeli Walla! website.

The Israeli military continues to censor the actual number of killed and injured soldiers among its ranks during ground battles in Gazza as an attempt to conceal its losses, however, the accurate reports and footage published by the Palestinian Resistance show that the losses incurred on the IOF are much larger than they would admit.



‘We Lost the War with Hamas’ – Israeli Major General Yitzhak Barik

Israel cannot lie to its people for a long time and has already lost the war with the Palestinian Resistance movement, Hamas, according to an analysis by retired Major General Yizkhak Barik and published in the Israeli newspaper Maariv on Sunday.

“What is happening in the Gazza Strip and against Hezbollah in Lebanon will blow up in our faces sooner or later, and then the truth will be revealed in all its ugliness,” Barik wrote, accusing the Israeli leadership of living “in an illusion”.

Barik warned that Israel is not ready for a regional war, which would be “thousands of times more difficult and serious than the war in the Gazza Strip”.

“Every day our soldiers are killed and seriously injured (in Gazza -PC) by booby traps and explosives when they enter (…) houses without any inspection, and without using appropriate measures,” he wrote.

Barik accused the Israeli Army Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi of being “detached and silent” and of “appointing colonels and lieutenant colonels” after losing “control of the territory a long time ago”.

Having in mind that Israel’s two objectives are the dismantling of Hamas and the return of the captives, Barik said that the Israeli “Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff conducted the war with a tactical vision and not a strategic vision,” noting that “a war cannot be won only in tactical battles.”

“We have already lost the war with Hamas, and we are also losing our allies in the world,” Barik admitted, stating that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Gallant, and Halevi “are leading us nowhere!”....

Nurul Islam Hosts the Illicit Shaakira Hunter

We Lost the War with Hamas’ – Israeli Major General Yitzhak Barik

March 17, 2024

Israel cannot lie to its people for a long time and has already lost the war with the Palestinian Resistance movement, Hamas, according to an analysis by retired Major General Yizkhak Barik and published in the Israeli newspaper Maariv on Sunday.

“What is happening in the Gazza Strip and against Hezbollah in Lebanon will blow up in our faces sooner or later, and then the truth will be revealed in all its ugliness,” Barik wrote, accusing the Israeli leadership of living “in an illusion”.

Barik warned that Israel is not ready for a regional war, which would be “thousands of times more difficult and serious than the war in the Gazza Strip”.

“Every day our soldiers are killed and seriously injured (in Gazza -PC) by booby traps and explosives when they enter (…) houses without any inspection, and without using appropriate measures,” he wrote.

Barik accused the Israeli Army Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi of being “detached and silent” and of “appointing colonels and lieutenant colonels” after losing “control of the territory a long time ago”.

Having in mind that Israel’s two objectives are the dismantling of Hamas and the return of the captives, Barik said that the Israeli “Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff conducted the war with a tactical vision and not a strategic vision,” noting that “a war cannot be won only in tactical battles.”

“We have already lost the war with Hamas, and we are also losing our allies in the world,” Barik admitted, stating that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Gallant, and Halevi “are leading us nowhere!”....


A Note to Zionists

I know what you are feeling.

The world is falling apart and everyone is against you. You are scared that the worst could happen again.

I know that Israel represents salvation for you. I know what you were told.

“A land without a people, for a people without a land.”

I know that you believe it tried to treat everyone equally. That it shares your values. I know that you will defend it no matter what because you feel your personal survival is at stake.

I also know that you are learning new things that don’t line up with what you were told:
You didn’t know about the Zionist lobby, Jewish National Fund or the Palestine Jewish Colonization Organization from the late 1800s.

You didn’t know that the Balfour declaration didn’t consult Palestinians when it gave away their land.

You didn’t know of the terrorism led by the Zionist groups like Haganah and Irgun which later became the IDF.

You didn’t know about the Nakba or Plan Dalet and the terrorist groups led by Israel’s first prime minister and armed by the West ethnically cleansed 700,000 Palestinians and destroyed 400 villages BEFORE any Arab armies entered.

You didn’t know that the Jewish population of the area was only 30% that owned just 9% of the land but was given 55% by the UN partition plan and that Palestinians were not consulted.

You didn’t know that not all Arabs are the same.

You didn’t know that Zionism was about expansion and colonizing land.

You didn’t know about the extent and brutality of the occupation.

You didn’t know about the apartheid in the West Bank or that it was a crime against humanity.

You didn’t know that the PLO recognized Israel but that Israel has never recognized Palestine.

You didn’t know that the first intifada was a mostly peaceful organic uprising against Israeli brutality that was violently put down.

You didn’t know that the settlements are a form of colonialism.

You didn’t know that Netanyahu funded Hamas.

You didn’t know about the siege on Gaza, the brutality or extent of it and that it created an unnecessary and inhumane concentration camp.

You didn’t know about the weekly peaceful protests of 20,000 people in Gaza called the Great March of Return that was violently ended by Israel.

You believed they just hated you for who you were because that is how it has been in the past.

You believed that Palestinians were barbaric by nature and walked away from peace because they were inherently unreasonable.

You didn’t know that Israel was capable of genocide.

Everything you believed is crumbling.

So much of what you were told was a lie.

Know that you are not abandoning Jews and Israelis when you abandon the racist supremacy ideology of Zionism.
You are now faced with two options, you can create a new belief to justify Israel's violence to absolve you of what you were enabling or you can be courageous and face the truth.

What will you choose?

Please share this to reach the right people

'Israel' losing on several fronts: NYT
Source: The New York Times
Feb. 28 2024

A report from The New York Times underscores the Israeli failure in the Gazza Strip and highlights the escalation of global public outrage directed towards both Washington and 'Tel Aviv'. ...American Columnist, Thomas Friedman, highlighted that "Israel" is losing on three fronts. He suggests that the occupation entity is losing the global narrative that it is engaged in a just war, adding that "It has no plan to ever get out of Gazza, so it will eventually sink into the sands there with a permanent occupation that will surely complicate relations with all its Arab allies and friends across the globe." ..."Israel" is also losing regionally to Iran and the Lebanese Resistance in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, who are pressuring the northern, southern, and eastern borders of occupied Palestine. ...Friedman stressed that, "I am seeing the increasingly rapid erosion of Israel’s standing among friendly nations...every day there are new calls to ban "Israel" from international academic, artistic, and athletic competitions or events...

@SANHA: was very pleased to note that the fitnah-makers will be brought to the book for the grave sin of slander and rightfully so.

Just an afterthought that's bothering me and daily crops up in my mind when I hear about how our Palestinian brothers and sisters are being mercilessly and ruthlessly killed. The image of the Sanha certified McDonald's patties keeps playing on my conscience. Certification from 2020 for 13 years until 2033 whilst it is well known that these American and Jewish franchises are funding and fueling Israel to commit genocide in Palestine.

Won't our Palestinian brothers and sisters bring a claim against the certifiers in The Divine Court of Allah Ta'ala on Yaumul Qiyaamah?

Perhaps the above is also untrue and part of a sustained malicious attack on the integrity of Sanha? @SANHA, Kindly respond and let us know urgently.


Audio 94 – Mufti AK Hoosen – A Silencer to the Salafi Propaganda Regarding 15th Sha’baan

BREAKING⚡Thousands of new fighters have joined the Houthis

Al Jazeera reports that 200,000 new fighters in Yemen have joined the Ansarullah movement, bringing the total strength of the Houthi army to around 500,000 fighters.

The Axis of Resistance's support for Palestine has made the group very popular in the Muslim world.

The United States has even admitted that the attacks on Yemen have only strengthened the Houthis.

The Houthis are also actively preparing and conducting military exercises for the invasion of Israel and Israeli settlements.

Iran is developing new and more advanced weapons every day. The war with Israel has not ended, nor will it end in the near future.

🛑| MUST READ: Haaretz:

The Zionist regime is like a Santa Claus for gifting destruction.

Israel's reputation in the world steadily declines to that of a non-grata state, credit rating has dropped, the poverty index and the cost of living are flourishing, overloaded public services are collapsing, and the government (regime) is scratching its back while blaming everyone for the situation.

More than 130 prisoners are still in Gaza, and their families are consumed with lies, manipulations, and humiliations. Settlers of the northern and western Negev are refugees in their “own [occupied] land” and don't know when they will return home, if there is a home left. In Gaza, there millions hungry and tens of thousands dead, most of them uninvolved, including 12,000 children – but Hamas is still alive and kicking; and every day, more israeli soldiers return in coffins to families whose world has collapsed.


BREAKING:⚡ 🇮🇪🇮🇱 The Irish Senate voted unanimously to impose SANCTIONS against Israel

They voted to:

-Impose sanctions against Israel

-Actively prevent the passage of US weapons through Irish airspace to Israel.

-Advocate for an international arms embargo on Israel.


"Things are difficult. Getting anything has become a difficult task, even simple things like sugar, salt and rice.

We go on looking for them everywhere, even in old shops and abandoned homes. If and when we find them in shops, they are sold at crazy prices.

About four days ago, around 800 bags of wheat flour came in. There are up to 700,000 people in northern Gaza. This means one bag for around every 1,000 people or so.

My cousin was among those people who managed to get a bag. It's 25kg. He distributed it among our extended family and each of us got one kilo.

Just like everyone else in Gaza, my sister and I mixed our share with corn and soy flour.

We do this to increase the quantity.

I spent three hours in the morning starting the fire and cooking it, and in the end, it wasn't good. It was hard, uncooked and tasted weird. My sister started crying and I tried to calm her by saying we could add thyme to it and eat it that way.

Then I visited my aunt's house and they were struggling to get the fire started because the remaining wood in Gaza is not good. So I spent the next three hours helping them.

After that, I went to my uncle's house and they had the same problem, so I helped them.

My uncle didn't seem right to me during the visit. I asked him what was wrong and he didn't answer. Later, his son told me he hadn't eaten. He gave the small thyme pies they made to the children and refused to eat.

At the end of this very long and tiring day, an air strike hit nearby. I was terrified because I was on the upper floor. It was very close.

We've reached our limit. Things are miserable and get worse every day. It's beyond famine.

I've become so frail. I was a healthy guy. I used to ride horses and run. Now I can't even go up the stairs without feeling very exhausted.

I have completely forgotten what food tastes like. I no longer know what fruit or chicken taste like. We had only rice and even that is scarce now.

If found, one kilo of rice costs 80 shekels ($22), when before the war it cost seven shekels ($1.90). We are running out of things like cooking oil, yeast, corn and barley. Even animal feed that we were forced to eat at some point is running out. Every day something runs out.

I know people who started to eat wild herbs.

If we stay like this for another week, I think we will start seeing people die from starvation en masse.

There's nothing left here. Healthy people are getting sick and sick people are dying.

It doesn't matter whether you have money or not. It doesn't matter whether you stored food at the start of the war or not. Everything has run out. We're all the same. There's no way around it.

To die from the bombs is better than to die from this hunger. At least with air strikes, you die right away.

But now, we keep going round and round each day just to find a bite to keep us standing."

(Via Middle East Eye)

Palestine Information Network

Once again the Muslim Judicial Council has proven what there motive is behind the soccer game and the Palestinian rallies is . The hypocrite Sheig Ebrahim Gabriel's clearly is promoting that the Muslim in the Western Cape must vote for the A.N.C yet the same A.N.C government can't even fix there own South Africa. The Muslim Judicial Council is the people who is receiving funds from the A.N.C government and that why we stand our grounds as the missing COVID 19 that got missing out of the Muslim Judicial Council yet no accountability was given and the very same Dr Arriefdien who expose the Muslim Judicial Council is now back with them in office. So Dr Yusuf Arriefdien you just so a hypocrite because you have proven your self that you had hidden agendas. And that why we stand on the verdict of Mufti Abdul Khader Hoosain that we can not stand behind Sheig Ebrahim Gabriel's in Salaah because he sold the Muslim community of South Africa out to the A.N.C as it is almost time for the South Africa election. Than we have the other clowns from Gift of the Givers standing with the Zionist Gordon Hil Lews it just shows how desperate these people are just so that they can gain recognition from government and the public where is the sincerity these guys if Gift of the Givers think that standing with the Zionist is going to of any help to the people of Palestine how can a person be so stupid ? Cyril please before you say free Palestine first clean up your own country.Fix the Loadshedding, Unemployment, Gang Violence and High fuel prices. Sheig Riyaad Fataar you of all people must be ashamed to say that you are the president of the Muslim Judicial Council because we all know that you are the most arrogant person in the Muslim Judicial Council office. Sheig Riyaad Fataar we do have the evidence of the Craven B Mosque when you were fired from the Mosque.

Trapped and nowhere to go😢💔🆓🆓



The International Court of Justice (ICJ) will reconvene from Monday 19 to Monday 26 February 2024 to adjudicate on the legal consequences of Israel’s continued occupation of the Palestinian territories including East Jerusalem.

52 states and three international organisations will present oral arguments starting on Monday.

First up on Monday will be the State of Palestine followed by South Africa on Tuesday.

This latest case was referred to the ICJ at the behest of the UN Security Council and was first motivated by Indonesia.

Israel has opted not to make any oral submissions.
Below is the full schedule of all the countries that will be making oral submissions.

Click here for the full schedule of all the countries that will be making oral submissions

Rafah: The Sinai-Gaza oasis city divided by a contentious border
From ancient conflict arena to a stopping point for 11th-century travellers, MEE takes a look at the 3,000-year history of Rafah
18 February 2024



Men around the Prophet SAW

Women around the Prophet SAW



Unveiling the Real Mr Variawa who Plays Mufti on Radio Al-Ansaar

Rehab boss faces culpable homicide charge
By Bernadette Wolhuter
Published Jan 4, 2018

Durban - In early November, a 26-year-old Canadian man flew to South Africa to undergo treatment for his drug addiction.

Two days after he was admitted to an unlicensed Durban facility, he was dead.

On Wednesday, a Durban dentist was arrested by the Hawks in connection with the man’s death. He has appeared in court on a charge of culpable homicide.

The dentist, Anwar Jeewa, has indicated that he will plead not guilty to the charge, but confirmed that he ran a rehabilitation facility known as Minds Alive Wellness Centre.

A post-mortem established that the Canadian had overdosed on Alprazolam (Xanax).

But a toxicological report also showed levels of ibogaine, a naturally occurring substance found in certain plants which has been touted as a miracle cure for drug addiction.

Ibogaine is outlawed in some countries, owing to a lack of research.

What research there is on ibogaine apparently suggests that it should not be used for the treatment of abuse of antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs, OxyContin and morphine.

The man who died in Durban in November - it appears - was on all of these, according to police.

Jeewa - a qualified dentist and the director of Minds Alive “in- patient therapy and wellness centre” in Berea West, Westville - made his first appearance in the Pinetown Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday and was released on R200 00 bail.

Lieutenant-Colonel Anton Booysen and a team from the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation’s (Hawks) Organised Crime unit swooped on Jeewa at his Sherwood home on Wednesday morning.

Booysen said in his statement - read into the court record on Wednesday - that the administration of ibogaine by a dentist was, in his view, “a serious offence”.

He said the man whose death had led to the culpable homicide charge had found Minds Alive online.

According to the Minds Alive website, it says the facility has, since 2006, been the “leaders” in the field and had treated a “range of chemical dependencies, compulsive behaviours, depression and anxiety with the use of ibogaine therapy”.

Booysen said the man was admitted to Minds Alive on November 5, 2017.

He was seen by Jeewa and started treatment the following day.

A day later, November 7, he died.

Booysen believed he died as a result of poor screening, an incorrect diagnosis and the wrongful administration of ibogaine.

He said it appeared that the man was given ibogaine despite him being on Xanax, OxyContin and morphine.

Booysen said he had read up extensively on ibogaine.

“All of the literature warns that ibogaine is not to be used for the treatment of abuse of antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs, OxyContin and morphine, as it states that this can result in respiratory arrest and heart failure,” he said.

He said he believed that the man should have been screened before he was given ibogaine.

“Should the deceased have been checked for benzodiazepines and opiate levels, it would have alarmed the doctors to the levels present, and the patient should then have been weaned off the benzodiazepines and opiates prior to the commencement of ibogaine treatment,” Booysen said.

He said a raid of Jeewa’s premises had turned up large quantities of “brown powder and bark-like powder, presumably ibogaine”, large amounts of ibogaine capsules, large amounts of schedule five and six prescription drugs, unscheduled drugs, illicit drugs and a pad of blank prescriptions which purported to have been signed by another doctor.

“It may be of importance to note that Jeewa is - at best - a self-confessed dentist and not a medical doctor, permitted to prescribe, supervise or control the use of scheduled drugs such as the kind described,” Booysen said.

Jeewa’s bail application was unopposed by the State on Wednesday.

In an affidavit, read into the court record by his attorney, Ronette Govender, Jeewa said he was self-employed and operated a rehabilitation clinic.

He said the clinic was “mostly a non-profit organisation” and that his earnings were about R10 000 a month.

He was married and had two children, Jeewa said.

“I am the sole supporter of my family and provide financial support to the 20 people who work for me,” he said.

He said he had no previous convictions or pending cases and said he did not resist arrest and co-operated fully with police.

He said he had also handed his passport to police.

As part of his bail conditions, Jeewa was ordered to report to his local police station twice weekly until his case was finalised.

He was also ordered to cease operations at Minds Alive until his case was finalised or he was issued with a licence.

The case was adjourned to April for further investigation.

The Mercury
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A Jutla Threatens Mufti AK Hoosen!

Uyghur Scholar, First to Translate Quran into Uyghur Language, Killed in Chinese Concentration Camp

It’s been 6 years since 82-year-old Uyghur scholar, Sheikh Muhammad Salih Hajim was killed in a Chinese concentration camp.

Sheikh Muhammad Salih Hajim was born in 1939 in Atush village, East Turkestan and was a prominent Uyghur religious scholar and a well-respected figure in the Uyghur community.

He became a Hafidh of the Quran at the age of 11 and learnt the Arabic language from his father and then graduated from the Islamic Institute of Beijing.

He has written many books. He's most well known for his poetry and being the first to translate and publish the Quran into the Uyghur language. He also wrote an Arabic-Uyghur dictionary.

In 1990, he was chosen as one of the ten leading Muslim scholars in the world at the International Islam Congress in Egypt.

The Sheikh was detained in December 2017 along with his daughter, Ustadha Nezire Salih and son-in-law.

He died in detention in January 2018.

May Allah grant him Jannatul Firdous, Ameen!

🔗 Telegram: t.me/doamuslims
🔗 X: x.com/doamuslims
🔗 WhatsApp: shorturl.at/movz9
🔗 Instagram: instagram.com/doamuslims

Turns out your doctor was BRIBED to give you the toxic experimental gene therapy - aka the Covid 19 Vaxx, Here’s the Proof.

Of course they don’t call it a BRIBE, they’re “incentive payments”!

Like when they called torture “enhanced interrogation techniques

“Always be poking and jabbing”


breaks down how doctors in Kentucky are receiving kickback payments for convincing their patients to take the COVID vaccine.


A piece of History..

People forget as a child forgets,
Sheikh howidi..

If you don't understand Bosnia, you don't understand Gaza, understand Bosnia first, Muslims, people, so that you understand Gaza and what's going on in it, so that you don't wonder

Read the full article in order to understand well.

Do not be surprised by what is happening in Gaza and Palestine

The war of extermination waged by the Serbs against the Muslims of Bosnia.. 300 thousand Muslims were martyred in it .. 60 thousand women and children were raped there..

A million and a half were abandoned ..

- Do we mention her? -

Or have we forgotten about it؟

Or don't you even know anything about her؟!!

- CNN anchor talks about the anniversary of the Bosnian massacres, asks Christiana Amanpour, the famous reporter:
- Does history repeat itself
- CNN's Christiana Amanpour comments on Bosnia anniversary :
- It was a medieval war, killing, siege and starvation of Muslims, and Europe refused to intervene, she said :
- Civil war, and that was a fairy tale..!
- The Holocaust lasted about 4 years, during which the Serbs demolished more than 800 mosques, some of which date back to the sixteenth century AD..

They burned the Sarajevo Historical Library ..

- The United Nations intervened and put two gates at the entrances of Islamic cities
Such as gorajda, Srebrenica, Ziba،
But she was under siege and under fire..
Protection did not sing anything ..
- The Serbs put thousands of Muslims in concentration camps, tortured them, starved them, until they became skeletons..!

When a Serbian leader asked: 'why?'
He said: they don't eat pork!
- The Guardian published the days of the Bosnian massacres, a full-page map, showing the locations of rape camps for Muslim women،
17 huge camps, some of them inside Serbia itself ..
- Serbs raped children .. A 4-year-old girl, blood running from between her legs..
The Guardian published a report about her titled :
The child whose fault is that she is a Muslim ..
- Butcher Mladic invited the leader of the Muslims of Ziba to a meeting .. He gave him a cigarette, laughed a little with him, then pounced on him and slaughtered him..
And they did the snakes to Ziba and her people ..
But the most famous crime was the siege of Srebrenica،
The international soldiers (Crusaders ) were partying with the Serbs, dancing, and some of them were bargaining with the Muslim for her honor, for a bite of food ..
- The Serbs besieged Srebrenica for two years .. The shelling did not stop for a moment،
The Serbs were taking a significant part of the aid arriving in the town..

Then the West decided to hand it over to the Wolves: the Dutch battalion protecting Srebrenica conspired with the Serbs،
They pressured Muslims to surrender their weapons in exchange for safety..!
Muslims succumbed after exhaustion and torment..
Reassured, the Serbs pounced on Srebrenica،
They separated her males from her females،
They gathered 12,000 males
(Boys and men)

They killed them all and represented them ..

- From the forms of representation :

The Serb was standing over the Muslim man and drilling on his face
He is alive the image of the Orthodox cross
(From a report by Newsweek or Time magazine)..
- Some Muslims were begging the Serb to be prepared for the severity of the pain inflicted on him..!
As for the women, their honor was attacked and some were burned to death.. Others were displaced on the horizon..
- The slaughter lasted days in Srebrenica..
Her fall was at the end of July 1995
It was the last chapter of the war of extermination of our brothers
It was their fault that they were Muslims like us ..
- Mother was holding the Serb's hand.. She begs him not to slaughter her liver, and he cuts off her hand, and then
He cuts his neck in front of her eyes..!
The massacre was taking place..
And we could see, hear, eat, have fun and play ..
- And after the slaughter of Srebrenica .. The butcher Radovan Karadzic entered the city, conquering and declaring :
Srebrenica has always been Serbian and is now back in the arms of the Serbs ..
- The Serbs were raping the Muslim woman .. And they lock her up for 9 months until she gives birth, why
A Serb told a Western newspaper
We want Muslim women to give birth to Serbian children (Serbian babies)
- We remember Bosnia, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Srebrenica

We say it and repeat it :
We will not forget the Balkans..
We will not forget Granada..
We will not forget Palestine..
- On the 30th anniversary of the crime of Europe and Serbs in Bosnia

We say: we will not forget, we will not forgive،
And we will never, ever believe
Slogans of tolerance, coexistence and Human Rights ..
- In the midst of the murder in Bosnia, a French newspaper wrote :
It is clear to us from the details of what is happening in Bosnia

That only Muslims have a culture
Beautiful and civilized..
- And here we must register with an extension of shame.. The positions of the old Orthodox (Boutros Ghali), who was then the secretary of the United Nations،
He openly sided with his fellow Serbs ..
- But after 30 years we have not learned the lesson ..
- A must-add: the Serbs were planning to kill
Religious scholars, mosque imams, intellectuals, businessmen, and they would tie them up, then slaughter them, and throw them into the river..!
- If the Serbs entered a town, they started demolishing its mosque
.. One Muslim says :
If the Serbs demolished the town's mosque, we would only be displaced from it. The mosque represented everything..!
-I recall that a British newspaper described the genocide of Muslims in Bosnia with this phrase:
A war in the twentieth century is waged in a medieval style..!

My brothers and sisters in Islam:
"Please publish so that we do not forget, and also to remind the future generations ...."

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History stories are not told for children to sleep !!

It's about telling men to wake up....

The queer Khateebah Driving radio Ansaar's Dr Anwar Jeewa & Mr Varawia - Ummati

Opinion | The Twisted Logic of the Jewish ‘Historic Right’ to Israel

Our political culture insists on seeing the Jews as the direct descendants of the ancient Hebrews. But the Jews never existed as a ‘people’ – still less as a nation

Prof Shlomo Sand
Shlomo Sand is a historian and professor emeritus of Tel Aviv University.

Haarezt. Nov 14, 2018
I enjoy the vacillations of Chaim Gans, even if I don’t always understand them. I have the highest esteem for his intellectual honesty – even if at times, perhaps like everyone, he tries to resolve contradictions with lame arguments.

However, before going into the heart of the matter, I must pause over an annoying mistake – I’m certain that at bottom it’s not deliberately misleading but a folly – concerning my writings. In the article, “From rabid Zionism to egalitarian Zionism” (November 9), Gans writes, “because, according to [Sand], there is purportedly no genetic continuity between ancient and modern Jewry, it follows that the Jewish nationhood engendered by Zionism is a total fabrication, a nationhood created out of thin air.”

If my assumption that Gans has perused my books is correct, he appears to have read them both too quickly and at a diagonal. Since the publication of my first book "The invention of the Jewish people" a decade ago, I have made a point of emphasizing that it’s not only Jews who don’t possess a common DNA – neither do all other human groups that claim to be peoples or nations – besides which I have never thought that genetics can confer national rights. For example, the French are not the direct descendants of the Gauls, just as the Germans are not the offspring of the Teutons or of the ancient Aryans, even if until a little more than half a century ago many idiots believed just that.

One trait that all peoples have in common is that they are retroactive inventions with no distinctive genetic "traits." The acute problem that genuinely disturbs me is that I live in a singular political and pedagogical culture that continues persistently to see the Jews as the direct descendants of the ancient Hebrews.

The founding myth of Zionism – which proceeds in an unbroken line from Max Nordau and Arthur Ruppin, to worrisome geneticists in several Israeli universities and at Yeshiva University in New York – acts as the principal ideological glue for the nation’s everlasting unity, and today more than ever. The justification for Zionist settlement/colonization (choose your preferred term – they mean the same thing) is the meta-paradigm that is expressed in the declaration of the establishment of the state, namely: “We were here, we were uprooted, we came back.”

Full disclosure: Even when I believed, mistakenly, that the “Jewish people” was exiled by the Romans in 70 C.E. or 132 C.E., I didn’t think that this conferred on the Jews some sort of imagined “historic right” to the Holy Land. If we seek to organize the world as it was 2,000 years ago, we will turn it into one big madhouse. Why not bring Native Americans back to Manhattan, for example, or restore the Arabs to Spain and the Serbs to Kosovo? Of course, such twisted logic of “historic right” will also commit us to supporting the continued settlement/colonization of Hebron, Jericho and Bethlehem.

As I pursued my research, my realization that the Exodus from Egypt never happened and that the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Judah were not exiled by the Romans, left me nonplussed. There is not one study by a historian who specializes in antiquity that recounts that “exile” or any serious historiographic study that reconstructs a mass migration from the place. The “exile” is a formative event that never took place, otherwise it would be the subject of dozens of research studies. Judahite farmers, who constituted an absolute majority of the population at the first century C.E., were not seafarers like the Greeks or the Phoenicians, and did not spread across the world. It was Jahwist monotheism, which since the Hasmonean era had become a dynamic religion engaged in conversion, which laid the foundations for the Jews’ age-old existence around the globe.

Here’s where we get to the heart of Gans’ arguments. This distinguished jurist and political theorist is not prepared to accept the standard justifications for settlement and for Zionism’s conception of land ownership since the end of the 19th century. He is well aware that such popular propositions would oblige him to justify continuation of the present-day settlement project, and perhaps also to deny the rights of the natives who still remain in "the land of Israel.”

Gans even knows that there never actually was a Jewish nation, which is why he resorts to the literal image of a “profile” – a surprising and original term in the national context – wholly based on ignorance. For him to understand what Clermont-Tonnerre meant in his famous speech (a subject I addressed in an article in the Haaretz Hebrew edition last August), a perusal of Wikipedia would have sufficed. He’d have learned immediately that by “nation,” the French liberal was referring to a closed, insular religious community. Did the Jews, in contrast, not see themselves as a people or a nation according to the modern usage of these terms?

Until the modern era, the terms “people” or “nations” were used in a variety of senses. In the Bible, Moses goes down to the people and speaks with them directly (without a loudspeaker, newspapers, television or Twitter). The people also gathers to welcome Joshua and to congratulate him on his victories. In the Middle Ages the Christians viewed themselves as “people of God,” a term in wide use for hundreds of years. In our time, the terms “people” or “nations” are applied in a different way, albeit not always accurately. A “people” is, generally, a human community living within a defined territory, whose members speak a common language and maintain a secular culture with the same, or similar, foundations. “Nation,” on the other hand, is a term that is today generally applied to a people that claims sovereignty over itself or has already achieved it.

I don’t think peoples existed before the modern era – that possibility would have been ruled out by the level of communication they had. There were large clans, tribes, powerful kingdoms, large principalities, religious communities and other groups with various forms of political and social bonds – usually loose ones. In an age when few people could read and write, when each village had a different dialect and the lexicon was appallingly meager, it’s hard to talk about a people with a shared consciousness. Minorities of educated literates do not yet constitute nations, even if they have sometimes created that impression.

I don’t understand why all cats have to be called cats and all the dogs, dogs – and only one cat has to be called a dog. The Jews, like the Christians, Muslims or the followers of the Bahá'í Faith, had in common a strong belief in God alongside diverse and closely linked religious practices. However, a Jew from Kiev could not converse with a Jew from Marrakesh, didn’t sing the songs of the Yemeni Jew and didn’t eat the same foods as the Falash Mura, or Beta Israel, community of Ethiopia. The whole fabric of day-to-day secular life was completely different in each community. Accordingly, to this day – and rightly so – the only way to join the “Jewish people” is through an act of religious conversion.

The Christians, by contrast, viewed the Jews as members of an abominable money-worshipping faith. The Muslims perceived them as adherents of an inferior religion. With the advent of progress in the modern era, many Europeans started to treat them as a defiled race. Anti-Semitism endeavored mightily to cast the Jews as an alien people-race with different blood (DNA hadn’t yet been discovered).

But what in blazes was their self-“profile”? A salient product of the Zionist education system, Chaim Gans tells us that they saw themselves as a kind of nation that dreamed of getting to the “Land of Israel.” I would not suggest that Gans should read distinctively Jewish authors such as Hemann Cohen or Franz Rosenzweig, or the Talmud, which rejected collective emigration to the Holy Land. I’m sure he won’t have time for that. I would only ask him to read a short history that is slightly more reliable.

Until World War II, the vast majority of Eastern and Western Jews – traditionalist, Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Communists and Bundists – were avowed anti-Zionists. They did not wish for sovereignty over themselves within a nation-state framework in the Middle East. The Bundists did in fact see themselves, and quite rightly, as a Yiddish people in need of cultural-linguistic autonomy, but they rejected outright the proposal to immigrate to Palestine as part of a project of a trans-world Jewish nation.

And here we come to the last desperate attempt to justify the Zionist enterprise retroactively: Zionism as a response to an emergency situation. History, unfortunately, was more tragic. Zionism failed utterly to rescue Europe’s Jews, nor could it have done so. From 1882 until 1924, the Jews streamed in their masses – about 2.5 million – to the North American continent of promise. And yes, had it not been for the racist Johnson-Reed Immigration Act that prevented continued immigration, another million or perhaps two million of these souls might have been saved.

Additional full disclosure: I was born after the war in a DP camp in Austria. During my first two years I lived with my parents in another camp, in Bavaria. My parents, who lost their parents in the Nazi genocide, wanted to steal into France or, alternatively, immigrate to the United States. All the gates were closed, however, and they were compelled to go to the young country of Israel, the only place that agreed to accept them. The truth is that for Europe, after its participation in the mass slaughter of the Jews, it was convenient to spew out the remnant of a native population that hadn’t taken part in the awful murder, and thereby created a new tragedy, though of a completely different scale.

Chaim Gans isn’t comfortable with this historical narrative, especially when the oppression of the natives and the plundering of their land is continuing even now. Zionism, which succeeded in forging a new nation, is not prepared to recognize its political-cultural-linguistic creation, nor even the specific national rights which that process conferred on it. But Gans, ultimately, is right. From Meir Kahane to Meretz, all Zionists continue to view the state we live in not as a democratic republic belonging to all its Israeli citizens – who definitely have a right to self-determination – but as a political entity that belongs to the Jews of the world, who like their forebears have no wish to come here or to define themselves as Israelis.

What remains for me, then, is to go on being a-Zionist or post-Zionist while doing what I can to help rescue the place I live in from an ever-intensifying racism, due, among other reasons, to the teaching of a false historical past, fear of assimilation with the Other, revulsion of the indigenous culture and so on. For, as the Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet wrote, “If I don’t burn / if you don’t burn / ... if we don’t burn / how will the light / ... vanquish the darkness?”


Radio Al-Ansaar's panelists exposed

A simple ten minute search on the internet will tell you all you need to know about the panelists that were chosen by Dr Anwar Jeewa and Mahomed Variawa to participate in their Nightline programme.

Three of the five panelists were part of TIP's (Taking Islam to the People) Eidgah planning committee.

This is the same planning committee that had, as one panelist proudly mentions in her book entitled 'The Women's Khutbah Book', invited controversial queer speaker Amina Wadud, a founder of the International Center for Queer Islamic Theology, to address the TIP family Eid Gah in Durban in 2019.

Just a few days prior to that Eid Gah, in her address to students at UKZN, Amina made an argument, amongst many other controversial arguments, that 'patriarchy is a form of shirk because by placing men above women it contradicts the Qur’anic vision of equal and reciprocal relationships and violates the requirement that God is supreme'. Astagfirullah.

The question then arises:
Was this program actually about 'allowing women to pray in the Masjid' or was it to further other agendas?

To give a public platform to a group of speakers or panelists, without any opposition, means that you, as the host, endorse their views and want them to share their views with the public in order to reach a wider audience. Dr Anwar Jeewa and Mahomed Variawa must immediately apologize to the public, or their contracts must be terminated by Radio Al-Ansaar.

Radio Al-Ansaar must also permanently ban all five panelists from ever speaking on Al-Ansaar again to ensure that such dangerous agendas are not peddled to innocent members of our community.


New Zealand's role in the colonisation of Palestine.

24 RAJAB. HADEETH A DAY FROM SUNAN IBN MAJAH. Naseehah 2999 by Mufti A.K Hoosen.


25 RAJAB. HADEETH A DAY FROM SUNAN IBN MAJAH. Naseehah 3000 by Mufti A.K Hoosen.


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We Send Salawaat and Salaam Upon Nabiﷺ.
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Saturday, February 3 2024

FORMER MOSSAD CHIEF: Israel’s recovery from the war will take 5 years.

ISRAELI ARMY: We carried out 1,500 operations to evacuate soldiers wounded in battles in Gazza.

YEDIOTH AHRONOTH: Thousands of Israeli soldiers are struggling with mental illness and thousands more have filled applications to receive mental support.

YEDIOTH AHRONOTH: The Israeli government is planning to stop paying for hotel accommodation of Israelis who have fled the Gazza envelope at the start of the war.


Assalaamu 'Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu,

To Whom It May Concern

Respected Brother,

I note with disdain the program which was aired on the 3rd of February 2024 (tonight) titled "Nightline".

While people may have noble intentions, it is extremely imperative for 'Ulama and senior people to be consulted PRIOR to hosting a program, moreso if it concerns intricate matters of our pure and pristine Deen.

There were a number of issues with the program in reference:

1) None of the panelists were qualified in Islam to discuss an issue pertaining to Fiqh.

Just as an Aalim would not be allowed and qualified to speak on medicine on air, why is it permitted for secularly qualified people to voice their opinions on Deen?

The panelists continuously and arrogantly state that a person does not have to be qualified in Deen to speak about Deen. Will the same logic be applied for intricate matters of medicine?

2) The panelists continuously state that they tried to contact Ulama whereas when Mufti AK Hoosen Saheb came on air he explicitly states that he does programs for Radio Al Ansaar all the time but he was not contacted.

What's worse is that the panelists thereafter show extreme disrespect to Mufti Saheb by saying that he made allegations. When Mufti Saheb asked them what allegations he made they could not answer.

3) The sister Zainab is affected with some type of Sihr (black magic) as confirmed by Ml Manjoo from Estcourt who was treating her. Thus, bringing her on air was an extremely naïve and irresponsible thing to do.

4) The panelists were allowed to freely promote ideologies of Feminism and Modernism which are diametrically opposed to Islam. Aayaat of Qur'aan as well as Ahaadeeth were quoted completely out of context as well.

5) Ulama, Fiqh, and Mazhabs were completely disregarded as mere 'opinions' which are unwelcome in Deen despite this being the unanimous position of the Ulama for over 1400 years.

Being an Islamic radio station, this type of program is totally unacceptable.

Some Ulama had even called in (namely Ml Riaz Dhai and Mufti Ismaeel Bassa) stating that this type of program is totally irresponsible and unacceptable.

As an Islamic radio station this should have NEVER been allowed.

As the directors of the Radio Station, it is imperative that a public apology be issued for allowing a program which compromises Deen, hosted by a group of completely unqualified panelists who could not even read Qur'aan properly (as is evident in the few verses which they had recited during the course of the program).

If action is not taken against such a bold and defiant program, then it is feared that this program will cause many problems within our community.

As Muslims, we are commanded to follow the 'Ulama in matters of Deen just as we are commanded to follow doctors in matters of medicine, and mechanics in matter of automobiles.

Finally, whether a person's intentions are good or not is for Allah to judge. However, the methodology is extremely questionable and, as a matter of fact, deplorable. Every field has its stalwarts, and due respect should be accorded to them by referring to them in matters pertaining to that particular field.

I hope that you understand the ramifications of remaining silent and endorsing such a program, and I hope that you take pro-active measures to ensure that this type of misrepresentation does not occur on an Islamic radio station EVER AGAIN.

Jazaakallah Khayran
Muhammad Ismail

Mufti AK Hoosen Reprimands the Al-Ansaar Juhalaa Live on Air

Muft AK Hoosen - The Kheer Niyaaz Battle


"Israeli" media: An "Israeli" officer, a commander in the "Shaldag" unit, was killed during the battles north of the Gaza Strip.



"Israeli" media: Since this morning, the "Israeli" army has announced the death of 4 soldiers and the injury of 5 others with serious wounds during the battles in the north and south of the Gaza Strip.



"Israeli" media: Since this morning, the "Israeli" army has announced the death of 4 soldiers and the injury of 5 others with serious wounds during the battles in the north and south of the Gaza Strip.



"Israeli" media: The "Israeli" officer killed today in the north of the Gaza Strip is considered one of the prominent officers in the "Shaldag" unit (Elite Forces in the "Israeli" Air Force).


Yemeni media: American-British aggression targets the north of Saada city.



"Israeli" media: The officer killed in Gaza, affiliated with the "Shaldag" unit (Elite Forces in the "Israeli" Air Force), was responsible for developing combat methods inside tunnels in Gaza during the war.



Hebrew newspaper "Yedioth Ahronoth" quotes the head of the settlement of Margaliot at the border with Lebanon: Today we were informed of the withdrawal of "Israeli" forces from inside the settlements at the border with Lebanon. The army should be at the forefront, and the people should be behind, not the other way around. For the first time, due to fear of Hezbollah, we evacuated the settlements, and today, due to fear of Hezbollah, the "Israeli" army is withdrawing from the settlements.



"Israeli" media: A building in Al-Manara settlement in the Galilee Finger was hit moments ago by a rocket launched from Lebanon.




Response To Suliman Moola's Difference Of Opinion Claim

There is no difference in opinion on:
1. Closing the masjids
2. Tempering with surah kafiroon to promote interfaith
3. Tempering with the seerah of Nabi صلي الله عليه وسلم to promote interfaith
4. Involved in & conducting interfaith prayers; Marching in the streets and selling the modesty of our women instead of marching to the masjid
5. Selling the mimbar of Nabi صلي الله عليه وسلم to a corrupt politician
6. Intermingling and being "sandwiched" with young girls and women. On air & off air
7. Promting a new book in the name of Quraan
8. Zina dating apps
Are your daughters, neices etc on the app and if so is it with your blessing and endorsement!
9. The charade and TV acting of crying for "dollies" to become doctors in a zina rape environment.
Will you send your mother, wife, or daughters there?

Faking till you make it is bollywod style.

Cracker jack speeches and acting emotional with raised voices is one thing; Imparting the deeni knowledge that one acts up is totally something else.

Double standards in speech and emotional outbursts is gas lighting and old hat.

We will learn to disagree, NOT agree to disagree.
Edited By Qalamul Haq


14 RAJAB. HADEETH A DAY FROM SUNAN IBN MAJAH. Naseehah 2989 by Mufti A.K Hoosen.




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Israeli Apache shot down for the first time in Gazza 8:05 PM · Jan 25, 2024
An Israeli Apache helicopter has been shot down by anti-aircraft missiles in Khan Yunis.

The witness from her family

Editorial of the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz".

Titled; “The Palestinians are the best people on earth at defending their homelands.” Do you believe that the editorial of the largest Israeli newspaper today tells the truth about the Palestinians, and that they are one of the best peoples on earth who rose to defend their rights after seventy-five years, as if they were one man. Continue the article until you know how much they know the truth: It is the editorial of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Translated into Arabic: One of the rarest things that a living conscience exudes, the most beautiful thing that intellectual freedom flourishes with, and the best thing that yields fruit with a margin of mastery. Read what the writer says: During the war on Gaza and the launching of resistance missiles at us. Every three days, we lose $912 million in aircraft sorties, the price of Patriot missiles, fueling vehicles... and the consumption of ammunition and missiles of all kinds...

Not to mention the disruption of commercial activity, the decline of the stock market, the cessation of most institutions and construction work, complete paralysis in all areas of agriculture, the death of poultry of all kinds on farms worth tens of millions of dollars, the disruption of some airports, some train lines, and the cost of feeding. Those fleeing to shelters

Not to mention the destruction of homes, shops, cars, and factories, by Palestinian resistance missiles. We are exposed to a war that we are the ones who started, fueled, and ignited its fire But we are not the ones running it

Of course, we are not the ones to end it

And its end is not in our interest, especially since the Arab cities in Israel surprised everyone with this massive revolution against us after we thought they had lost their Palestinian compass.

This is a bad omen for the country whose politicians were certain that their calculations were all wrong... and that their policies needed a horizon beyond what they thought about.

They are truly the owners of the land, and who other than the owners of the land would defend it with themselves, their property, and their children with such ferocity, pride, and defiance?

As a Jew, I challenge the entire State of Israel to achieve this affiliation and this attachment and rootedness to the land... If our people had adhered to the land of Palestine, we would not have seen what we saw of the immigration of Jews in such huge numbers at the airports. They have been rushing to emigrate since the beginning of the war.

After we made the Palestinians taste our woes of killing, imprisonment, siege, and separation, and we drowned them with drugs and invaded their ideas with nonsense that distances them from their religion, such as liberation, atheism, suspicion of Islam, corruption, homosexuality...etc. But the strange thing is that one of them is a drug addict, but he rises in defense of his land and its lands, as if he were an old man with a turban, and his voice neighed, “God is great.”

In addition, they know what awaits them in terms of humiliation, humiliation, and the arrest of some, and they have never hesitated to go to perform prayers in Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The armies of countries, fully equipped, did not dare do what the Palestinian resistance did in a few days... The mask of the invincible Israeli soldier fell, and he began to be killed and kidnapped

As long as Tel Aviv has tasted the resistance’s missiles, it is better to give up our false dream of Greater Israel, and the Palestinians must have a neighboring state that makes peace with us, and we make peace with it, and this only prolongs our survival on this land by a few years...

I believe that even after a thousand years, if we are able to continue for the next ten years as a Jewish state, a day must come when we pay the entire bill. The Palestinian will be resurrected again, and again, and again, and one time he will come riding his horse, heading towards Tel Aviv.)

The Israeli journalist's article ended

Work to publish it extensively before it is deleted, as it is a rare and extremely important article, and it has positive effects on our Arab peoples, negative effects on our enemies, and may have a positive effect on sycophants.

13 RAJAB. HADEETH A DAY FROM SUNAN IBN MAJAH. Naseehah 2988 by Mufti A.K Hoosen.



السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

I sincerely make dua that you are well

I had sent the following email to the imam and 1 trustee of musjid salaam in Musgrave. The email was addressed to all trustees. However, till today I have not received any feedback from them.

This is regarding a seerah jalsa that's going to be taking place at Musgrave and other maasajid around the country.

I humbly ask your assistance to get this message out to the public


Ridwan mahomed

-------- Original message --------
From: rmahomed221
Date: 2024/01/17 16:32 (GMT+02:00)
To: mufti@musjidussalaam.co.za, boblaw@telkomsa.net
Subject: Very important

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Attention Mufti Backus and Trustees of Musjid Salaam musgrave

I write this email after seeing a poster of Mufti Menk being hosted in your musjid for a Seerah program towards the end of January 2024.

Mufti Menk is extremely controversial and he is blatantly involved in many open evils such as photoshoots with various non mahram females. Recently he posed for photographs with high school girls in a church .This is public knowledge and pictures available on the internet.

The speaker mufti menk has also recently been involved in marketing a so called English Quraan which has the sequence of the surahs changed and pictures in it. This has drawn wide criticism from the Ulema.

This man has also been involved in openly in interfaith events. His having iftaar with the head zionist rabbi in front of world cameras is also public knowledge.

His photoshoots with multiple women resembles the owner of playboy magazine who is notorious for this.

He also launched a dating app recently.

These are just some of his broad range of evils that Mufti Menk is involved in.

Does Mufti Backus and the trustees of Musjid Salaam honestly feel that this type of person should be hosted in the name of a Seerah Jalsa ?

Your answer on such a pressing matter is eagerly anticipated.

Yours in Islam

Abdul Kader Muhammady


Everyone knows Musgrave Musjid is for the high flying and the status quo,it is merely a base for the modernists such as mf Zubair Bayat who runs darul ihsan(laundering )and a host of other modernists of JUSA who perpetrate acts that have no place in Islam such as intermingling and interfaith prayers etc, the agents require a high flying base to push their ideologies and musgrave is the ideal base for such.

The trustees are probably on the same Liberal level as the agents therefore to await an answer from these Liberals is a fantasy,the Liberals are never able to answer questions posed to them

02 RAJAB. HADEETH A DAY FROM SUNAN IBN MAJAH. Naseehah 2977 by Mufti A.K Hoosen.


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Protecting the Quraan

The sahaba radiallahu anhum compiled the holy Quraan in the format we have today. Allah سبحانه وتعالي has also made promise to protect it. They made many efforts to compile it and didn't choose to have it in chronological sequence. (The sequence it was revealed in)

Having it in revelation sequence would bring confusion to the reader as many verses which are connected were revealed at different times. It is stated in hadith, that gibrael alahis salaam would visit nabi ﷺ once a year to go over the verses of the quraan and nabi ﷺ would recite the quran to the people. The sahaba radiallahu anhum choosing this order signifies that this is the sequence they heard it from nabi ﷺ.

Anybody who prints and distributes a format of the quran contrary to this would be directly going against the actions of the khulafe rashideen.

Mufti menk has decided to promote and endorse his own version of the quran, called "quraan revealed". This is printed in chronological order. Not only does it go against the sahaba radiallahu and the many scholars of past generations, but it is a fitnah for future generations, as people who read this may get confused regarding its translation and will end up misunderstanding it. They may also ponder why there are 2 separate versions of the quraan.

Make sure we stay away and even condemn this version. Muft imenk and others are on the path to distort and make changes in deen that bring confusion and make permissible that which is impermissible.

Let us not be deceived by people's appearance, words, and knowledge. Let us be cautious about the people we follow, what they say, and what they do.

May Allah سبحانه وتعالي guide us, protect us, and make us from amongst those Muslims who act uopon, preach, uphold, and defend the teachings of islam.


Another example of MF Menk selling the Deen for a few pennies. First a Vlogger, now doing paid promotional ads for companies in the name of Deen.

May Allah protect us from selling our Deen. Ameen!

Police in London have said they were obliged under international law to investigate possible Israeli war crimes in Gazza, angering Israeli and some UK officials. The Scotland Yard probe...threatens to destabilise the UK’s ties with Israel.

BREAKING:⚡ 🇾🇪🇺🇸🇬🇧 As of today, the Houthis are blocking the Suez Canal for both US and UK commercial ships as well Member of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen Muhammad Al-Buhaiti: "Previously, we focused only on maritime shipping associated with the Zionist entity. Today, American and British ships will no longer dare to cross the Red Sea." 1:24 AM · Jan 13, 2024


BREAKING:⚡ 🇾🇪 The Houthis attack again UK is reporting an incident in the Sea of Aden, roughly 90nm [nautical miles] South of the Yemeni Coast. This comes hours after the UK and US targeted Yemen. The Houthis continue their operation to stop all ships heading to Israel due to the genocide in Gazza. 6:08 PM · Jan 12, 2024


US sent targeting officers to help Israel bomb Gazza in November 2023 The Intercept has reported that documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that Biden provided Israel with US Air Force officers who helped target Israeli airstrikes in Gazza. 10:39 PM · Jan 12, 2024


All internet services in Gazza have once again been cut off. This was attributed to Israeli bombardment of the main communications operators in the Strip. 9:47 PM · Jan 12, 2024


Palestine Action has officially launched in France

Activists initiated the launch by blockading and defacing Safran in Paris, which provides Israel with weapons for its slaughter in Palestine. 9:00 PM · Jan 12, 2024



US journalist Gonzalo Lira died in a hospital in Kharkiv on January 11, 2024, following a long period of torture and neglect in a Ukrainian prison.

“I cannot accept the way my son has died. He was tortured, extorted, incommunicado for 8 months and 11 days and the US Embassy did nothing to help my son. The responsibility of this tragedy is the dictator Zelensky with the concurrence of a senile American President, Joe Biden,”

Gonzalo Lira Snr.

https://x.com/ME_Observer_/status/1745992317406728573?s=20 ⚡🚨The United States Central Command :

Announcing that two US Navy sailors are missing off the coast of Somalia after operations on January 11th, 2023.
On the evening of January 11, two U.S. Navy Sailors were reported missing at sea while conducting operations off the coast of Somalia 4:13 AM · Jan 13, 2024

https://english.almayadeen.net/news/politics/two-us-navy-sailors-missing-off-somalia-coast--says-us-centr ...On its account, Yemeni Armed forces confirmed undertaking operations against US vessels in the Red Sea, adjacent to Somalia....


Breaking | Mass detention of residents in Al-Faraa refugee camp due to an ongoing Israeli raid in Nablus.
4:33 PM · Jan 13, 2024


13 January, 2024

Pro-Palestine voices blast lack of Western media coverage of ICJ Gazza genocide case against Israel

...there was a distinct lack of coverage of Thursday's hearing from the world's biggest news outlets, including the BBC and CNN, which did not go unnoticed by viewers and journalists.

Palestinian writer and analyst, Yara Hawari, called the lack of Western media coverage of the first day "astounding".

Muhammed Shehada, communications chief for the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, which has been documenting some of the atrocities committed by Israeli forces in Gazza, said in a post on X:

"I can NOT find the International Court of Justice hearing on CNN, BBC, Channel 4, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, CBS, NBC, I24, DW, Sky News, or any mainstream US/EU TV channel... What explains this unprecedented campaign of disinformation by omission?"

Some social media users predicted that outlets who had been noticeably quiet on the first day of the hearing would pick up their coverage the next day as Israel made their defence which, sure enough, happened...


13 January, 2024

Action Against Hunger calls for immediate ceasefire as 80% of Gazza faces dire famine conditions, with humanitarian efforts hampered by bombardment and blockade.... Action Against Hunger's regional head of operations in the Middle East, Chiara Saccardi, stressed the dire situation, noting that the entire population of Gazza was displaced, hungry, and many were sick and injured....


According to journalists sources, the Red Cross collaborated with a team from the Palestinian Telecommunications Company to repair and restore communication hubs in Khan Younis. The team, after being initially detained by Israeli occupation forces, was later released to continue their work. Upon completion and return, they were subjected to Israeli tank shelling. Tragically, two employees were instantly killed, while a third miraculously survived to recount the harrowing events. 5:12 PM · Jan 13, 2024

01 RAJAB. HADEETH A DAY FROM SUNAN IBN MAJAH. Naseehah 2976 by Mufti A.K Hoosen.


02 RAJAB. HADEETH A DAY FROM SUNAN IBN MAJAH. Naseehah 2977 by Mufti A.K Hoosen.


03 RAJAB. HADEETH A DAY FROM SUNAN IBN MAJAH. Naseehah 2978 by Mufti A.K Hoosen.


05 RAJAB. HADEETH A DAY FROM SUNAN IBN MAJAH. Naseehah 2980 by Mufti A.K Hoosen.














⚡ Channel 13:

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken during his meeting with war cabinet officials:

"It is impossible to eliminate Hamas in its current form."

Blinken also said at a war council meeting that the Palestinians have ambitions and must accept them.

Megatron: Netanyahu now has a clear proposal on the table from the US: "Cease fire and a Palestinian state" or a war on a regional scale that you will surely lose and the US won't be able to protect you.

10:58 PM · Jan 10, 2024





At the start of January, South Africa instigated proceedings of the gravest kind against Israel in the International Court of Justice for the crime of committing genocide in Gazza. The indictment is highly detailed, supporting the charge with a wide-ranging welter of evidence, the most compelling of which may be public statements by Israeli officials in their assorted proclamations on and offline since the twenty-first-century Holocaust commenced on October 8.

Almost immediately, media reports indicated Benjamin Netanyahu’s government favoured prominent U.S. lawyer and veteran Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz to lead their ICJ defense. As a hardcore, committed Zionist who has authored multiple apologetic books minimizing or outright whitewashing Tel Aviv’s heinous crimes against Palestinians since 1948 – his most recent being “Defending Israel: Against Hamas and its Radical Left Enablers” – he was no doubt an eager candidate. Yet, within days, he was quietly dropped from the running.

No explanation was forthcoming for this abrupt volte-face. Yet, the rationale is obvious – concurrent unsealing of wide-ranging documentation on official police investigations into, and civil lawsuits levelled against, Jeffrey Epstein. ...Allegations of pedophilic abuse have dogged Dershowitz – who defended notorious serial rapist Harvey Weinstein in court and, in an amazing conflict of interest, negotiated Epstein’s extraordinary 2008 Non-Prosecution Agreement – for many years....


A female Israeli soldier who made TikTok dance videos in Gazza has been taken captive by Palestinian forces.

Her fate was revealed after the Daily Mail published an article suggesting that she and others taken captive with her were civilians. 3:43 PM · Jan 9, 2024


🧵Meet Victor Ostrovsky, a former case officer for Israel's external intelligence agency Mossad, who exposed the systematic weaponization of antisemitism. 10:01 PM · Jan 9, 2024


Tuesday, January 9,
7:15 am

ISRAELI ARMY: The Israeli army announced on Tuesday morning that four officers and soldiers were killed in the ongoing battles in the southern Gazza Strip. The occupation army announced last night the killing of nine officers and soldiers in two operations of the Palestinian resistance in the Strip.


...according to Israeli official sources, [several soldiers were killed and] injured when a military truck, filled with explosives, blew up in the Bureij area, in central Gazza. According to Israeli accounts, the munition was supposed to be used to blow up an entrance to a Resistance tunnel. Instead, the vehicle, its cargo of munition and officers, were blown up by a shell fired from another Israeli tank. Since the Palestinian Resistance does not use large vehicles to transport its fighters around the Gazza Strip, it remains unclear why Israelis keep firing at one another.

Israeli military sources have estimated earlier that nearly 25 percent of all Israeli military casualties in the Gazza war are a result of ‘friendly’ fire.... 9 January 2024


In this just-released video, Al-Qassam fighters are seen fighting with Israeli forces invading Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, in northern Gazza.


0:15 - Monitoring Israeli forces advancing towards the ambush.
0:24 - The ambush begins with the support group striking the Israeli forces.
0:32 - The escape of the remaining part of the force towards one of the houses.
0:44 - Clashing with the special force by the execution group.
1:24 - Striking the enemy's rescue forces by the rescue cutting group.
2:08 - "Now, the detonation of an explosive device on the Zionist pig soldiers in a tunnel in Al-Zaytoun neighbourhood."

7:52 PM · Jan 9, 2024


On Tuesday, the two main fighting Resistance forces in Gazza, Al-Qassam Brigades and Al-Quds Brigades, released two videos. The videos may appear to be just another addition to the damning evidence of the heavy casualties sustained by invading Israeli troops in Gazza. However, these two particular videos tell us much more about the state of the Palestinian Resistance in the Strip and the changing tactics used by Palestinians in the longest war ever fought by Israel in Gazza. ...Israel has claimed to have achieved operational control over Zaytoun many days ago. The video, however, demonstrates that Israel has little operational control in that area.


The complainants, most of Palestinian descent, are calling for an arrest warrant to be issued against Netanyahu.


Abu Obeida reveals dozens of IOF were killed, wounded in 52 operations

Today 02:57

The military spokesperson for the al-Qassam Brigades, Abu Obeida, announces the accomplishments of the movement's fighters during the battles against the occupation forces in Gazza.

On the 95th day of the Israeli aggression on the Gazza Strip, Abu Obeida, the military spokesman for the al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas movement, announced in a detailed message that the resistance fighters of the movement destroyed 42 military vehicles during the past week.

Abu Obeida said that the resistance movement killed 22 occupation soldiers, leaving dozens dead or wounded, in 52 military operations....


Palestinian Resistance ambush Israeli soldiers, hijack Skylark UAV

Today 01:37

The Palestinian Resistance in Gazza is inflicting major losses on the Israeli occupation forces, with numerous successful operations killing several Israeli soldiers.



The US will face a Kabul scenario in Iraq if it doesn't withdraw its troops, warns Iraqi resistance commander

Prime Minister of Iraq has said that the justifications for the presence of international coalition forces in Iraq are over.
5:37 PM · Jan 9, 2024

What is happening in Ecuador?

Ecuador is in a state of civil war

Cartels have started killing random people and police officers all over the country.

Ecuador's president has declared an internal armed conflict and the mobilization of the military in the war against organized crime Gunmen storm Ecuador television studio.

The chaos began with prison takeovers, hostages, execution of guards, and an escape by notorious gang leader, Jose Adolfo Macias, alias Fito.

Then unrest spilled onto the streets: Explosive attacks and vehicle arson in multiple cities, and the takeover of a TV station.

Military intervention is underway in every city across the country.
4:23 AM · Jan 10, 2024



⚡ 🇺🇸The underground Jewish tunnels found in New York are connected to the local 'Children's Museum' 3:37 AM · Jan 10, 2024

Secret tunnel in NYC synagogue leads to brawl between police and worshippers

Updated Wed, January 10, 2024 at 5:08 AM GMT


⚡United States of America: The Washington Institute:

54% of Lebanese Christians agree that the current war is a victory for #Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims despite the destruction and loss of life. 3:34 AM · Jan 10, 2024


Israeli army warns Netanyahu of 'third Intifada' in West Bank
09 January, 2024

The warnings by the Israeli military come amid a deteriorating economic situation as Israel bars Palestinian workers from entering Israel.... The channel quoted commanders as saying that Israel "may end up with a third Intifada because of the discontent resulting from the economic difficulty and lack of entry of workers into Israel".

The military's assessment of the occupied West Bank was shared by Shin Bet, Israel's security service, according to the report....


Rabbis protest at United Nations calling for Gazza ceasefire
The New Arab Staff & Agencies
09 January, 2024

The protests were organised by US Jewish groups including Jewish Voice for Peace, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, and Rabbis for Ceasefire. About three dozen rabbis and rabbinical students from US organisations on Tuesday protested at the United Nations, urging a ceasefire in Gazza and asking US President Joe Biden's administration to allow such resolutions to pass instead of vetoing them in the Security Council.... ...the demonstration [was held] inside the UN Security Council Chamber.

The Huffington Post reported that the rabbis gained access to the building as part of a guided tour....


Ireland South MEP, Grace O'Sullivan, announces support for South Africa's genocide case against Israel in the ICJ, stressing that, "We have an obligation to act when confronted with the horrific video evidence, victim testimony and deplorable statements from Israeli Ministers."

2:17 AM · Jan 10, 2024


Four IOF fighters eliminated in fierce battles with resistance in Gazza

More: https://qudsnen.co/?p=42748
1:15 PM · Jan 9, 2024




🚨Israel is holding thousands of Gazans hostage in the Sde Teiman "Concentration Camp" (as some Israelis call it)

Put in cages, starved, tied, blindfolded, tortured, per an IDF soldier that gave a harrowing testimony

Red Cross is NOT given ANY access to the site

Several died🧵

2\ The IDF reservist gave his full testimony here in Hebrew:

"The detainees in the Sde Teiman compound are kept in sort of cages, about 70-100 detainees in each facility... aged 18 to around 60.

There's also a geriatric cage... I had seen people aged 75"


3\ The Gazan detainees are Sde Teiman "are seated in rows, without the ability to move. They are made to sit cross legged [in a tailor's posture], they are not allowed to speak, they are with an eye-cover on, & handcuffed; the entire time" the soldier testified

4\ Gazan detainees "are not allowed to sleep properly... during the day they beat them up, or punish in other ways anyone who tries to sleep. They sleep on top of very thin mattresses, practically sleeping on the floor, on dirty "scabies" blankets"

5\ "The detainees eat relatively little, from what I saw. The dinner there consisted of two slices of bread, a cucumber, & very little cheese"

"We were given permission by the operators of the facility, which are military police... to punish as we see fit any [Gazan detainees]"

6\ "Some of the detainees also have wounds, you can really see in the clinic how some of the wounds get infected due to the horrible conditions. They shower once a week, & don't change their clothes during the entire time, which could be... at least 20 days, from what I saw."

7\ "The clinic treats... the people who need more urgent medical treatment, who can't survive without relative close monitoring inside the cages. They are handcuffed to their beds & can't move. Even those who could theoretically go to the restroom... are all with diapers."

8\ "For the soldiers this was a somewhat JOYOUS task, b/c it was an opportunity... [to] take part in the war efforts. The discourse was really, like, 'we are getting back at them now'... Like the appropriate thing to do to them is to maybe beat them up while their hands are tied"

9\ Haaretz also highlighted the Sde Teiman detention camp here. Israel is refusing to disclose how many Gazans it's holding there.

@EuroMedHR estimates over 3,000 Gazans have been kidnapped by the IDF without trial, charges, legal counsel or @ICRC access

Haaretz link

Leaked information/urgent
The real number of Zionists killed:
8435 Israeli dead.
902 French killed.
1,385 Americans killed.
79 British killed.
48 Italians killed.
62 of the mercenaries are Indians and others.
Journalist Jerry Burkham, who collected information, was also assassinated in Acre today.



⚡Local media:

"The Houthis hit two ships with surface-to-surface missiles in the Red Sea following their refusal to heed the [warning] call." 5:46 PM · Dec 20, 2023


⚡Israeli Channel 12: Eilat Port activity has declined by 85% since the beginning of the #Houthi attacks in the Red Sea

21 December 2023


Oh, the poor dears. After massacring 8000 children in Gazza, they are now crying because 3 small rockets fell on them in Tel Aviv. How can Palestinians do this?


Israeli media: Knesset member Moshe Feiglin announces his withdrawal from Likud and accuses Netanyahu of unleashing a strategic disaster on "Israel"


خبری که تل آویو و واشنگتن را به گریه انداخت کشته شدن سرکرده گروه آمریکایی بلک واتر شرکت کننده در جنگ غزه، ژنرال جان کارتر و 8 تن از همراهانش در یک تونل جعلی که صبح روز دوشنبه بر روی آنها منفجر شد. و واحدهای امدادی صبح امروز موفق به استخراج آنها شدند. #ماموریت انجام شد

The news that made Tel Aviv and Washington cry The killing of the leader of the American Blackwater group participating in the Gaza war, General John Carter, and 8 of his companions in a fake tunnel that was blown up on them on Monday morning, and rescue units were able to extract them this morning. #MissionAccomplished




⚡🇮🇱 Israeli Army Radio:

Israel has lost 4 more Sergeants only yesterday:
Sergeant Liaf Alloush
Sergeant Eitan Naeh
Sergeant Tal Flippa
Sergeant Uriah Baer

This is insane. The loss of officers already on a daily basis is huge. Not to mention the number of ordinary soldiers.
18 December 2023



Israeli Media reported that the total number of Israeli soldiers killed in action rose to 7 since this morning.
18 December


Israel Has Signed Its Death Sentence – Pulitzer Prize Winner
December 18, 2023

Israel, like any other colonial state, has a “terminal shelf life” and with its genocidal campaign in Gazza, it has “signed its death sentence”, American journalist and Pulitzer Prize Winner Chris Hedges wrote on Sunday.


The August Naseehah of Muhaddith e Kabeer Hadhrat Moulana Fadhlur Rahman Azmi Sb (حفظه الله تعالى ورعاه) VS the interpolated and changed translation

On the 16th of December 2023 JUSA held the Bukhari Khatam of their Jamiah, the guest for the Bukhaari Shareef Khatam was our Honourable Ustaadh Hadhrat Moulana Fadhlur Rahman Azmi Saheb. You yourself compare the original Urdu to the translator's words. You will find the important Naseehah of Shaikh Saheb being changed by the translator!

⚫ = Naseehah of Hadhrat Moulana Fadhlur Rahman

⚪ = Translation by JUSA translator

⚫ Hdh Ml Fadhlur Rahman Azmi : "I wish to clarify this one matter, I've come to the Jamiat Jalsah, it should never, ever be misconstrued that I'm in agreement with the Jamiat, not at all.

⚪ Audio translation by JUSA translator : "So Moulana says please try and keep these particular aspects... (inaudible)

⚫ Hdh Ml Fadhlur Rahman Azmi: "Previously I was on the Shura (advisory board) of the Jamiat Ml Abbas Ali Jeena and others came to my house and requested me to be part of the Shura (of the Jamiat). I've never come (to the meetings), due to my preoccupation with teaching. Thereafter I resigned and that letter (of my resignation) was distributed in the public domain, I have seen it and you should have gotten it too. I left the JUSA Shura due to the fact that these people go on to television. I don't regard it to be correct in the least! I regard keeping the television and appearing on it as Na-Jaiz (prohibited). I'm advising you, if you regard me as a person to take advice from, that those who are appearing on TV, abandon it immediately! Pictography /photography in any form whether with a camera or a mobile phone, all are prohibited! In this very Bukhari Shareef the Hadith appears 'The most severely punished people on Qiyaamah will be those who indulge in photography'.

⚪ Audio translation by JUSA translator: "Moulana makes mention and something for us to understand, this is Moulana's cleanliness of heart, he said, see I've come to the Jamiat Jamiah Jalsah, he says that, I was part of the Jamiat and while I have come here out of respect for the Jamiat, I also have differences of opinion with the Jamiat, because there are certain people of the Jamiat who for example, uhm, uhm have programmes on TV, now it's something you know, Alhamdulillah, see we have to, we have to make mention of it, he says that, I, I don't, there might be certain people who have permissibility with regard to it, I don't regard it as appropriate, despite that I've come to the Jamiat Jalsah"

⚫ Hdh Ml Fadhlur Rahman: "In the same light they (the Jamiat) run Muslim schools, where intermingling between men and women take place, there should be strict adherence to the laws of Purdah! The laws of Purdah are being flaunted and the name is kept as 'Muslim school', this is not correct." "So no one should be under the impression that by my attendance here, that I agree with these actions of the Jamiat"

⚪ Audio translation by JUSA translator: " He said, he said that Muslim schools for example, ... he said in that particular thing what must be done is, must try and keep the men and women separate. "I'm the chairman of a Muslim school, we also try that, but I mean sometimes it happens that there might be weaknesses, but yes we do believe that is the right way, so Moulana says that there is this Muslim schools that are running, sometimes people do accordingly sometimes people don't do accordingly, by he says it's my duty to mention that when you do have a Muslim school, try and keep the females separate"

⚫ Hdh Ml Fadhlur Rahman: "Some people told me that you'll go there (to this Jalsah) and people will say 'he came and he agrees with these actions (of the Jamiat), I said I will refute these actions. They told me they will erase your words, what I'm saying can anyone erase it? Allah is listening, the angels are writing {Not a word does he (or she) utter, but there is a watcher by him ready (to record it).} So many of you Muslims are listening, who can erase it? I hear such things from Ulama e Kiraam, that is not understandable. Understand well, I regard it as my responsibility to publicly announce (the prohibition of these acts) "

⚪ Audio translation from JUSA translator: "So Moulana says while he has come to the Jamiat Jalsah, there are certain things that he does have certain differences which he has made mention and now he's put it on record, we respect that it's an amazing thing. And that also is not the official position of the Jamiat. Jamiat had said those who feel they want to work in that particular field, the Jamiat won't object to those people, it hasn't officially said that people must go. Whoever wants to go and they want to make Khidmat in that line, to teach people in that, they are allowed to do so, that is not the official position of the Jamiat to go. If anyone wants to go the Jamiat won't object. So Moulana has made mention with regard to that particular point, as a translator I am obliged to make mention"

⚫ Hdh Ml Fadhlur Rahman here mentions about the Asaatidha of Imam Bukhaari (رحمة الله عليه) one being Abu Hafs Kabeer (رحمة الله عليه) who was a Hanafi (This paragraph was summarised due to space constraints)

⚫ Hdh Ml Fadhlur Rahman: "Nowadays there's one principle in vogue, that there's a difference of opinion in a (Deeni) matter, so you can do it. This is upside down, it's supposed to be 'There's Ikhtilaaf (difference of the Ulama) in this, abstain from it' There's a Hadith from Bukhari Shareef on pg 13 in the old print (Look don't take photos here at all, photos are totally prohibited!) wherein Nabi ﷺ states: 'Halaal is clear, Haraam is clear, between these two is doubtful matters, whoever saves himself from it (doubtful matters) has protected his Deen and honour' till the end... In this very Hadith it is narrated "If it (piece of flesh) is correct the entire body will be correct, if it is corrupted, the entire body will be corrupted, verily it is the heart. Imam Bukhari mentioned it in Kitaabul Imaan and Kitaabul Buyoo'

It is written in the commentary of this Hadith in Fathul Bari in this Hadith there's 4 things mentioned and with regard to doubtful matters, that if there's apparent difference in the texts of the Shari‘ah (Nusoos) that's not referred to as doubtful, what's referred to here as doubtful is the Ikhtilaaf of Ulama (so abstain from these matters)"

⚪ Audio translation from JUSA translator: " He said there's a Hadith in Bukhari Shareef that Allah has made mention that Halaal is clear, Haraam is clear, and in between Halaal and Haraam there are certain things that are doubtful and it is part of Imaan to stay away from things that are doubtful, then at the end of that Hadith, uhm, Imam Bukhari (رحمة الله عليه) said there is a portion that there is a portion and there is a clot in the body, and that is correct, entire body will be correct and if that is found to be corrupt, the entire body will be corrupt, that is our heart, if our heart is found to be pure and purified, our entire body will be purified, and if our heart is corrupt our entire body will be corrupt ......."

(End of transcript) *_________________________________*

One can clearly see how the translator skillfully avoided mentioning the statements of Shaikh Saheb in his translation and gave his own explanations regarding the wrong actions that were criticised by Hadhrat. Wrongly conveying the message of this great Muhaddith of our country to the masses who don't understand Urdu is the height of breach of trust! It is not behoving of a Muslim, leave alone an Aalim who claims to be the leader of Muslims in SA to hoodwink the masses and misuse the platform of translating another person's lecture.

Also noteworthy is that the Radio Islam and Smart Bilal Livestream started with the original Urdu version, and as soon as this part of the Dars began, it was switched to the English translation. Doesn't it sound like the Western media propaganda and fact-changing we see all too often?

The facts are in front of you, O Ummati, you see for yourself how you're being hoodwinked and taken for a ride in Deeni matters.

*Attached in the PDF is the letter of resignation and Naseehah Ml Fadhlur Rahman wrote to JUSA, referenced above.

والسلام على من اتبع الهدى.


The Firing Line

PBS interview conducted by William F Buckley Jr. with Benjamin Netanyahu on 30 May 1986: Netanyahu's definition of Terrorism

🔊 Advice of Muhaddith e Kabeer Hadhrat Moulana Fadhlur Rahman Azmi Saheb حفظه الله تعالى ورعاه at the JUSA Jalsah today 🔊

(Summarised translation)

"Thereafter I resigned from (the role as honorary president of JUSA), my letter of Naseehah to JUSA must have reached you.

I don't agree one bit with this appearing on Television and pictography. The most severely punished people on Qiyaamah will the those who indulge in photography (Bukhari Shareef Hadith). I also strongly condemn the mixed gatherings in the Islamic Schools and other places.

People should never think that my attendance here means I endorse the evil being perpetrated by the Jamiat! My only intention of using this platform is to condemn the evils, and offer advice, as I see it as my responsibility.

Moulana Imran Admani Saheb Explains The Translation And The Stunts Of Bham*

The speaker is Richard Boyd Barrett. He is the TD [Irish for MP] for the Dun Laoghaire branch of People Before Profit.

🚨The Government Media Office publishes an update on the important statistics related to the brutal “Israeli” war on Gaza Strip:

♦️Casualties and Martyrs
- Total Martyrs: 18,412
- Child Martyrs: 8,000
- Female Martyrs: 6,200
- Medical Staff Martyrs: 300
- Civil Defense Martyrs: 32
- Journalist Martyrs: 86

♦️Missing and Wounded
- Missing Individuals: 7,700+
- Wounded: 50,100+

♦️Infrastructure Devastation
- Government Headquarters Destroyed: 126
-Schools Out of Service: 75
- Partially Damaged Schools: 277

♦️Mosques Affected:
- Completely Demolished: 110
- Partially Damaged: 196
- Churches Damaged: 3

♦️Housing Units Impact:
- Completely Demolished: 52,500
- Partially Demolished: 254,000

Health Facilities Disrupted:
- Hospitals Out of Service: 22
- Health Centers Closed: 110
- Ambulances Damaged: 102


Hamas has succeeded in bringing the Palestinian struggle for liberation to the forefront of global concerns by engaging the Israeli and US narratives and countering them while imposing a new reality in the Gazza Strip.

[12/11, 17:26] HMA: THANK YOU, GAZA

Thank you, Gaza! Jazākum Allahu khayran, people of Gaza. We thank you. We salute you. We salute the noble Gazans from all walks of life, be they mothers, fathers, elders, children, doctors, nurses, or journalists.

So much has been said about what we can do for Gaza, and rightly so, because we can never give them their due and the cause of Palestine is ‘Aqīda. But I wish to reverse the approach by drawing attention to what they have done for us, and to offer gratitude to a people whose resilience, īmān, and loss of life is renewing ours worldwide.

The Prophet ﷺ said,
إنَّ أشكرَ النَّاسِ للهِ تبارك وتعالَى أشكرُهم للنَّاسِ
“The most grateful of all people to Allah are those who are most grateful to people.”
Thank you, Gaza! Jazākum Allahu khayran.
🌻 To The Indomitable Children 🌻
Thank you to the children of Gaza!
We’ve seen the 6-year-old boy standing over the dying body of his brother, encouraging him to recite the shahāda, “Say, ‘Lā ilāha illa Allah’.” We’ve seen children burnt from head to toe, sat next to their injured fathers who are also burnt, saying to them, “Stay strong, dad.” O young sons and daughters, you have shown us through your courage how many of us who claim to be men and women are but children, and you’ve shown us that many children are in fact men and women.

🌻 To The Inspiring Mothers 🌻
Thank you to the mothers of Gaza!
May Allah preserve those wombs of yours that have delivered the miracles that the world is in awe of today, and may Allah bless you for raising such a formidable nation. Hamas is not the target of this war; it’s your tarbiya that they are at war with.

🌻 To The Intransigent Elders 🌻
Thank you to the elders of Gaza!
You have reminded us of how beautiful it is when ‘Aqīda and values are transferred from ink on pages of books to blood that flows through arteries and veins.

🌻 To The Industrious Medics 🌻
Thank you to the paramedics, doctors, and physicians of Gaza!
You work around the clock, you sleep in your hospitals, you refuse to abandon your patients, you’ve seen what no human could bear, and you are now besieged in your wards. When you thought it couldn’t get harder, your children — whom you’d left behind for so long — come to visit you at your wards, but in pieces and within body bags. You fall to your knees, you hug their bloodied bodies, and sob over them for a moment, only for you then to stand back up, wipe away the tears, bury your pain, and continue your duty towards Palestine.
Thank you.

🌻 To The Intrepid Journalists 🌻
Thank you to the heroic journalists of Gaza!
You know that your days are numbered for daring to expose the crimes of the occupier, your colleagues have been killed. Thank you to those of you who find out live on air that your families were targeted and massacred for merely being your relatives. You cry over them, bury them and, somehow, in a display of unusual resilience and īmān, return to your duties the very next day.
We say, “Thank you”, and we salute you.

🌻 To The Incredible Women 🌻
Thank you to the women of Gaza!
You react to the killing of your children by raising your hands to the Heavens, saying, “O Allah, take from us until you are pleased.” Thank you, for as your bodies are pulled from the rubble, we notice your attire; you are already prepared in that evening to meet Allah in full hijab, and your message of hayā and commitment to Islam in all circumstances has reached us.

🌻 To The Invincible Men 🌻
Thank you to the men of Gaza!
You have removed from the hearts of 2 billion Muslims the fear of any mortal being.
Thank you for reminding us that a people who believe that death is not the end cannot be defeated. Thank you for explaining to us verses from the Qur’ān that we never understood, until after we saw you.
Thank you; we thought that the Ummah had died, but you helped us realise that not only does the Ummah still have a pulse, but that it is brimming with life and īmān. Thank you; it is from Allah’s immense favour upon us that He chose us to live in a time when people like you exist.

🌻🌺💐 Justice Shall Prevail 🌻🌺💐
Of Allah’s fixed rules in life is that injustices can only go on for so long before the scales of justice are balanced. Allah balances these scales in different ways, but what we do know is that those scales shall be balanced. Bearing in mind your circumstance, skillset, and resources, beware of being a bystander in Palestine’s hour of need. In light of what they have done for you, insist on returning the favour, insist on playing a role in tipping the scales towards justice.


Thank you, Gaza! Jazākum Allahu khayran, people of Gaza. Allahu Akbar. We love you more than ever. May Allah allow us to meet you in Jannah. Allahumma Aameen Yaa Rabb ❤🤲❤ [12/11, 17:39] HMA: One day Palestine will be free maybe not in our life time.

Like our apartheid ended in South Africa
These Zionists pigs do not know that their is a lord who created the heavens and the earth and we humans being belong to him. Évery human being on this temporary earth will definitely return to the Almighty Lord no matter who are are on this temporary earth.

Every living creature on this temporary earth will taste death.
To Allah we belong and our return is back to Allah

[12/11, 17:44] HMA: This is our prayer 5 times a day including every second and hour that makes up a day including the late prayer when everyone is asleep and this prayer will never be in vain remember I used the word never and the colonialist regime with they accomplices will fall

[12/11, 17:51] HMA: Palestine will be free ONE DAY and the oppressed Palestinians will be free from these Zionists pigs and occupies from Palestinian stolen land.

The perfect Murder


In order to push the COVID BIOWEAPON JAB and make it seem as though we were in an actual PANDEMIC

they got people to believe there's CONTAGION .........

And we know according to the Hadith on Contagion that our beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him said CONTAGION DOES NOT EXIST

Certain virologist took it upon themselves to test this fact and realised it to be true that CONTAGION DOES NOT EXIST

That was the 1st FEAR FACTOR

They then put the entire world into a SUDDEN LOCKDOWN creating more FEAR, PANIC & ANXIETY

This is the power of the MIND
Which now led to a lot of people getting PANIC ATTACKS, which seemed like a heart attack where they felt as though their chests were tightening Creating the 3rd FEAR FACTOR

And were rushed to hospitals

The hospitals had to follow PROTOCOL Each person that came in was taken to the COVID ward irrespective of what they suffered from, whether it was the so-called covid or not

But the order given to the nurses at that time was to inject one of these lethal drugs such as remdesivir or midazolam into patients, and then they were put onto ventilators, creating the perfect murder

Those who self isolated lived

FEAR factor 4
Creating these hospital deaths together with the constant onslaught of stats and figures on mainstream media which created more fear and panic

They now set the stage to get the masses vaccinated with their BIOWEAPON


Incredible speech on Gazza by Lara Elborno.


Issued By Qalamul Haq


Killing the Captives – What Happened in Israel’s Failed Rescue Attempt in Gaza

December 9, 2023

Instead of rescuing Saar Baruch, an Israeli military force killed him. This episode is likely to make Netanyahu’s life even more difficult.


Nine operations in 24 hours; Hezbollah targets Israeli military sites

Source: Al Mayadeen Today 04:13

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon executed nine operations targeting the sites and barracks of the Israeli occupation "army" along the Lebanese-Palestinian border.


Hamas did not lose control in Gaza: Israeli media

Source: Israeli Media
Today 01:39

In response to the statements made by the Occupation Security Minister, Yoav Galant, who mentioned that the Hamas movement "has begun to collapse," Israeli media reports contradict this claim, asserting that the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip remains unaffected.

US wants to fast-track approval of 45k Merkava shells to 'Israel'
Al Mayadeen English
Source: Reuters
Today 01:00

The US State Department is pushing Congress to approve the $500 million sale requested by President Biden earlier this week for "Israel" for its ongoing war on Gaza.

8 Dec 2023 18:24
According to the UK military, there is no "formal requirement" to alert the Cypriot government of its operations on the island.


⚡Security sources told Al-Mayadeen TV:

Resistance factions targeted four American bases in #Syria during the past two hours.

The targeting was carried out with a large number of rocket shells, most of which were able to reach their targets.

The targeting targeted Al-Omar and Koniko bases in the Deir ez-Zor countryside, and Kharab Al-Jir and Al-Shaddadi in the Hasakah countryside.

This is the first time that this number of bases have been targeted in such a short time.

The missiles succeeded in reaching their targets despite all the defensive measures recently taken by Washington in #Syria.

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7:20 PM · Dec 8, 2023


Lawman erred in exonerating cricketer over his Israel stand

The CSA cannot accept Wim

Trengove’s finding that the U-19 Proteas captain was entitled to say what he did about Israeli soldiers

10 December 2023 - 00:00


Advocate Wim Trengove’s exoneration of David Teeger, the Proteas under-19 captain, raises questions about the boundaries of freedom of speech in the context of sports representation. While freedom of speech is a cornerstone of our democracy, our constitution unequivocally prohibits hate speech or any endorsement of racial, ethnic or religious superiority.

Teeger’s dedication of his Absa Jewish Achiever award to Israel and its soldiers, a state implicated in enforcing hate, racial superiority, war crimes and crimes against humanity, challenges the essence of our constitutional values. Trengove, one of the soundest legal minds in terms of forensic and technical legal skills, unfortunately applied an atomistic mode of reasoning, relying on a disconnection of facts from their contextual embedding. Trengove seemingly disconnected constitutional jurisprudence from the harsh reality of the nature of the speech. If Trengove applied a holistic interpretation, considering political facts and events in terms of an interaction between individuals and groups, and their social and political environment, he would likely have come to a different conclusion.

Teeger’s speech was not mere offensive speech. Instead, it was speech in support of Zionism, a political ideology of racism. Teeger dedicated his award to Zionist soldiers who brutally enforce racist and apartheid rule against the Palestinians. These soldiers are implicated in war crimes — the most serious offence in international law. If Trengove adopted a holistic method of interpretation, he would have related the speech to Zionism, racism, and our own history of apartheid — the raison d’être of our constitution, which is the rejection of any and all manifestations of racial superiority and attendant military conduct.

The endorsement by Lawson Naidoo, chair of Cricket South Africa (CSA), of David Unterhalter, an avowed Zionist, for appointment to the Constitutional Court and recently to the Supreme Court of Appeal informs us that some in the upper echelons of CSA find nothing repugnant about Zionism. Did the upper echelons of CSA deliberately select Trengove to head the investigation so that the findings, which gloss over support for Zionism, have a veneer of respectability? Had CSA appointed an advocate with struggle credentials, the perception of what is implicated as hate speech, views based on racial superiority and the use of military force including war crimes could have been different. Crucially, the outcome of the findings would most likely have been different. Teeger’s statements are comparable to someone praising apartheid and soldiers from the 1980s South African Defence Force who engaged in unspeakable barbarity, war crimes and genocide in the preservation of apartheid.

Trengove gave credence to the view that Teeger made the statement among members of his community. This justification is mind-numbing. Let us assume a speech extolling the virtues of apartheid and the South African soldiers of the 1980s was given by a cricketer at a meeting of fellow white supremacists at a reconstituted Broederbond and Dutch Reform Churchgathering. This cricketer would likely never ply their cricket trade in South Africa again.

Those accepting of Zionism would obviously not grasp the gravity of Teeger’s statement regardless of the platform at which it was uttered and could casually dismiss it as possibly offensive to some, which is what Trengove seemingly did. It is inconceivable that CSA would accept that “there is nothing unbecoming or detrimental about an opinion expressed seriously and in good faith, however offensive it might be to some”, which is the finding that Trengove made with respect to Teeger and the Israeli soldiers.

In the pursuit of sports as a unifying force and the upholding of the integrity of our sports, CSA must reconsider the representation of an individual espousing hate, views supporting racial supremacy, and the relegation of nonJews to third-class citizenship. Trengove mischaracterised Teeger’s statements as “possibly offensive” views. Teeger’s statement praised those who brutally enforce hate and racial superiority of Jews over others that reside in Israel/Palestine and call the region their home. CSA must take decisive action against individuals who glorify hate and compromise the fundamental values of inclusivity and respect. Anything less risks eroding the very foundation upon which sports stand — as a beacon of unity and shared principles.

The time for CSA to reflect on its values is now. It is hard to see how Trengove could find Teeger’s conduct was not “unbecoming or detrimental conduct”. Tolerating views based on hate and violent enforcement of racial superiority jeopardises the essence of sportsmanship and risks alienating a diverse fan and player base. In taking a principled stand against divisive ideologies, CSA can demonstrate its commitment to fostering an inclusive and respectful environment, ensuring that sports remain a powerful force for unity and inspiration. Anything short of this risks tarnishing the reputation of the organisation and betraying the core values of our constitution and what sports must embody.

• Motala is a former honorary professor of law at the University of the Western Cape and is a professor of law at Howard University.

Chris Hedges, on the real nature of Western civilisation. 6 December 2023


On December 6, 2023, Chris Hedges, a renowned author, foreign correspondent, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, spoke in a lecture titled "The Genocide in Gaza" at The Sanctuary for Independent Media in North Troy, NY.
Chris Hedges, the former Middle East Bureau Chief for The New York Times, spent seven years covering the news in Israel and Palestine.
The talk was co-sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace, Albany Chapter;
Muslim Solidarity Committee and Project SALAM;
Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace;
Palestinian Rights Committee-Upper Hudson Peace Action; RPI Muslim Student Association;
UAlbany Muslim Student Association;
Women Against War.

Strict Standards

Due to its strict standards, it is believed that the second strongest group in Gaza, belonging to PIJ, is actually larger in its manpower.

The discipline of the Qassam Brigades fighters have been well observed, as fighters are not even permitted to smoke cigarettes and they follow their Islamic doctrine with seriousness.

The group has managed to mass manufacture anti-tank warheads, which have evolved over time through the ingenuity of the Qassam Brigades weapons manufacturers, creating the Yasin-105 missile, which has managed to successfully damage/destroy hundreds of Israeli tanks. Palestinian chronicle

The Yemeni resistance has forced the Isr@eli entity out of the Red Sea

It has attacked several Isr@eli-linked ships in the Red Sea since mid-November, forcing them to take the more costly shipping route around Africa. This longer route could add 18 days to travel times.

The Yemeni resistance announced on November 19 that in solidarity with Gaza, it would target ships carrying the Isr@eli li flag, as well as ships operated/owned by Isr@eli companies.

Operations so far:
○ November 19: Seized Isr@eli-owned Galaxy Leader in the Red Sea.
○ November 25: Drone strike on Kalandra owned by Isr@eli shipping company ZIM in the Indian Ocean.
○ December 3: Drone and missile strikes against Isr@eli ships Unity Explorer and Number 9 in the Red Sea.

[Infographic: the Cradle]


Hebrew Media
🥊Dangerous security event: Vassam paratroopers storming Zikkim shores. *

🥊 Wael Al-Dhadouh
Algeria Reporter:
Abu Obaida with 500 Mujahid are fighting a street war against Zionists in Beit Hanon.

🥊 Israeli media:
Most of the Israeli forces were lost in the beach camp..

🥊 Breaking news now
Paratroopers and sea frogs have stormed into a shelling and violent clashes at the place.

Urgent ...
🥊 An organized attack is the largest that the Al-Qasam brigades, Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa martyrs brigades have been carried out on Israeli army groups now.
🥊 At the same time on all platforms:
✌🏾 massive ambush west of hawa hill.
✌🏾 ambush the healing hospital surroundings.
✌🏾How far is the ambush of the beach camp, the number of Israelis dead is the largest.
✌🏾Ambition west of Lahia Beit north of the strip.

🥊 The Israeli army is now using its fire carpet policy to save its soldiers.

🥊 An eyewitness swears that the ambush of the Healing Towers now did not survive a single Israeli soldier and that they have counted more than thirty dead and that the force has been completely crushed.

🥊 Flying is called to get out the dead and the wounded and save what can be saved to no avail until the moment.

🥊The bodies of the occupation soldiers in Al-Nasr neighborhood are lying on the ground next to their destroyed houses.

🥊 Walla Hebrew website:
🛩️It seems that the Palestinian resistance is still in full strength and strength.
🛩️ The Iron Dome is not quite functioning..!!
🛩️There are smart missiles that have entered the battle now for the first time from Russian manufacturing.
🛩️An Israeli force with its tanks fell into a deadly ambush of Al-Qasam brigades north of Al-Shifa Hospital, and reports indicate that the occupation is carrying out a random bombardment to withdraw its killers.
🛩️ Urgent / Now the shock of Zionists tonight is stronger than their shock in the history of October 7 .. They can't withdraw their troops and bodies of their soldiers and armor now.

🛩️ General Faiz Al-Daweri:
The army is now under the mercy of enthusiasm either to withdraw or... !!!

The Israeli army:
Hamas tricked us for the second time, and left us all day to occupy two axes, and then surprised us, apparently the elite forces .. !! And the bodies of our soldiers in Al-Nasr Street, and on the streets.. !!
Looks like our troops are faced with two choices: withdraw, or die humiliating!!

Allah is the Greatest Allah is the Greatest
God is great, and thanks be to God, thank you very much.

Former Mossad president Danny Yetom:
Gaza tunnels are a death trap

After outrage and widespread criticism from Israeli settlers for not calling Netanyahu's son to enlist in the army, he returned today from America to volunteer to answer phones at the Israeli aid center.
#GazaNation #palestinelivesmatter #IsraeliNewNazism

Israeli journalist Gideon Levy:
occupation won't end until Israel pays the price

Intensive and urgent communications are being conducted by the US State Department with some Arab countries, especially Egypt and Qatar, to pressure the Palestinian resistance to accept a quick truce under the pretext of bringing aid into Gaza!! . The truth is that this truce was urgently requested by Israel from the United States so that it could withdraw its soldiers and vehicles from the quagmire it fell into today in the streets of Gaza, where it suffered heavy losses in vehicles and lives. Dozens of vehicles and hundreds of Zionist soldiers were besieged inside the streets of Gaza and they were unable to retreat in front of Resistance ambushes!! Hebrew channels have begun broadcasting news about the fall of a large number of Israeli officers and soldiers in several ambushes set up for them by the resistance today!! And it is a jihad of victory or martyrdom!! "Israel breathes its last breath" ………………………

Under this title the Hebrew newspaper “Haaretz” published an article by the famous Zionist writer (Ari Shavit) in which he says: It seems that we are facing the most difficult people that history has ever known. There is no solution for them except to recognize their rights and end the occupation. * “Shabbit” began his article by saying:* It seems that we have passed the point of no return, and it may no longer be possible for “Israel” to end the occupation, stop settlement, and achieve peace. It seems that it is no longer possible to reform Zionism and save democracy. And the division of people in this country. He added: If the situation is like this, then there is no taste for living in this country, and there is no taste for writing in Haaretz, and there is no taste for reading Haaretz, and we must do what Rogel Alfer suggested two years ago, which is to leave the country.

If “Israeliness” and Jewishness are not a vital factor in identity, and if every “Israeli” citizen has a foreign passport, not only in the technical sense, but also in the psychological sense, then the matter is over. You have to say goodbye to friends and move to San Francisco, Berlin or Paris. From there, from the lands of the new German extreme nationalism, or the lands of the new American extreme nationalism, one must look calmly and watch the "State of Israel" take its last breath. We must take three steps back and watch the Jewish democratic state sink.

It may be that the issue has not been resolved yet. It is possible that we have not yet passed the point of no return. It is possible that it is still possible to end the occupation, stop settlement, reform Zionism, save democracy, and divide the country.

The writer continued: I put my finger in the eye of Netanyahu, Lieberman, and the neo-Nazis, to wake them up from their Zionist delirium. Trump, Kushner, Biden, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are not the ones who will end the occupation. It is not the United Nations and the European Union that will stop settlements. The only force in the world capable of saving Israel from itself is the Israelis themselves, by creating a new political language that recognizes reality and that the Palestinians are rooted in this land.

I urge you to look for the third way in order to survive here and not die. The writer in Haaretz newspaper confirms: Since the time they came to Palestine, the “Israelis” have realized that they are the result of a lie created by the Zionist movement, during which it used all deception in the Jewish character throughout history. By exploiting and exaggerating what Hitler called the Holocaust, the movement was able to convince the world that Palestine is the “Promised Land” and that the alleged temple is located under Al-Aqsa Mosque. Thus, the wolf was transformed into a lamb that was suckled by the money of American and European taxpayers, until it became A nuclear monster.

The writer sought help from Western and Jewish archaeologists, the most famous of whom is “Israel Flintstein” from Tel Aviv University, who confirmed that “the Temple is also a lie and a fairy tale that does not exist, and all excavations have proven that it completely disappeared thousands of years ago, and this was stated explicitly in a large number of Jewish references, and many Western archaeologists confirmed this. The last of them was in 1968 AD, the British archaeologist Dr. Caitlin Kabinos, when she was director of excavations at the British School of Archeology in Jerusalem. She carried out excavations in Jerusalem, and was expelled from Palestine because of her exposure of “Israeli” myths. ", about the presence of traces of the Temple of Solomon under Al-Aqsa Mosque...

where I decided that there were no traces of the Temple of Solomon at all, and I discovered that what the Israelis call "Solomon's Stables Building" has nothing to do with Solomon or stables at all, but rather it is an architectural model of a palace commonly built in several Regions in Palestine, despite the fact that “Kathleen Kenyon” came from the Palestine Exploration Fund Association, for the purpose of clarifying what was stated in the biblical narratives, because she showed great activity in Britain in the mid-19th century regarding the history of the “Near East.”

The Jewish writer stressed by saying: * The curse of lying is what haunts the "Israelis", and day after day, it slaps them in the face in the form of a knife in the hand of a Jerusalemite, Khalili, and Nabulsi, or with a community stone or a bus driver from Jaffa, Haifa, and Acre. The "Israelis" realize that they have no future in Palestine, *it is not a land without people as they lied. Here is another writer who acknowledges, not the existence of the Palestinian people, but rather their superiority over the "Israelis", he is (Gideon Levy), the leftist Zionist, when he says: It seems that the Palestinians have a different nature from the rest of humanity... We occupied their land and we called their youth prostitutes and prostitutes. And drugs, and we said that a few years would pass, and they would forget their homeland and their land, and then their young generation would explode the 1987 uprising...

And we put them in prisons And we said that we would raise them in prisons... Years later, after we thought they had learned the lesson, they would return to us with an armed uprising in the year 2000. I ate the green. And the land.. And we said: We will demolish their homes and besiege them for many years, and lo and behold, they extract missiles from the impossible to attack us with, despite the siege and destruction,

So we began planning for them with the separation wall and barbed wire..and lo and behold, they came at us from underground and through tunnels, until they inflicted heavy killing on us* and in The last war* We fought them with our minds, and then they seized the “Israeli” satellite (Amos) and brought terror into every home in “Israel”, by broadcasting threats and threats, as happened when their youth were able to seize control of the “Israeli” Channel 2.

The bottom line is as The writer says: It seems that we are facing the most difficult people in history, and there is no solution for them but to recognize their rights and end the occupation. Title of the article: “Israel breathes its last breath” Writer: Ari Shavit Source: Hebrew newspaper Haaretz ……………………………..

Please spread the article as widely as possible Because it is full of historical facts and written by a writer from the occupying state. What next, Arabs?

ALLAHU AKBAR - BREAKING .. this is Zionist mercenary media channel 12 .. reporting a story .. I do understand that you don’t understand what he is or they talking about: the report is talking about an amazing story that the Zionist prisoners in Gaza had witnessed: the story is: the Zionist prisoners say: the day we were arrested and transported to the tunnels, we were very surprised that they handled us so gently, they didn’t push us around like we see our soldiers do to their family members when arrested, on our arrival to our final location in the tunnels they asked us if we want to have shower .. then they said to us to follow them into a room where there were tables, plates .. they gave us food - they same they eat .. after that we were taken back to our location .. 2 hours later the door opened and a bearded man came in and spoke to us perfect Hebrew with no accent at all, he introduced himself as: Yahya Sinwar - the man who orchestrated the 7 October event, he spoke to us in perfect Hebrew .. and said:

You are in the safest location - you will not be harmed and we will work towards returning to your families in the safest way possible .. you will be treated as if you are in you very own homes - don’t hestitate to ask if you want anything or if you want to send messages to your families .. then he carried a little girl, played with her, kissed and asked her if she wants him show her around then she must call for him. He came to see the little girl few times and he became her favourite.

By the way; Sinwar spent many years in Zionist mercenary prison and he learned Hebrew language there.


Protest and distrust, Israeli unit refused returning to battle

By Al Mayadeen English
Source: Israeli media
Today 15:41
Israeli media discuss the growing crisis of confidence among Israeli forces amid the dismissal of officers who withdrew from battles in Gaza in protest of the "failure to provide cover during an incursion, resulting in a fatal ambush."




Hope this email finds you in good health 

My email today is to address the issue off 2 gala dinners held at the elangeni hotel recently. The minara chamber and the sparks port pharmacy gala dinners. 

I received a call from a college that works in the hospitality industry. With regards to the two events that as held at the famous elangeni hotel. 

I worked at the elangeni hotel for 2 and a half years before leaving and openning a catering business of my own. 

The complain I have is that the meat that was used at these events was bought from shesha butchery based in bothas hill. This butchery also sells pork product and transports pork products in the same van as so called halaal meat and chicken. 

The hotel states that they practice pork separation when storing and cooking pork. The storing off the pork mayb separate but 100% it is not cooked separately. The hotel also states that they are halaal friendly. To my knowledge there is no such thing as halaal friendly in Islam. It is either halaal or not halaal

The stated that the meals for the above dinners were cooked in the marharni kitchen. This kitchen used to store and cook pork products. 

Was the kitchen cleaned properly by a Muslim person or company and overseen by an alim? 

The staff at the hotel are laughing at the Muslim population in Durban and how we eating there. 

Secondly there were desserts served at the event. 70% of dessert contain geletine which is bovine. When I was at the hotel they used to use a gelatin made by a company called liberty foods. Which is not halaal. 

We can argue about the meat and chicken and deserts been halaal. But the utensils been used to eat from eg. Plates, glasses, forks, knives, spoons are all contaminated. 

Have we gone so low as to now think that a white man's word is true. 

Don't we have venues and caterers that are better than the hotels in hosting gala dinners?

Do we want to show how much pride and money we have too. The public?

  Been a Muslim business owner and caterer, I get asked if the chicken I use is hand cut or machine cut. And where do I buy my meat from. 

Why do we doubt a Muslim business owner and not a hotel chain. 


Farooq Omar

Ex chef 

Homestyle meals 


‘Most Successful Military Raid of This Century’ – Ritter on Hamas’ October 7 Operation November 20, 2023


We confirm agreement on a 4-day humanitarian truce through Qatari and Egyptian efforts.

50 hostages, women and children, will be released in exchange for the release of 150 women and children of our people in the prisons of the occupation.

Under the agreement, hundreds of trucks of humanitarian, relief and medical aid and fuel will be brought to all areas of the Gaza Strip.

Under the agreement, the movement of Israeli military vehicles in the Gaza Strip will also be suspended.

According to the agreement, a ceasefire will be established by both sides and the cessation of all military actions of the occupation army in all areas of the Gaza Strip.

Under the agreement, the free movement of people from north to south along Salah al-Din Street is guaranteed.

During the period of the truce, the occupation carries out no attack or arrest of anyone in all areas of the Gaza Strip.

Under the agreement, air traffic in the south will be suspended for the duration of the truce days and in the north for 6 hours a day.

As we announce the conclusion of the truce agreement, we affirm that our hands will remain on the trigger and our battalions will remain on the lookout to defend our people.

The resistance managed the negotiations from a position of steadfastness and strength on the ground despite the attempts of the occupation to prolong them.

The terms of the agreement were formulated in accordance with the vision of the Resistance, which aim to serve our people and strengthen their steadfastness in the face of aggression.

The full footage released by the Al Qassam Brigades! These are our Mujahideen! Don't ever let liberals convince you that BDS only is the way. It's armed resistance that is the main and greatest contributing factor! Everything else should supplement the armed resistance!

Oh Muslim! We are strong! 


Protection from serious diseases

Sayyiduna Rasulullah ﷺ said that "when a person licks on honey for three mornings a month, no serious disease can afflict him."

(Ibn Maajah 3450, from Hadhrat Abu Hurairah رَضِيَ ٱللَّٰهُ عَنْهُ)




The Times of Israel: Rockets from Gaza target central Israel for first time since Friday


Incoming rocket sirens are sounding in central Israel, including Tel Aviv.

It marks the first long-range rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip since Friday.

Sirens also sound in Ashkelon and other areas of southern Israel.

There are no immediate reports of injuries or damage.


A secret intelligence source (Russian intelligence) revealed where the Mossad had penetrated The Israeli plan, which is considered a large and dangerous plan with American and British intelligence, targets Arabs and Muslims and aims to eliminate Islam and obliterate the Arab identity. It is currently being implemented in all Arab countries with the assistance of the rulers of the Arab countries. The secret report stated the following:

1- We are currently working to help Arab rulers fight fundamentalist Islam and replace it with secular Islam by imposing the Abrahamic religion and calling for the unity of religions and peaceful coexistence between nations. We will burn all books of the Islamic heritage, adopt new books, reinterpret Islamic texts in a way that is consistent with secularism and the Abrahamic religion, and train secular preachers. For this mission, there is a big project that will appear soon.

2- We will cancel all Islamic subjects, prevent the teaching of the Qur’an and the Arabic language in government schools and universities, close all Islamic institutes and universities, prevent the call to prayer through loudspeakers, work to reduce mosques by demolishing and closing, and prevent the holding of circles, lessons, and lectures in them. We will impose secular preachers on all of them and prepare for them the sermons we want, as we will impose. Adopting Hebrew and English as the language of science today, as we did in the Maghreb.

3- We will hunt down all Islamic sheikhs and preachers in all parts of the world, assassinate them, liquidate them, imprison them, arrest them, place them under house arrest, prevent them from speaking and speaking, and force them to support the policies of the rulers. Whoever opposes this will be pursued and persecuted in the name of fighting terrorism, violence, and extremism.

4- We will abolish all Islamic manifestations in the Arab world, including the calendar, holidays, vacations, and official holidays, obliterate the Arab-Islamic identity, impose secular laws, prevent the hijab, spread pornography and atheism, support homosexuals, and dismantle Arab societies, families, and tribes until the percentage of corruption and atheism among them reaches 90%.

5- We will demolish tens of thousands of mosques in the Arab world under the pretext of modernization, development, fighting randomness, and building advanced residential cities, as we have done in many Arab and Islamic countries, and we will build 100,000 churches and temples in the Arab and Islamic countries, starting with airports, companies, universities, and public places.

6- We are currently cooperating with Arab rulers to displace Muslims from their lands and establish 20 free residential cities in all Arab countries. We will build thousands of temples, churches, bars, discos, nightclubs, and nudist beaches. They will be inhabited by more than 100 million of different nationalities and religions. We have actually succeeded in all of: Dubai, Sinai and NEOM.

7- We are currently changing the demographic composition of the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula, and we have so far been able to introduce 15 million non-Arab and Muslim workers, including 7 million in the UAE, constituting 70% of the total population. We will work over the coming decades to introduce 100 million workers to the Arabian Peninsula. Of different nationalities and religions, 50 million of them will enter Saudi Arabia.

8- We will work to bring 5 million Jews into the Arabian Peninsula, settle them there, grant them nationalities, permanent residency, and special privileges. We will build for them upscale neighborhoods and cities equipped with the latest security services. We will build thousands of synagogues, schools, and universities in them, and they will be employed in the highest leadership positions until we control the military and civil institutions and seize control of the country. Judgment.

9- After only ten years, we will overthrow the ruling system in the Arab Gulf states and carry out a military coup against the ruling families there, after we are able to change the demographic composition by 80% for non-Arabs and Muslims and make the percentage of Arabs and Muslims in it less than 20%, and after twenty years we will control Yemen and Saudi Arabia and we rule the Arabian Peninsula.

10- The Greater State of Israel will be declared from the Gulf to the ocean within less than 30 years, specifically in the year 2048 AD, on the centenary of the founding of the State of Israel. Thus, the dream of the Jews will be fulfilled and we will control the Arab world, control its wealth, islands, straits and passages, and build more than 100 military bases there.

This report came from a reliable intelligence source and was collected and condensed from several lengthy reports to make it easy to read and disseminate to all Muslims.

So they should be careful and move quickly to stop this dangerous plan, because what we see today in Gaza is nothing but an actual implementation of this plan, and we call on every Muslim to spread it as widely as possible, clearing one’s conscience before God Almighty. The matter is very dangerous and there is a major conspiracy and high treason.
If God helps you, there is no one who can defeat you.

May Allāh ﷻ Guide and Protect us all..... 🤲

Danny Yatom, former Mossad chief - Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper 10/30/2023 What is happening? An Israeli-made Merkava tank, the pride of Tel Aviv's industry, costing $170 million, was wiped off the face of the earth by an RPG? I do not believe that? Was this steel fortress tank destroyed by an RPG? Has anyone seen that when our tank was hit by this shell, the ground shook and the tank exploded as if it had been hit by a bomb weighing a ton of stores? I do not believe that. Who fights with them? Who fights with them? There are hidden ghosts that help them kill the Jews. Did the Lord of Moses and Aaron abandon us? There is a hidden force that helps them and fights with them. Since October 7, they have not missed the target in their attacks on us throughout Palestine, as if they had a satellite. Unfortunately, the end of the State of Israel is inevitably approaching. Danny Yatom


26 OCTOBER 2023

A Concerned Musalli from Musjid Al Furqaan, Houghton:

Mr Yusuf Bham, you have really showed your true colours. We now know that Masjid Al Furqaan is a Bham family-owned Masjid and no more belongs to the Muslim community of Houghton.

You have blocked Mufti AK Hoosen - who named Masjid Al Furqaan - from rendering talks in this Masjid, while the Masjid belongs only to Allahu Ta'alaa.

Why are you blocking the respected Mufti?
Yet, you allow Shias, Salafis and murtads, like Bham, Menk, etc. to have programs.

Did the man who performed your secret nikah command you not to allow the respected Mufti?
Do you have anything personal against the respected Muftisaheb?

Please withdraw your statement.
You have until Friday, Asr, to do so.

Both of you (Reverend Bham and Yusuf Bham) have become bums in society.

1. It is a well-known fact that Bham, the womaniser, had an alleged affair with another man's wife. Ask the molvis at the Jamiat.

2. It is a fact that Bham, the Reverend, was sharing the platform with an LGBT activist at Rose Park a week ago.
He has exited Islam long ago. It is a shame that Jamiat Fordsburg, allowed this to happen.
To read salah behind him and to invite him to your masjid is haraam (Surah 5 verse 2).

3. Mr Yusuf Bham, because of family relationship, you have also made the wrong decision. It has become apparent that you also had an alleged illicit relations with a lady, then married her secretly.
You are not fit to be chairman of Masjid Al Furqaan, Houghton.
You and the committee should resign. You are promoting such a murtad that, whoever agrees with him, falls in the same bracket.

4. It is Haraam to contribute to JUSA ,Radio Shaytaan and Masjid Al Furqaan's new project while Yusuf Bham and his committee are in charge as we cannot allow jaahils to run our affairs, according to the hadith(Bukhari Shareef)

According to the Shariah, the imaams have the final say and not jaahil trustees.




As organisation's who solicit money from the public and claim to be representatives of the Muslim public and Islam we as the public have the right to be informed regarding the following..

Please send out a public response to these questions

1.The Jamiatul Ulama OF South Africa was formed in 1971 by the Jamiatul ulama of Natal, Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal, the MJC and Jamiatul Ulama Eastern Cape In Port Elizabeth, who gave you the right to plagiarize this name by going as JUSA? More so when the Jamiatul Ulama of Natal was formed in 1955

2.It is a well known fact by Radio Islam and Jamiat Fordsburg is being funded by Shia sympathizes which has lead the organization to compromise your position regarding the Shias and the truth of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah, could you please state that shias are non Muslim and comment regarding this funding?

3.The claim of transparency is always emerging from your organizations, how about you prove it.. We have obtained information from internal sources that the monthly allowance of the following individuals are :
A) Maulana Zaheer Ragies wages is R 80 0000
B) Bham receives R70 000
C) HayderR 60 000,
D) Nawlakhi R50 000
E) Ravat R50 000

please confirm this with proof yes or no?
This is public money thus this question should be answered in a manner that is transparent without any objections.

4.Why aren't the Financials exposed to the public in the annual Jamiat meetings? Especially the wages of those we mentioned above

5.Why have you compromised the deen continuously to appease the goverment?

6.What is the ruling of all our Darul Ulooms in South Africa regarding TV stations and is it true that Zaheer Raghie is a director of a TV Station?

7.What was the view of the Ulama of Azaadvile, Zak Park, Taleemudeen, Newcastle, and the Camperdown, etc on bringing women on TV and on air?

8.Howcome the Jamiat Transvaal passed verdict that TV is haraam? Through which revelation did you change this fatwa?

For women to come on air and on the stations was also haraam according to your own ulama and the station was closed for a few months what lead to this fatwa to suddenly change? Where and when did new revelation come to make legal these Haraam things?

9.If they do not agree and have passed fatawa against it why are you taking money from the public for these haraam purposes?

10.why is their no non Surti officials till now? No Blacks, Memons, Urdu or Malay? Is their apartheid in the Jamiat?

If the answers are not forthcoming or is being brushed aside by the normal victim playing stunts then the public would have to call for a forensic Audit of the organizations ie Jamiat Transvaal,SANHA and Radio Islam

We wish the Big 5 of Gauteng to answer (Not to be confused with the Big 5 of the Kruger Park)

From the concerned Muslim public

He's conveying good news. He is actively taking part in the jihad in Gaza. He says alhamdulillah they are well. He says alhamdulillah the resistance is strong. And they are attacking the enemy, the Jews. And he says wallahi the angels are fighting with them...something they witnessing all the time subhanallah. Allah is sending the malaaikah who are helping them and supporting them on the battlefield. And they are strong, they are at content, they are completely in control. Now they waiting for the Jews to send their troops in Gaza so that they can completely destroy them

During Netanyahu's visit to a military base, an Israeli soldier attacked him: "All my friends were slaughtered... You ruined Israel."
☑ @sepah_pasdaran [membership]l


Support Gaza Campaign

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

🤝 Join us in making a difference! Wings of Mercy is launching a campaign to support the people of Gaza during these challenging times. Your contributions can help in various ways:

Medical Supplies: 🏥 Provide essential medical supplies to the wounded in Gaza, ensuring they receive the care they urgently need.

Aid for the Displaced: 🏠 Help those who have been displaced from their homes by providing shelter, food, and essential necessities.

Support Orphans and Families: 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Assist the orphans and families of Gaza, offering them the support they require during this crisis.

Emergency Hospital Aid: 🚑 Contribute to our emergency hospital fund to ensure that critical medical facilities have the resources to save lives.

Your generosity can bring hope and relief to the people of Gaza. Together, we can make a positive impact during these difficult times. Donate today and be a part of the change. 🕊 #SupportGaza #WingsofMercy #HelpingHands

Dear brothers and sisters, any amount of donation can benefit our brothers in Palestine.

Please use the project’s name as a reference when making a donation

To donate:

Bank Name: Standard Bank

Branch: Fordsburg

Account Number: 002557665

Branch Code: 005205

Email: info@wingsofmercy.org.za

'I am Israel. I came to a land without a people for a people without a land. Those people who happened to be here, had no right to be here, and my people showed them they had to leave or die, razing 400 Palestinian villages to the ground, erasing their history.

I am Israel. Some of my people committed massacres and later became Prime Ministers to represent me. In 1948, Menachem Begin was in charge of the unit that slaughtered the inhabitants of Deir Yassin, including 100 women and children. In 1953, Ariel Sharon led the slaughter of the inhabitants of Qibya, and in 1982 arranged for our allies to butcher around 2,000 in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila.

I am Israel. Carved in 1948 out of 78% of the land of Palestine, dispossessing its inhabitants and replacing them with Jews from Europe and other parts of the world. While the natives whose families lived on this land for thousands of years are not allowed to return, Jews from all over the world are welcome to instant citizenship.

I am Israel. In 1967, I swallowed the remaining lands of Palestine - East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza - and placed their inhabitants under an oppressive military rule, controlling and humiliating every aspect of their daily lives. Eventually, they should get the message that they are not welcome to stay, and join the millions of Palestinian refugees in the shanty camps of Lebanon and Jordan.

I am Israel. I have the power to control American policy. My American Israel Public Affairs Committee can make or break any politician of its choosing, and as you see, they all compete to please me. All the forces of the world are powerless against me, including the UN as I have the American veto to block any condemnation of my war crimes. As Sharon so eloquently phrased it, “We control America”.

I am Israel. I influence American mainstream media too, and you will always find the news tailored to my favor. I have invested millions of dollars into PR representation, and CNN, New York Times, and others have been doing an excellent job of promoting my propaganda. Look at other international news sources and you will see the difference.

I am Israel. You Palestinians want to negotiate “peace!?” But you are not as smart as me; I will negotiate, but will only let you have your municipalities while I control your borders, your water, your airspace and anything else of importance. While we “negotiate,” I will swallow your hilltops and fill them with settlements, populated by the most extremist of my extremists, armed to the teeth. These settlements will be connected with roads you cannot use, and you will be imprisoned in your little Bantustans between them, surrounded by checkpoints in every direction.

I am Israel. I have the fourth strongest army in the world, possessing nuclear weapons. How dare your children confront my oppression with stones, don’t you know my soldiers won’t hesitate to blow their heads off? In 17 months, I have killed 900 of you and injured 17,000, mostly civilians, and have the mandate to continue since the international community remains silent. Ignore, as I do, the hundreds of Israeli reserve officers who are now refusing to carry out my control over your lands and people; their voices of conscience will not protect you.

I am Israel. You want freedom? I have bullets, tanks, missiles, Apaches and F-16s to obliterate you. I have placed your towns under siege, confiscated your lands, uprooted your trees, demolished your homes, and you still demand freedom? Don’t you get the message? You will never have peace or freedom, because I am Israel.'

- Written by Professor Norman Finkelstein.

Please also read 'The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine', by Israeli history professor and activist Ilan Pappé.

The world has been lied to for 73 years. The Palestinian people are being destroyed before our eyes, and many of those who have been shouting loudly, 'Never again', look away.


The International Court’s decision regarding the ownership of all of the Holy Mosque in Jerusalem to Muslims Transported ……

A document that, if it were for the benefit of the Jews, would have been translated into all the languages of the world, and all people would have heard of it.

I bet that 99% of Muslims in general, and Arabs in particular, have not heard of it. What most Arabs and Muslims do not know is that there was an international court decision 93 years ago during the British Mandate of Palestine, when Muslims and Jews litigated over the issue of Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque: Is it true? For Muslims, or is it the alleged temple of Solomon - peace be upon him - which is a historical right for the Jews?!

So what did the European arbitrators, impartial judges, lawyers, and international historians and archaeologists, when there was not a single Arab or Muslim among them, say about Al-Aqsa Mosque and the ancient western wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque?

Is it the Wailing Wall, and is it a right for the Jews, or is it the Buraq Wall, which is a right and property for Muslims?!

What was the decision of that international committee?!

During the British mandate over Palestine... (the Buraq Revolt broke out in 1929 against the British colonialists) in protest against the facilities provided by the British to the Jews to arrive and pray at the western wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque. The revolution never subsided, until the British accepted to refer the dispute to an international court to decide on the issue:

Did The wall is the Islamic Buraq Wall, or is it the Jewish Wailing Wall?!

On September 13, 1929, the British Colonial Secretary appointed a committee known as the Shaw Commission to investigate the immediate causes of the uprising and develop measures to prevent its recurrence. Among its recommendations was to determine rights and claims to avoid the occurrence of other uprisings. The British government proposed to the Council of the League of Nations Forming a committee for this purpose, as the League Council approved on May 15, 1930 AD its formation, headed by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Government of Sweden as Chairman, and the membership of the Vice-President of the Court of Justice in Geneva, the President of the Mixed Austro-Romanian Court of Arbitration, the former Governor of the eastern coast of the island of Sumatra, and a member of the Parliament of the Netherlands. An impartial international committee at the highest judicial and arbitration level. The committee arrived in Jerusalem on June 19, 1930, where it stayed (for a full month) in Palestine, and every day it held one or two sessions. During the 23 sessions held by the committee, it heard the testimony of 52 witnesses. , including 21 Jewish rabbis, 30 Muslim scholars, and one British witness.

The two parties submitted to the committee 61 documents, including thirty-five documents submitted by Jews, and twenty-six documents submitted by Muslims.

Delegations from all over the Islamic world flocked to Jerusalem to defend the cause and declare Muslims’ adherence to ownership of the wall. Ahmed Zaki, Muhammad Ali Allouba, and Muhammad al-Ghunaimi al-Taftazani traveled from Egypt, Muzahim al-Bajhiji from Iraq, Salah al-Din Bayhum from Lebanon, Mirza Mahdi from Iran, and Sayyid Abdul Ghafour from Afghanistan. And from Indonesia, Abu Bakr Al-Ash’ari and Abdul-Qahar Mudhakir, from India Abdullah Baha’i and Sheikh Abdul-Ali, and from Poland with its mufti, Dr. Ya’qub Šenkowitz... in addition to a number of prominent Palestinian figures: Awni Abdul-Hadi, Amin Al-Tamimi, Amin Abdul-Hadi, Jamal Al-Husseini, Muhammad Izzat Darwaza, Raghib Al-Dajjani, and Sheikh Hassan Abu Al-Saud, in addition to other personalities participated from Marrakesh, Algeria, Tripoli, Morocco, Syria, and eastern Jordan.

It was proven to the International Court that (the Muslims’ argument was dominant), as their defense was able to prove that the entire area surrounding the wall is an Islamic endowment according to the documents and records of the Sharia Court, and that the texts of the Qur’an and the traditions of Islam clearly state the sanctity of the place to them.

And that the Jews’ visit to the Wall is not their right, but rather it was a specific grant under (the orders of the Ottoman Empire) and under (the orders of the Egyptian rule of the Levant), and it was only a response to repeated requests to visit the place (and without allowing them to perform prayer rituals in this place), and it is sufficient to pray without No sound, no disturbance, no seating facilities or curtains... This was a grant from Muslim governments as a form of religious tolerance (and not a historical, religious, or real estate right)!

The court's decision came more than five months after the start of the International Committee's sessions in Jerusalem, and after it listened to Arab Muslim and Jewish representatives, reviewed all the documents submitted by the two parties, and visited all the holy places in Palestine, and the committee held its final session in Paris on the 28th. November to December 1, 1930 AD, when the committee unanimously reached its decision, which it began with the following paragraph, which is what concerns us as Muslims:

“Ownership of the Western Wall belongs to Muslims alone, and they alone have the real right to it because it constitutes an integral part of the area of the Noble Sanctuary, which is part of the endowment property. Muslims also own ownership of the sidewalk located in front of the wall and in front of the area known as Al-Magharibi Quarter opposite the wall, because it is endowment according to the provisions of Islamic law.” For the directions of righteousness and goodness.”

It also stipulated: “The tools of worship and other tools that Jews bring and place near the wall may not, under any circumstances, be considered or have the effect of creating any real right for the Jews to the wall or to the sidewalk adjacent to it.”

The decision included a number of other points, the most important of which were: *“Prohibiting bringing seats, symbols, mats, chairs, curtains, barriers, and tents, and not allowing Jews to blow the trumpet near the wall.”*..

The provisions of this order were put into effect on June 8, 1931, and the British government issued a white paper on the subject that recognized Muslim ownership of the place and their disposition of it. Both the international ruling and the White Paper forced the Jews to adhere to their borders, and soon the Jewish voices apparently faded regarding the issue of the wall. On the basis of that, the King of Britain also issued a royal decree known as the “Western Wall Decree of 1931,” which was published at the time. In the Official Gazette of Palestine.

Spread it so the world knows this truth.






A Quick Desktop Research to place the Brutal Invasion of Palestine in context.

It has nothing to do with Religion or Establishing a Jewish State. It’s about Stealing a Nation’s Land and it’s Natural Resources by Using an Army and Possibly Nuclear Weapons if needs be.

Israel is thus a Police Station Monitoring the Arab World and heartlessly Robbing the Palestinians Blind.

Just as the Colonisers and Apartheid did to us - Stealing our Land; Possessions; Assets; Natural Resources and Forced Removals along with Brutal Murders through the use of their Apartheid Defense Force.

Blatant Zionist Thuggery

Whoever Controls the Mediterranean Sea/Coastline - Controls the Marine and Ocean Economy.

“The strategic importance of the Palestine is immense: through it pass the main roads from Egypt to Syria and from the Mediterranean to the hills beyond the Jordan River.

An abundance of natural resources, ranging from fresh and ground water, arable land and, more recently, oil and natural gas. The Gas Fields off Gaza.

Geologists and resources economists have confirmed that the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) lies above sizeable reservoirs of oil and natural gas wealth, in Area C of the West Bank and the Mediterranean coast off the Gaza Strip, according to a recent UNCTAD study.

New discoveries of natural gas in the Levant Basin are in the range of 122 trillion cubic foot while recoverable oil is estimated at 1.7 billion barrels, according to the study entitled “The Economic Cost of Occupation for the Palestinian People: The Unrealized Oil and Natural Gas Potential.”

This offers an opportunity to distribute and share about US$524 billion among the different parties in the region and promote peace and cooperation among old belligerents, the study notes.

However, so far the Palestinian people have been prohibited from exploiting the oil and gas reserves in their own land and water to meet their energy needs and generate fiscal and export revenues.

This increases both the opportunity costs and the total costs borne by the Palestinian people as a result of occupation, the study states.

Assessing economic cost of occupation

In a number of UN General Assembly resolutions, UNCTAD has been asked to assess and report on the economic cost of occupation borne by the Palestinian people.

The study focuses on oil and natural gas due to their high value and critical importance in potentially meeting basic Palestinian needs for energy, and fiscal and export revenues.

It identifies and assesses existing and potential Palestinian oil and natural gas reserves that could be exploited.

Also critical are the new oil and natural gas finds in the Eastern Mediterranean that Israel has begun to exploit for its own benefit, while these resources may be considered shared resources, as the oil and natural gas exist in common pools.

“What could be a source of wealth and opportunities could prove disastrous if these common resources are exploited individually and exclusively, without due regard for international law and norms,” the study warns.

Costs enormous and escalating

Israel’s exploitation of Palestinian natural resources, including oil and natural gas, imposes on the Palestinian people enormous costs that escalate as the occupation remains in effect, the study cautions.

It highlights the peculiarities of oil and natural gas as non-renewable resources, arguing that current generations are not necessarily the only owners of these resources that straddle national borders and can thus be jointly owned by multiple states and generations.

It also recommends further detailed studies to clearly establish the Palestinian people’s right to their separate natural resources, as well as their rightful share in the common resources collectively owned by several neighbouring states in the region, including Israel.”

HAARETZ Opinion | Israel Can’t Imprison Two Million Gazans Without Paying a Cruel Price | Gideon Levy

Behind all this lies Israeli arrogance; the idea that we can do whatever we like, that we’ll never pay the price and be punished for it. We’ll carry on undisturbed.

We’ll arrest, kill, harass, dispossess and protect the settlers busy with their pogroms. We'll visit Joseph’s Tomb, Othniel’s Tomb and Joshua’s Altar in the Palestinian territories, and of course the Temple Mount – over 5,000 Jews on Sukkot alone.

We’ll fire at innocent people, take out people’s eyes and smash their faces, expel, confiscate, rob, grab people from their beds, carry out ethnic cleansing and of course continue with the unbelievable siege of the Gaza Strip, and everything will be all right.

We’ll build a terrifying obstacle around Gaza – the underground wall alone cost 3 billion shekels ($765 million) – and we’ll be safe. We’ll rely on the geniuses of the army's 8200 cyber-intelligence unit and on the Shin Bet security service agents who know everything. They’ll warn us in time.

We’ll transfer half an army from the Gaza border to the Hawara border in the West Bank, only to protect far-right lawmaker Zvi Sukkot and the settlers. And everything will be all right, both in Hawara and at the Erez crossing into Gaza.

It turns out that even the world's most sophisticated and expensive obstacle can be breached with a smoky old bulldozer when the motivation is great. This arrogant barrier can be crossed by bicycle and moped despite the billions poured into it and all the famous experts and fat-cat contractors.

The Gaza Palestinians are willing to pay any price for a moment of freedom. Will Israel learn its lesson? No.

We thought we’d continue to go down to Gaza, scatter a few crumbs in the form of tens of thousands of Israeli work permits – always contingent on good behavior – and still keep them in prison. We’ll make peace with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and the Palestinians will be forgotten until they’re erased, as quite a few Israelis would like.

We’ll keep holding thousands of Palestinian prisoners, sometimes without trial, most of them political prisoners. And we won’t agree to discuss their release even after they've been in prison for decades.

We’ll tell them that only by force will their prisoners see freedom. We thought we would arrogantly keep rejecting any attempt at a diplomatic solution, only because we don’t want to deal with all that, and everything would continue that way forever.

Once again it was proved that this isn’t how it is. A few hundred armed Palestinians breached the barrier and invaded Israel in a way no Israeli imagined was possible. A few hundred people proved that it’s impossible to imprison 2 million people forever without paying a cruel price.

Just as the smoky old Palestinian bulldozer tore through the world’s smartest barrier Saturday, it tore away at Israel’s arrogance and complacency. And that’s also how it tore away at the idea that it’s enough to occasionally attack Gaza with suicide drones – and sell them to half the world – to maintain security.

On Saturday, Israel saw pictures it has never seen before. Palestinian vehicles patrolling its cities, bike riders entering through the Gaza gates. These pictures tear away at that arrogance. The Gaza Palestinians have decided they’re willing to pay any price for a moment of freedom. Is there any hope in that? No. Will Israel learn its lesson? No.

On Saturday they were already talking about wiping out entire neighborhoods in Gaza, about occupying the Strip and punishing Gaza “as it has never been punished before.” But Israel hasn’t stopped punishing Gaza since 1948, not for a moment.

After 75 years of abuse, the worse possible scenario awaits it once again. The threats of “flattening Gaza” prove only one thing: We haven’t learned a thing. The arrogance is here to stay, even though Israel is paying a high price once again.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bears very great responsibility for what happened, and he must pay the price, but it didn’t start with him and it won’t end after he goes. We now have to cry bitterly for the Israeli victims, but we should also cry for Gaza.

Gaza, most of whose residents are refugees created by Israel. Gaza, which has never known a single day of freedom.



To download the App use this link https://telegram.org/dl, thereafter follow prompts and once successfully on Telegram use this link to join the channel, https://t.me/muftiak


On display now at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., is a special exhibit centered on a rare Bible from the 1800s that was used by British missionaries to convert and educate slaves.

What's notable about this Bible is not just its rarity, but its content, or rather the lack of content. It excludes any portion of text that might inspire rebellion or liberation.

Anthony Schmidt, associate curator of Bible and Religion in America at the museum, says the first instance of this abridged version titled, Parts of the Holy Bible, selected for the use of the Negro Slaves, in the British West-India Islands, was published in 1807

I, the undersigned:


do hereby declare under oath as follows:

1. I am an adult male and I reside at 52 Ocean Terrace, Isipingo Beach, Durban.

2. I am a qualified Islamic theologian and I am an executive member of the Jamiatul Ulama KZN which is a Council of Islamic Theologians in the province of Kwazulu-Natal.

3. The facts herein contained are within my own personal Knowledge and both true and correct.

4. In the year 2004 at one of our Jamiatul Ulama KZN weekly meetings it was mentioned by the then administrator, Moulana Ahmed Kahthrada that slaughterers from the Rainbow chicken plant at Hammarsdale had complained that they could not recite the Tasmiyah on all the chickens due to the excessive line speed and time duration.

5. It was resolved at that meeting that there was a need for us to make a spot check at Rainbow chicken plant without the knowledge of SANHA. Mufti Zubair Bhayat who was the then secretary-general of Jamiatul Ulama KZN arranged with Yusuf Desai of Stanger to organize access for us to the Rainbow plant as he (Yusuf Desai) was a big buyer of Rainbow chickens. Accordingly, he arranged for us to undertake an inspection. At that time our Council, the Jamiatul Ulama KZN was an executive Member of SANHA (South African National Halaal Authority).

6. On the appointed date of the inspection, our delegation included Mufti Bashir Amod of Stanger, Mufti Ebrahim Desai of Darul Ifta Camperdown and myself. The specific purpose of the inspection was to establish whether the Tasmiyah was being recited on every chicken or not. Our inspection established that:

(a) The line speed was excessive. The speed of the line on which the chickens were shackled upside down was 135 birds per minute.

(b) Three slaughterers were slaughtering. This means that each slaughterer had to slaughter 45 birds per minute.

(c) The slaughterers did not/could not recite Tasmiyah on every bird.

7. Thereafter two ex-slaughterers came to our office, who had resigned due to their conscience troubling them, to lodge the same grievance of their inability to recite the Tasmiyah on every chicken. We wrote down all the details and their testimonies.

8. Moulana Haroon Abbasomar, our then Ameer (President) of Jamiatul Ulama KZN then contacted the Jamiatul Ulama Fordsburg to arrange a meeting with them to sort out the Rainbow chicken issue as the Ummah (Muslim community) was consuming Haraam (non-halaal).

9. Mufti Zubair Bhayat and I then met with the Jamiatul Ulama Fordsburg, including Moulana Navlakhi of SANHA. At this meeting I stated that Rainbow chickens are Haraam (not halaal) on the basis of the testimonies of past and present slaughterers. Moulana Navlakhi was displeased because we did not consult with SANHA, but went as ‘businessmen’ to make the inspection. However, it was resolved at this meeting that there be a follow-up meeting with SANHA.

10. A meeting was then held at O.R.Tambo Airport in the Jamaat Khana (Prayer Room). Jamiatul Ulama KZN was represented by Mufti Ebrahim Desai and myself. The Jamiatul Ulama Fordsburg members were Moulana Ebrahim Bham, Mufti Minty and Moulana M.S.Navlakhi.

11. At this meeting I was immediately asked by SANHA’s Moulana:
“Moulana, do you still declare Rainbow Haraam?”

Before I could answer, Mufti Ebrahim Desai said to Mufti Minty that when a Muslim bears testimony regarding an issue of this nature, a doubt is immediately introduced. Mufti Ebrahim Desai also mentioned that he had personally questioned the slaughterers who had testified in the presence of our other members that they were unable to recite Tasmiyah on every bird.

It was decided at this meeting that a joint visit of Jamiatul Ulama KZN and SANHA be conducted of the Rainbow chicken plant. Sadly, on two occasions the date and time were confirmed with SANHA, but they cancelled the visit.   


Maulana Bham lulls the community to sleep by playing victim.

We would like to enquire:

When he lied and said he didn't call for musjid closure. We have articles quoting his call for such, the JUSA statement and the fact that JUSA lawyer called for such.
Was it a malignment or reality?

*When he let a lady speak about how all religions lead to same place and he sat next to her smiling in an interfaith discussion.
Was it malignment to say he has done so?

When you attend gatherings wherein free mixing takes place is that you or a clone?
Was it a deepfake?

When JUSA fabricated the notion that surah Kaafiroon enjoins interfaith relations.
Was that a malignment when it was exposed?

When people state the fact that JUSA are engaging in interfaith prayer and you, oh Maulana Bham ,deflect the issue and start talking about guarding with various religions?
Was it also a malignment?

Your participation in the Nelson Mandela joint prayer.
Was this also a malignment, or did it take place?

*When you attended the world cup.
Was that a malignment or did you really attend?

When you are shown to promote Chelsea, the pro Gay club and watching soccer time and time again.
Was that some robot or Jinn that had taken your form?

When JUSA promotes modernism, brings women on TV and hosts intimacy programs with them!
Was that all a dream or did it take place?

Maulana Bham harps about living as a community with Non Muslims in a harmonious manner and then refers to interfaith! Muslims have been living in harmony with them for centuries in South Africa so why is this called interfaith? In fact living with different groups of people from different religions has been the norm since time immemorial. Why speak about it so much all of a sudden and engage in these panel discussions? Did the lady who spoke about all faiths leading to one destination mean guarding, helping and coexisting! What did She refer to when she was speaking about tolerance despite being gay and lesbian and what does it have to do with the type of Interfaith JUSA say they attend!

So we ask:
What exactly is being maligned/foisted/smear campaigned?

Saudi Arabia does not care about Palestine or Jerusalem; it cares about Israel

Israel poisoned Palestinian land in order to build West Bank settlements in the 1970s, documents released from the state archives have revealed. Details of the poisoning reported in Haaretz expose the cruel lengths to which Israel has gone to dispossess Palestinians from their land. The release of files from the Israel State Archives has granted public access to over a million documents, revealing some of the most horrific practices of the Zionist state.

Each step in the establishment of a West Bank settlement is catalogued in the newly released documents. The first step, according to the Haaretz report, was to dispossess residents of the nearby Palestinian village of their land under the false pretext of making it a military training zone. When the Palestinians insisted on cultivating the land, Israeli soldiers sabotaged their tools. Soldiers were later ordered to use their vehicles to destroy the crops. A radical solution was employed when this failed: a crop duster was used to spread a toxic chemical on the land. The substance was lethal for animals and dangerous for humans.

Details released by the state archives uncovers Israel’s takeover and colonisation of the Palestinian village of Aqraba, for example, about three miles from Huwara in the northern West Bank. Huwara has come under attack recently by Israeli settlers. As was the case in Huwara, the Israeli state and illegal settlers worked hand in hand. The poisoning of the crops around Aqraba in 1972 was not a vigilante act; it involved various state agencies.

The poisoning of Palestinian land took place under Prime Minister Golda Meir, who is often depicted as a left-wing leader unlike far-right figures like Benjamin Netanyahu, Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich. The archive materials show that when it comes to taking over Palestinian land and the dispossession of the indigenous community, there is very little separating Israeli politicians, no matter which end of the political spectrum they stand on. Meir was also Prime Minister when, under the cover of a “national park”, Israel annexed Muslim and Christian sites.

The full details of the poisoning have been uncovered 51 years later thanks to a new project by the Taub Centre for Israel Studies at New York University. The project is said to map and catalogue all available historical data dealing with Israeli settlements. For the first time, thousands of sealed files from the Israel State Archives and other libraries have been opened for public inspection; they shed light on one of the most significant movements in Israeli history.

All of Israel’s settlements, and the settlers who live in them, are illegal under international law. Last week, newly-released transcripts in the Israel State Archive exposed efforts by Zionist militias to recruit the help of Nazi Germany in the fight against the British Mandate authorities in Palestine.



MJC issued with Notice of Motion. Sheikh Irfaan Abrahams taking the MJC to court to restrain the MJC from holding elections to select new leadership

That's why they are called scholars for 💸


Video : "Australian film Stone Cold Justice on Israel’s torture of Palestinian children A film which has been produced by a group of Australian journalists has sparked an international outcry against Israel after it explicitly detailed Tel Aviv's use of torture against Palestinian children.

The film, titled ‘Stone Cold Justice’ documents how Palestinian children, who have been arrested and detained by Israeli forces, are subjected to physical abuse, torture and forced into false confessions and pushed into gathering intelligence on Palestinian activists. Australia's foreign minister Julie Bishop has spoken out against Israeli's use of torture stating that “I am deeply concerned by allegations of the mistreatment of Palestinian children,” Israel's Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor has described the human rights abuses documented in the film as “intolerable”. But rights groups have slammed this statement, saying that the Israelis are doing nothing to change Tel Aviv's policy to torture Palestinian children. Last year a report by the United Nations International Emergency Children's Fund or UNICEF concluded that Palestinian children are often targeted in night arrests and raids of their homes, threatened with death and subjected to physical violence, solitary confinement and sexual assault. The film Stone Cold Justice has sparked an international outcry about Israel's treatment of children in Israeli jails. However, rights groups have criticized Tel Aviv for not doing anything to create a policy that protects Palestinian children against arbitrary arrest and torture."



07 Oct 2016 - Mufti AK - Refuting the Shia narrative - Jummah Lecture - Makopane Masjid - Akasia

Questions we
should ask the

Final account of USA military equipment and cash left behind in Afghanistan per GAO Report

  Date: June 30, 2023 at 8:44:08 PM PDT
Thanks to the Government Accountability Office, we now have a clear picture of just how much U.S. military equipment has fallen into the hands of the Taliban, thanks to the current administration’s bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Let's have a look...

Aircraft: The Taliban now ranks #26 in the world in total military aircraft, thanks to us leaving behind 208 planes and helicopters:

110 helicopters
60 transport/cargo planes
20 light attack planes
18 intelligence/surveillance planes

Vehicles: You've probably seen the footage of the Taliban riding around in our Humvees.
We left a total of 75,898 vehicles:
42,604 tactical vehicles
22,174 Humvees
8,998 medium tactical vehicles
1,005 recovery vehicles
928 mine-resistant vehicles
189 armored tanks
Weapons: Get ready for this...

599,690 of our weapons are now in the hands of the Taliban:
358,530 rifles
126,295 pistols
64,363 machine guns
25,327 grenade launchers
12,692 shotguns
9,877 RPGs
2,606 howitzers

And you can throw in a couple thousand night-vision goggles, surveillance drones, and communication devices on that list as well.

Price tag: In total, it adds up to nearly $84 billion dollars in tax-payer-funded U.S. military equipment.

Source: GAO analysis of Department of Defense data. 
PS Don’t Forget “THE CASH”, A ROOM FULL of “CASH”.
Add on Bagram Airfield to the list


Did you ever think that Muslims will be encouraging Muslims to go to the movies ?

It's now happened !!

There's a new movie

Abramjee on hajj

Ml Ebrahim bham is in the movie

It was screened at the movies at Killarney Mall from 03 September 2023.

1. Majority of attendees are women.

2. They are promoting it as a virtue

3. Music is played together with the labbaik

4. Females are interviewed on the big screen.

All this in the name of Islam. May Allah Ta'aala protect us.








The qarn-nush-shaytaan (Saudi-regime) stoops to even further lows...

Iggy Azalea triggers backlash for 'blasphemy' song in Riyadh

By Ayah El-Khaldi
Published date: 30 August 2023

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has come under fire for controversial lyrics about prophets and asking people to “bow down to a goddess” during her performance in Saudi Arabia last week.

Many have condemned the lyrics as blasphemous, and have called out the kingdom for its double standards in allowing a performance to take place which has been decried as anti-Islamic.

Azalea's set last Friday at the Gamers8 esports tournament in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, included the song Goddess, which she began by exclaiming to the audience, "Ladies, make some noise, it's a woman's world!"

Her lyrics were widely condemned for contradicting Islamic values, both inside and outside Saudi Arabia, with the lines "preaching about prophets, it ain't no one man can stop us, bow down to a goddess” generating the biggest backlash.

The performance comes as Saudi Arabia increasingly opens up to entertainment, as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Vision 2030, an effort to diversify the kingdom away from oil and welcome more tourists.

However, the performance shocked people due to the language used, particularly as Saudi Arabia has previously imprisoned people for promoting “apostasy, unbelief, and atheism”.

Many social media users voiced their opinions about the concert online.

“Saudi Arabia just sentenced the user of an anonymous Twitter account with 10 followers to death for criticising Mohammed bin Salman. Meanwhile, Iggy Azalea performed a concert in Riyadh where she mocked Allah and his Prophets in front of thousands,” one social media user wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“And no, no one is saying Iggy Azalea should be put to death, the point is it shows a ruler's priorities when he considers someone mocking him a crime more severe than blasphemy,” the post continued.

One social media user even branded Azalea as a "prostitute" and an "OnlyFans pornstar", with critics arguing the lyrics were deemed a stark violation of Saudi Arabia's Islamic and cultural norms.

Saudi Arabia has long been seen as a conservative kingdom as well as custodian of the holiest sites in Islam.

For several decades a committee, Commanding Right and Prohibiting Wrong, had a mandate to restrict frivolity and monitor morality, not only in the public sphere but in private lives. It is partly because of this legacy that the performance is the subject of much debate.

'Wardrobe malfunction’

Iggy Azalea's concert was also criticised for the rapper’s controversial choice of dress. After the start of her song, her trousers tore around her thigh in an apparent wardrobe malfunction, to which the audience were heard reacting with loud jeers.

A member of the production staff promptly came to the stage to provide Azalea with a blanket to cover her legs. However, she was seen exiting the stage shortly after being ordered to change.

On X, Azalea revealed that despite the fact she changed her outfit, Saudi authorities halted the concert due to her lyrics, which, she said, sent them “over the edge”.

Social media users were quick to criticise not just the organisers of the concert, but those attending too.

One user stated “this is kufr [disbelief], blatant shirk [idolatry] being said on stage, and the Muslims were repeating it in the audience”.

Users also noted that Azalea and her team should have known the extent and danger of the repercussions of performing in Saudi Arabia.

'Where are all the sheikhs?'

The incident has sparked online debate about the extent to which Azalea's performance was appropriate and cultural sensitivity within the Saudi entertainment industry.

Questioning how such a show that was contradictory to Islamic values was allowed to take place in the kingdom, one user mockingly asked, “Where are all the Saudi sheikhs who can address this? They are all in prison.”

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has taken steps towards cultural liberalisation, including allowing western singers and rappers to perform in Riyadh and Jeddah, including the Black Eyed Peas, Sean Paul, Enrique Iglesias and David Guetta, among others.

Efforts to modernise the kingdom have garnered criticism from human rights organisations, who have called out the crown prince over double standards, stating that Saudi citizens do not enjoy the same freedoms as tourists and that the kingdom is using entertainment to whitewash crimes.

Meanwhile, authorities continue to exert stringent measures against religious leaders, human rights activists and political dissidents who voice criticism of the kingdom through their social media channels.

7th Sept 1974 - An Historic day , for Muslims & Qadianis/Ahmadis

Mirza Qadiani was born in 1839 and died on the 26th of May 1908. He had boasted that, "It has been decreed , that those who are not followers of this movement will continue to decrease day by day. Those sects of muslims who are not with this movement , will also decrease day by day either by joining this movement or become extinct like the jews." ( Roohani Khazaain vol 21 P 95).

When the British left India in 1947 , they left the Qadianis politically very influential. Zafarullah Khan, a powerful and influential Qadiani was appointed as the foreign ministerof Pakistan. He abused his political authority to the full by turning all Pakistani embassies into propagation centres for Qadianism internationally. There were many politically powerful figures and Army officers who were also Qadianis. They had a vision to see Pakistan become a Qadiani state, but the Ulema turned their dream into a nightmare.

In May 1974, some muslim students were passing through Rabwah, a town setup in Pakistan by Qadianis, when their train was attacked by Qadiani youth at Rabwah Station.Muslim students suffered severe injuries. Nationwide protests, strikes , demonstrations followed this attack and the whole country became aware of the Qadiani issue.

The then Prime Minister of Pakistan , Zulifqar Ali Bhutto , decided to have a debate in the national assembley on the issue of Qadianism. Mirza Nasir ,who was leader of this cult and was also a grandson of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, was invited personally to come and argue the case for Qadianis in front of the National assembly.

There were extensive discussions covering all aspects of Qadianism including Mirza Qadiani's claims, his character , his insults , his teachings etc. The debate lasted 21 parliamentary days spanning over three months. Qadianis including the Lahori group took 13 out of those 21 days. Mirza Nasir , acting as the leader and the head of the Qadiani movement had argued and presented their case while from the muslims , Mufti Mahmood and Molana Ghulam Ghaus Hazarvi rahimahumullah were the main persons arguing the Islamic and anti Qadiani viewpoint.

After extensive debates lasting 21 parliamentary days , the whole Pakistan national assembly, who were mainly lawyers, professionals, businessmen and secularly educated, but even they had no doubt that Ahmadis/Qadianis could not possibly be considered muslims so voted unanimously declaring them to be kaafir and a non-muslim minority.

The proceedings of the Assembley were kept as Top Secret by the Pakistani Government. The Qadianis used to boast that "If these proceedings are made public , half of Pakistan will become Qadiani overnight. " The government and the officials of the time knew and thought otherwise, as not even a single person from amongst those actually present throughout the whole proceedings had any doubt about their lies and deceptions.

One man recently challenged the Pakistani Government in High Court last year to make the proceedings public . He won the case and as a result the government had to publish the proceedings . And they did in 21 volumes. Instead of half of Pakistan becoming Qadiani , on the contrary many Qadianis became muslims on reading the desperation , deceptions and the lies presented by Mirza Nasir.

The Qadiani hierarchy then fled Pakistan to come and settle in London, building their international headquarter in Morden in South London. 7th Sept is the anniversary of this famous historical ruling which declared all followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani to be "Kaafir". Followers of previous prophets were called all sorts of names but never were the followers of any real prophet of ALLAH declared as KAAFIRS.


It is now obvious that JUSA are agents who are pushing the Liberal agenda.

Every day that passes proves and will continue to prove to anyone who is sincere that JUSA have an agenda to fulfil and will not relent In their efforts in indoctrinating one and all in this regard.

Their latest stunt is to invite Maulana Arshad madani,only to play on the name of his respected father, Maulana Husain Ahmed Madani saaheb Rahmatullahi Alay ,to try desensitize the masses to accept their interfaith prayers and participation.

JUSA have no academic leg to stand on and neither do they wish to come out in the open with their interfaith prayer stance as they would then lose even more credibility amongst the sincere Ulama and masses,they therefore resort to inviting those who push the same agenda and trying to snatch credit with the name dropping game once again.

Arshad Madani and his acts cannot be justified by who his father is any more then JUSA'S actions be justified by the silent seniors who Lurk in the background and silently approve of the reverends Bham, Raghie and their cronies and their agenda.

Arshad Madani falls perfectly in line with the Abrahamic agenda that JUSA subscribe to in practice,by his open participation in Hindu events, attending temples and even wearing the "holy" garments of the Hindus.

It is no "coincidence that JUSA have invited him as the key speaker at their event,rather it is a well calculated plan of action.

The question that needs to be asked is:
Does JUSA ifta department agree with Arshad Madanis actions and attending the temples and hindu programs?

Does Maulana Ebrahim Pandor and the other seniors also agree with this as mashwara must have been taken before inviting him over?

We are still waiting for a fatwa on interfaith prayer and participation from JUSA.

(Video Breaking It Down To Follow Insha Allah Ta'Aaala)


Object to the Divorce Amendment Bill within seconds

1) Click the link: http://tinyurl.com/DivorceAmendmentBill

2) Add your full name, surname and address

3) Click send


This is an answer given by Hadhrat Molana to a question posed by a certain brother:
Respected Brother,
Your e-mail dated 12 March 2011 refers. While we do not answer letters questioning our attitude and methodology, we shall go this extra mile to assist you to understand reality.

People who have no real intention of following the Deen, present the excuse of ‘harsh attitude’ and ‘akhlaaq’ to justify their misdeeds. With this red herring they deflect the minds of people from the problem and the corruption.

For example, when a Molvi sits in a church under twelve crosses alongside priests and engages in prayers, these critics do not see the harshness, the lack of akhlaaq and the kufr of this practice. But when someone criticizes the kufr, he is reviled on the basis of his ‘harshness’.

When molvies commit capital kufr by abrogating the ahkaam of the Shariah with their kufr MMB, people accept such harsh perpetration of kufr. But when we criticize this perpetration, we are reviled for being ‘too harsh’. Furthermore, what you are blissfully unaware of is that our ‘harsh attitude’ is instituted after all other methods of consulting and convincing the miscreants have failed.

When they are not prepared to listen and meaningfully discuss in privacy, then our ‘harsh’ attitude becomes Waajib, nay Fardh.

Since all of these critics enjoy the haraam activities which the molvies have halaalized nowadays, they try to justify and defend the evil practices and the errant molvies. But in the process of doing so they are unable to refute our arguments. They only harp on our attitude and methodology. In this way they detract attention from the problem.

Our attitude is commensurate with the crime. If our tone appears to be ‘too harsh’, then their crime is too vile. The attitude is the effect of the villainy of the sin.

Most people fail to understand the permissibility, efficacy, and necessity of the ‘harsh’ attitude because they lack knowledge of the variety of attitudes among the Ambiya and the Sahaabah. While they harp on one dimension of Rasulullah’s attitude, they are ignorant or deliberately blind to the other ‘harsh’ dimension which dictated even gourging out the eyes of criminals. They forget that in Daarul Islam the consequence of the type of kufr they are perpetrating nowadays is execution with the sword. We do not know if execution with the sword is ‘too harsh’ or within the confines of ‘good akhlaaq’. We do not know if whipping in the public is perhaps ‘too harsh’ or not within the limits of ‘good akhlaaq’.

Once Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) remarked to a person who looked into the house, that he felt like throwing a scissors into his eyes. Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that hot iron rods will be inserted into the eyes of a man who looks at the beauty of a strange woman. Are these comments perhaps ‘too harsh’, and do they not form part of ‘good akhlaaq’.

Nabi Musa (alayhis salaam) without making the slightest investigation to establish the factual position grabbed hold of the hair and beard of Nabi Haaroon (alayhis salaam), his elder brother, and violently shook him. Allah Ta’ala did not upbraid him for this act. Allah Ta’ala upheld it. Was his violent act against his elder, Nabi brother perhaps ‘too harsh’. Was his action beyond the confines of ‘good akhlaaq’?

When the Qur’aan and Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) describe the believers and doers of immorality and kufr to be kaafiroon, fasiqoon, faajiroon, jaahiloon, munaafiqoon, etc., are these epithets ‘too harsh’ and beyond the confines of ‘good akhlaaq’?

Is the halaalizing and consumption of rotten, diseased haraam carrion a tolerable deed? Is it not ‘too harsh’ to make halaal what Allah has made haraam’. Does ‘good akhlaaq’ allow that we feed carrion and poison to your children? If your beloved child is about to ingest a lethal poison and we who are observing this suicidal act leave the child to consume the poison because he/she refuses to accept our soft and ‘akhlaaqi’ approach to abstain from the poison, will you praise and commend us for our ‘good akhlaaq’ and not adopting ‘too harsh a tone’, when you see the dead body of your child – dead because of the poison and dead because we contented ourselves with ‘good akhlaaq’? Or will you praise us and shower on us other rewards if we had harshly grabbed your child’s hand and rudely snatched the poison from his hand and left him kicking up a tantram like Sanha and Radio Shaitaan?

Once when a molvi said that he felt like becoming a Christian, Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rahmatullah alayh) gave him a full and a hard clout full in the face and shouted at him:
‘Shaitaan! Get away and become a Christian!’ Those who have read the writings of Hadhrat Thanvi can testify to his ‘too harsh’ attitude. So ‘harsh’ was his attitude and methodology that even The Majlis would not have become his mureed if it (The Majlis) had existed during Hadhrat’s lifetime. Was the action and attitude of Hadhrat Hakeemul Ummat then ‘too harsh’ and beyond the confines of ‘good akhlaaq’ merely because we may not be able to tolerate it?

Hadhrat Gangohi (rahmatullah alayh) said in his fatwa that those who believe against and propagate against polygamy like the MMB crowd, will ‘hang upside down in Jahannum’; they are ‘kaafirs, murtads, enemies of Allah, enemies of the Rasool,etc., etc.’ Was his attitude ‘too harsh’ and beyond the limits of ‘good akhlaaq’?

Brother, we can write a volume of examples from the lives of the Ambiya, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), the Sahaabah and the Auliya to show the beloved ‘harsh attitude’ which by Allah Azza Wa Jal is an act of ibaadat of the highest merit. You will not hesitate to permit the doctor to treat you harshly by stabbing into your body and cutting you up and opening up your heart to save you from the disease which threatens to destroy you. Because you understand physical and worldly benefits, you will praise and reward the doctor who had treated your harshly. But since deep down in your heart Deeni benefit is an insignificant issue, the ‘harsh attitude’ argument is a convenient scape-goat for justifying the maladies of kufr, fisq and fujoor. But when we adopt ‘harsh attitudes’ to operate on Muslims who are suffering from spiritual cancer and spiritual Aids, then there is a clamour of baseless criticism.

People should look at their crimes and their harsh attitudes of pride and arrogance, not at our ‘harsh’ remedial attitude. The problem, disease and cancer are their sins while our ‘harsh’ attitude is the medicine and the cure for the malignant cancer which is devouring their hearts, souls and bodies.

A.S. Desai
Mujlisul Ulama of S.A.




Objections to the Bill that aims to change our Islamic laws of Nikah are closing tomorrow (31 August 2023)!

Voice your objections using any of the following platforms!

Voice your objection through one of the following channels:

a) Click https://tinyurl.com/3yjxc3ya or https://tinyurl.com/yc6dy2x6 to directly send your objection from your mobile browser
 (Please ensure that you fill in your Name and ID number)


  b) Download the template by clicking https://tinyurl.com/bd9vrv8f and send it via email to Moses.Malakate@dha.gov.za OR Agnes.Molefoe@dha.gov.za

Kindly object today!

The deadline is 31 August 2023.


Modi’s ‘Tiger Warrior’ Diplomacy Is Harming India’s Interests Hindu nationalist attitudes are alienating other nations. - By Kunal Purohit

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi raises one hand to gesture as he speaks to the audience at a plenary session at the BRICS summit. He sits in a leather chair beside a microphone in a darkened room.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi raises one hand to gesture as he speaks to the audience at a plenary session at the BRICS summit. He sits in a leather chair beside a microphone in a darkened room.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gestures during a plenary session at the BRICS summit at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg on Aug. 23. GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/POOL/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

My FP: Follow topics and authors to get straight to what you like. Exclusively for FP subscribers. Subscribe Now | Log In

AUGUST 28, 2023, 11:50 AM
Even as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was set to land in Paris on July 13 for his state visit last month, the European Parliament’s plenary session in the French city of Strasbourg was about to deliver an embarrassing blow to his credibility.

The parliament was debating a sharply worded resolution around the ongoing ethnic conflict in the northeastern state of Manipur, which started in May. Manipur is ruled by Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)—but Modi had neither visited the region, nor had he publicly made any appeal for peace when the resolution came up.

The resolution noted that “intolerance towards minority communities” had contributed to the violence that had claimed some 120 lives and left more than 50,000 displaced. It stopped short of naming the Modi government, but barely disguised who it sought to blame for the violence, saying there “have been concerns about politically motivated, divisive policies that promote Hindu majoritarianism in the area.” The resolution was approved by the parliament.

Even as Modi kicked off his diplomatic engagements in Paris, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs had to scurry to offer a response. Predictably, ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi called the resolution an “interference in India’s internal affairs” and described it as “unacceptable” since it “reflects a colonial mindset.”

Trending Articles
Raimondo Pushes De-Risking in Talks With Beijing
The U.S. commerce secretary aims to bolster business ties without upsetting China export policies.
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This isn’t a one-off.

India’s diplomacy is increasingly courting controversy, thanks to the Modi government’s Hindu nationalist agenda. The government’s right-wing ideological beliefs are increasingly driving the country’s actions inside and outside India. While some diplomats resist the push, others—including the country’s own foreign minister—adopt it. We might dub them the “tiger warriors” after the infamous “wolf warrior diplomacy” of India’s neighbor, China. Increasingly, there is pushback—from parliamentary resolutions to full-blown protests, from subtle digs by friends to whispers in the corridors of foreign governments.

The BJP’s ideological parent, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, openly propagates Hindu supremacy over other religions and has reiterated its belief that India is a Hindu rashtra, or a Hindu nation, in defiance of the country’s secular constitution. This notion of Hindu supremacy is causing a widening tear in India’s secular fabric—hate crimes against religious minorities such as Christians and Muslims are increasingly commonplace, and hate speech against them is even more rampant.

Just weeks ago, Indian diplomats had to douse diplomatic fires across the subcontinent after Modi inaugurated a new parliament building that featured a mural map of India, commissioned by the Modi government, that showed the country’s borders stretching from Pakistan in the west to Bangladesh in the east, gobbling up Nepal and Bhutan. In case anyone had doubts, lawmakers from Modi’s BJP lauded the mural for its representation of Akhand Bharat, a Hindu right-wing conceptualization and ideological goal of an undivided India.

India’s neighbors were horrified at this casual trampling of their sovereignty. Pakistan protested. The Ministry of External Affairs said the mural was not depicting Akhand Bharat but “the spread of the Ashokan empire.” The first to contradict this was, among others, Modi’s own Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi, who tweeted a photo of the map and said, “The resolve is clear—Akhand Bharat.”

Foreign minister S. Jaishankar, now a frequent presence on Indian Instagram and YouTube videos for his brusque responses to criticism, swat Islamabad off in trademark fashion, saying he does “not expect Pakistan to understand.”

The explanation was enough to set hyper-jingoistic social media feeds ablaze. But Kathmandu and Dhaka, traditional friends of New Delhi, were equally mortified. Both asked for explanations. Former Nepali Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai warned that the mural issue would “stoke [an] unnecessary and harmful diplomatic row,” with the potential for “further aggravating the trust deficit” between the two neighbors. In Kathmandu, Mayor Balen Shah, a young populist politician, cocked a snook at the mighty neighbor and published a map of “Greater Nepal” that included Indian territories. Under domestic pressure, Nepali Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, on the eve of his India visit, said he would raise the issue with Modi. On his return, Prachanda said that even though the Modi government had “clarified” that it was a cultural map, “further study” needed to be done in the issue.

Vanuatu Prime Minister Ishmael Kalsakau speaks into a microphone while standing at a podium in front of the flags of Vanuatu and the European Union.
Vanuatu’s PM Struggles for Political Survival Amid U.S.-China Tumult
South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol (L), U.S. President Joe Biden, and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (R) arrive for a joint news conference following three-way talks at Camp David in Maryland.
Biden’s Trilateral Summit Was Aimed More at Pyongyang Than Beijing
People wave Indian national flags as they celebrate the successful lunar landing of the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft in New Delhi on Aug. 23. India’s Moon Landing Is a Big Geopolitical Step
This mural controversy came just weeks after the United States made public that Modi’s BJP and Hindu nationalist groups affiliated with it were propping up demands by Nepali Hindu groups to ditch Nepal’s secular constitution and turn it into a Hindu state. The disclosure, made in the U.S. State Religious Freedom report launched by Secretary of State Antony Blinken in May, also recorded Nepali civil society actors saying that Modi’s BJP could even be funding some of the organizations driving this demand.

India’s domestic media, mostly submissive toward the Modi government, ignored the report, but foreign capitals have taken note. There is growing recognition that these instances are damaging India’s standing globally even if few might be willing to say it aloud.

“The rise of Hindu nationalism within India will have an impact on India’s global image, no doubt,” said Aparna Pande, the Washington, D.C.-based director of the India Initiative at the Hudson Institute. She added that some of India’s actions in the recent past have been “damaging” to its interests, especially in its immediate neighborhood.

“The ideology or the belief of the ruling party in Delhi has historically not been allowed to impact foreign policy. It did not matter if we had a socialist government or one that backed free-market policies, because foreign policy was insulated,” she said.

This, though, is changing.

In 2019, the Modi government amended the country’s citizenship laws to fast-track citizenship applications of non-Muslim refugees from the neighboring Muslim-majority countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Leaders from the BJP made statements, without any pushback from the party or Modi, that threatened to “send back” the “illegal Bangladeshi Muslims,” referring disparagingly to the economic immigration, often undocumented, by Bangladeshis into India. In a rare show of its anger with New Delhi, Dhaka canceled scheduled visits by its ministers to India.

Local conflicts can play into the Indian government’s fierce nationalism. Last year, violent clashes between newly arrived Hindu immigrants and Muslim residents rocked the English city of Leicester. Police investigations found, according to the Daily Mail, that Hindu nationalist “elements close to Mr Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party” were suspected to have played a key role in inciting them. The Modi government issued an unusually partisan response, condemning the violence and singling out “symbols of Hindu religion” as the target of the attack.

Five months later, in February this year, the Modi government unleashed a series of tax raids on offices of the BBC across multiple cities. The sudden raids came just weeks after the BBC released a documentary that investigated the role of Modi during the 2002 riots in his home state of Gujarat, which killed 1,000 people, most of them Muslims.

Ian Hall, a professor of international relations at Griffith University and the author of the book Modi and the Reinvention of Indian Foreign Policy, said the Modi government had been trying to tread a fine line by “sometimes using anti-Muslim language at home to mobilize voters while trying to maintain positive relations with Muslim states,” he said. “There is no doubt that outbursts of anti-Muslim rhetoric and attacks on Muslims in India cause problems for New Delhi, both in the Muslim world and in the West.”

These problems come in different forms.

In London, a foreign-policy expert who asked not to be named said there were many within the U.K. Foreign Office who were “petrified” and “worried” about doing business with Modi’s government, but also acknowledged the “overriding strategic concerns” that brought them closer.

India’s geopolitical significance as a counterweight to China in the region might ensure that criticism for its actions may not be too vocal, but that still won’t give India a free pass, said Kira Huju, a fellow in international relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

“Western capitals are compelled by geostrategic imperatives in the Indo-Pacific to seek India’s cooperation, but they may well have gone further in these pursuits, had they not harbored deep reservations about domestic developments in India,” Huju said.

Some of this pushback was on display during Modi’s recent U.S. visit.

Media reports said that despite Modi’s insistence on not holding a press conference, the Biden administration pushed on after a marathon negotiation, ensuring that their guest did not leave without fielding questions from the press. Pande, from the Hudson Initiative, said the U.S. insistence on the press conference was a not-so-subtle message from the Biden administration.

When a U.S. journalist posed a question to Modi, infamous for not having addressed a single press conference in his nine years as PM, pro-Modi trolls, including Modi’s own leaders, viciously attacked her online and highlighted her Muslim roots. The attacks were so vicious that the White House stepped in, called it “unacceptable” and saying that administration officials “absolutely condemn” the attacks, which the spokesperson said were “antithetical to the principles of democracy … on display during the state visit last week.”

Huju said that even former U.S. President Barack Obama’s CNN interview during Modi’s trip, in which he implicitly criticized Modi’s Hindu nationalist politics, was possibly “coordinated” by the Democratic administration in the White House to send a message across to the Modi government.

Closer to home, India’s brand of politics is rankling friendly regimes, too.

Shahab Enam Khan, a Dhaka-based academic and a Fulbright professor at the U.S. University of Delaware, said that many within the Sheikh Hasina regime, traditionally close to New Delhi, were “uncomfortable” with the Modi government’s actions.

This anger against Modi and his government spilled over onto the streets in 2021, when the Indian prime minister visited Bangladesh. Angry protesters clashed with security forces, leading to the death of at least 10 people, and dozens injured.

“In Bangladesh, Hindutva is also perceived to be one form of extremism. Hence, many here are questioning India’s right to criticize other forms of extremism,” Khan said. “In fact, many here are now comparing the centrality of religion in India’s politics to the centrality of religion in Pakistan’s politics,” he said.

In Kathmandu, an anti-India brand of politics has been brewing afresh in the recent years, and the recent mural controversy only added to it. When Prachanda—the Nepali PM, an avowed lifelong atheist and leader of the country’s Maoist movement—visited India in June this year and performed a six-hour long ceremony at the Mahakaleshwar Temple in the city of Ujjain, many in Kathmandu were left aghast.

“Many here felt that this temple visit could not have been Prachanda’s choice; it was possibly hoisted on him by the Indian government,” said a Kathmandu-based geopolitical analyst and chief of a think tank, who did not wish to be named.

Analysts warn that allowing the Hindutva agenda to fray New Delhi’s traditional neighborhood ties could be dangerous for India.

“India’s neighbors are its first layer of security. India and its neighbors are in a dependence relationship—you can push it a bit, but you can’t break it,” Pande said.

According to Pande, the “entire ecosystem created” by actors belonging to and aligned with Modi’s BJP has “ensured that domestic politics now has greater impact on foreign relations with our neighbors than our foreign policy does.”

This was evident even in Modi’s visit to Johannesburg to participate in the BRICS summit between Aug. 22 and 24. The Daily Maverick, a local newspaper, reported that Modi “refused to get off his aircraft” on arrival, to protest the South African government deputing a cabinet minister to receive him.

The story went viral in India, shared widely by Modi’s critics. Hours after it was published, the Daily Maverick tweeted that it had faced a “massive” cyberattack by Indian servers, ostensibly “to deny the people of India access to this story,” and hence was blocking access to its website for Indian users. The government of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa rubbished the news report but did not react to the cyberattack. While the attackers did not reveal their identity, Modi’s party has been known for its proficient use of information technology.

This brand of muscular nationalism will have damaging effects for India’s foreign interests, analysts said.

Bangladesh’s Khan agreed, pointing to a comment by then-BJP chief and now India’s Home Minister Amit Shah referring to undocumented migrants from Bangladesh as “termites,” which remains widely remembered in Dhaka.

“The rise of nonsecular narratives [and] the rise of religious nationalism will destabilize the region because you are fueling toxic nationalism across the region,” Khan said. “It is inevitable that the more hyper-religious nationalism emerges in India, the greater political instability there will be in the region.”

Huju, the London School of Economics fellow, said that even the nature of Indian diplomacy, through the Indian Foreign Service (IFS), was at stake as a result of the Modi government’s assertive Hindu nationalism.

“Should there be a third BJP term, we are looking at lasting institutional changes to the way that the IFS is governed and culturally imagined,” she said.

Kunal Purohit is a journalist in India.





Death for Tweeting: Saudi Arabia Sentences Brother of Scholar to Death over Tweets


Click here to view article

Contact Minister Naledi Pandor to request that she expresses her opposition, on our behalf, to the treatment and punishment of the innocent in KSA:
Email: Minister@dirco.gov.za







•Maulana Yunus Osman with the yellow hat

•Mufti Ashraf Quraishi (Darul Uloom Springs) with the blue cap

Calling interest profit and trying to halaalize it!!!

Shame on you!!!


Ask Bham: "What's your 'fatwa'? When are you going to issue your scrap 'fatwa' to close the Masaajid?"

Ask Menk: "What's your take? Are you telling the guys that anyone who goes into sajdah is a gonner?"

Ask Zubair Bhayat: "Are you going to implement your nonsensical social distancing in Salaat?"

Ask MJC: "Are you going to stop attending church services because of COVID?"

Bootlickers and toelickers of the west. They dance to the tune of the athiests.

Contact these chaps and interrogate them. Forward to as many contacts as possible and ask them to do the same.



🗓 The Draft Marriages Bill is open for comment until 31st August 2023.

📌 Our objection is not an attempt to acquire a Bill to conform with the Shariah. This is not the motive of our objection. The Bill is related to the entire population of whatever hue and ideology the people are.

⚠ We are required by the Shariah to object to a specific clause which provides for criminalization of performing our Nikahs in the Musaajid by our Imaams. There is no need whatsoever to object to the mass of kufr provisions in the Bill. Our objection is restricted to No.22 (8) of Chapter 7 of the Draft Marriages Bill

🚨 which states:
“Any person who knowingly, whilst not being designated as a marriage officer, solemnizes a marriage which he or she is not authorised, under this Act, to solemnize or solemnizes a marriage which, to his knowledge, is legally prohibited, shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine or imprisonment for a period not exceeding 5 years or both to such a fine or imprisonment.”

📝 When lodging your objection, object, be concerned with only the aforementioned provision. It is Waajib for all Muslims to object.

📤 Send your objection to:
E-mail: Moses.Malakate@dha.gov.za / Agnes.Molefe@dha.gov.za

⏩ Forward a copy of your objection to: Mujlisul.ulama@gmail.com

🖱 For more information, visit: https://themajlis.co.za/articles/the-draft-marriages-bill-what-to-object/

Beware of Ebrahim Bham's poisonous talks on their 100 year sacrifices.

In the end, JUSA and Ebrahim Bham stands for

Closure of the Masaajid
Discarding Hijaab
Pro Covid
Pro Photography
Pro TV

And everything the True and Genuine Ulama of Haq of the real Jamiat Transvaal stood for, Ebrahim Bham goes against it.

What celebrations can that be?

They've sacrificed the entire Shariah in keeping their Kuffaar masters happy!

We again inform the public:
JUSA and Jamiat Transvaal are 2 separate entities, the Akaabir who had formed Jamiat Transvaal would be turning in their graves if they know that JUSA is merely a Liberal propagation body in South Africa which is now run by sell outs.

JUSA is a danger to the Imaan of the Muslims in South Africa


Brothers Should NOT attend Ibrahim Bhams program Tonight in Azaadville.People Should question him on the actions of the current jamait such as interfaith, photography etc.They brag about a legacy of 100 years, the pious predecessor of Jamiat Transvaal would have never tolerated what he and his organisation are up doing to the Deen today.






Maulana Abdul Hamid Saheb

"...And then a person is sitting around 12 crosses in a cathedral and praying for the Kuffaar..."







Maulana Abdul Hamid Saheb

"...So we find that this organisation, they say its a 100 years old, which is not a 100 years old..."

The First Maktab in South Africa - 1793

On the 06 April 1780, a prince by the name of Imaam Abdullah ibnul Qadhi, famously known as Tuan Guru was brought to the Cape of Good Hope as a prisoner of the Dutch. He was imprisoned at Robbin Island for fighting against the Dutch Rule in Indonesia. He hailed from Tidore in the Ternate Islands of Indonesia. His lineage traces up to Sayyidinah Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

In prison he wrote a few copies of the Qur-aan Shareef from memory and also authored a book called “Ma’rifatul Islam wal Imaan”, a book on Islamic Fiqh and Aqaaid. This shows the calibre of a Haafiz and an Aalim he was.

After spending 13 years in prison, he was released in the year 1793. He then went to live in Dorp Street, Cape Town.

Imaam Abdullah’s first concern when he was released was the establishment of a Madrasah and the building of a Masjid. He immediately established a Madrasah in a warehouse in Dorp Street which was the very first maktab established in South Africa. There were no specific teaching times as he spent the entire day teaching adults and children. This Maktab / Madrasah became the means of establishing Islam in South Africa as well as spreading Deen throughout our country.

It was for this reason that he gained the title “Tuan Guru” which means “Mister Teacher” in the Indonesian language.

In the year 1794 the government gave some allowance to the Muslims to build a masjid. Tuan Guru wasted no time and converted the Madrasah into a Masjid which became famously known as the Awwal Masjid, the very first masjid established in South Africa.

This Masjid is still standing in Bo-Kaap and a copy of the Qur-aan Shareef which was written by Tuan Guru in the prison of Robbin Island is still preserved in this Masjid.

Ta’limi Board (KZN)
10 Muharram 1445


How dare SAHUC pretend to know nothing about what the promised & expected terms & conditions of camp A. were & now expect those of us who complain to provide that info? Sahuc now at this late stage, pretends to be sn independent arbiter? How cynical. Was it not SAHUC that negotiated with the functionaries of the KSA for the provision of special services? Was it not Sahuc who notified hujjaj of the existence of camp A and its price? How could they do that & not know what the terms & conditions of Camp A were? If they do know, they must disclose it to the hujjaj who paid & lived in Camp A and not only disclose it to those that complain. If SAHUC claims they visited camp A everyday except when we arrived, they would have seen the extent to which the camp differed from the agreed conditions. Why then , did SAHUC do nothing about it? Can SAHUC not on its own perceive that there was fraudulent and/ or neglect misrepresentation? Its own video showed we were getting beds not sleeper chairs. Camp D got the same sleeper chairs. They could see that their were no fridges in the rooms. They could see that the tents were packed with more than 70 people. They could see South Africa had no dining area of its own. On Arafah they could see we were subjected to toilets that could not flush & that they were filthy. They could see that no najaasah could be prevented in ablution facilities like that. They have seen & ensured the setting up of Camp A special services for years now. They know the extent to which were were not provided with special services. Why does SAHUC want to go with a begging bowl attitude to the KSA? Why does SAHUC believe the KSA needs time to investigate? They had nepotism in the form of one family managing it and who must've put in a fraudulent tender to manage the camp with extreme cost- cutting measures. How does SAHUC explain its lack of negotiation power with the KSA to such an extent that it couldn't demand & procure immediately for us the special services of previous years? Is it it because S.A. is a statistically small component of non-Arab African states? If so, they could have asked SADC to assist in negotiating as a Southern African region or block, better terms. There's power in unity. The DIRCO Ministry's new structure, viz, ‘MCHU’ does not inspire hope for a solution to misrepresentation to hujjaj and cheating them out of what they were promised & what they paid for.

Already the new Chair of the MCHU arrives in 1444 as a special VIP guest of the KSA. He and others then proceed to enjoy the hospitality of the KSA & don't engage with difficulties that are palpably visible . That already demonstrated that the MCHU is compromised to the extent that they would not enforce contractual terms & conditions for camp A for e.g, not intervene to save those that were suffering. South Africans do not need yet another powerless structure claiming to assist them but actually scoring special privileges for themselves. The lack of Tahaarah in Camp D's ablution facilities are also palpably obvious as are the inappropriate chair beds they were expected to sit in all day in Arafah. Why did SAHUC NOT FORESEE that their would be no salaah facilities for them & negotiate a space IN ADVANCE?

Why does SAHUC need individual complaints? To divide & rule us? To kick for touch, abdicate their responsibility & push the issue down the road in time? To lay the blame at third party service providers? We don't want an explanation of how the fraudulent misrepresentation & cheating happened. At this late stage, that's cold comfort. We want SAHUC to acknowledge that they misled the South African public by advertising for special services AND that they took no urgent measures to compel the KSA to rectify the failure immediately. Then we want a full refund as we received the same service as Camp D. We want a formal apology from the KSA for providing filthy bathrooms thereby causing us to remain in a state of impurity throughout the 5 days & for closing access roads from the Jamaraat back to camp A thereby causing us to walk a further 10 km through filthy roads heaped with trash & moving us along one road in our hundreds of thousands like concentration camp victims subjected to limited movements. That was very inconvenient & caused chronic back ache & extreme pain and suffering & anxiety. The bus transporting camp A people was a VIP service with no working arconditioner & a limited water supply yet we were made to sit in a parking lot on the outskirts of Muzdalifa against a trecherous sloping embankment/ trench & to go pick pebbles on that embankment while standing next to many idling diesel busses releasing diesel fumes into the air and choking us. The toilet facilities near those buses were filthy, un- flushable & un-ususable. How were we to purify ourselves there? The special route allocated by the KSA didn't allow us to move from Muzdalifa. We sat in that bus at Muzdalifa without airconditioning -& water for 12 hrs with our legs cramped. A women was hospitalized with dehydration as a result. Its a miracle that no one developed an embolism as a result of not moving legs in a hot bus for 12 hours & that no one developed respiratory failure from diesel fumes. My sciatica has flared up as a result of having to sleep on low chair beds in the camp with a bump on its surface that injured everyone's backs. The airconditioner in the tents were faulty & some could not be repaired. On Arafah, camp A had mobile air coolers but no airconditioners so in that respect camp D had a better cooling system.

We want a committee that has the intellectual capacity to negotiate proper terms and conditions for the camps and that have the courage & power to enforce those terms and conditions immediately when it had been breached. We need a committee that TELLS HUJAAJ IN ADVANCE PRECISELY what they can expect to receive in the camps & to ensure that the tour operators don't gloss over this aspect & then present a walking hajj as a fait accompli to people only once they are already in the camps. Sahuc & the tour operators must tell people IN ADVANCE that they are unable to provide transport to people who can't walk 12 or more km in the heat on hajj. SAHUC and the tour operators as well as the Kingdom- fraternising body, MCHU are going to be held jointly and severally liable with their executives being cited in their personal capacity for breach of contract & consequential damages and the executives will be held liable in delict for the harm & suffering & permanent injury & trauma they've caused. A full refund is necessary but we're entitled to more relief. The people involved must be investigated for corruption and criminally charged, where applicable. If you told me to pay R80 000 so that I could be at the mercy of volunteers, I would not have paid that money. The sub- standard food provided in Camp A was of a lower quality than Camp D. Women were forced to muscle in between huge mention from African states in long queues for food only to find that when it was our turn to dish, most food were used up.

Most disconcerting is the dishonest way SAHUC puts up social media posts of volunteers having fun with a smattering of hujjaj present. That's misleading advertising AND IT doesn't approximate the standard of truth expected in Islam The truth is camp D ran out of could drinks on Arafah & so Tang powder was mixed on & provided to hujjaj. That reason is not disclosed in your social media posts. Did you ever consider that Tang can aggravate diabetes? As can the many stupid sweet items you suggest people eat or that you provide? Where are your medical advice against drinking electrolytes containing sugar? Who are you catering for? The young physically fit non diabetic only? Your clinic in Azizia was staffed by one male Dr that's so old that with respect he put an un-sanitized light into my husband's ear, nose & mouth & then proclaimed my husband had an ear infection whereas I explained that he had just recovered from flu & was done with antibiotics but had a post nasal drip so I just wanted confirmation that I could start him on prednisone. The hapless Dr appeared not to hear nor understand me & went on to direct that we receive an asthma pump ( which we already had) vitamin C ( which we already had). He appeared more concerned about his daughter/ son/ son in law/ daughter who came to see another Dr & was sitting in the pharmacy. The female Dr who's name I will not mention was openly chatting in the corridors about people's medical condition with no concern about privacy, walking around with Bco vitamin shots drawn up already in syringes with needles exposed with no cover on handing them out to staff while walking past us in a narrow passage precariously. That same female Dr was fraternising with patients & stating that she'll attend to someone she knows personally ahead of his turn in the queue despite his protests & despite him not requiring priority emergency care.

In short, I will be bringing legal action against SAHUC, MCHU & the relevant tour operator jointly and severally.

Its common knowledge and no secret that the KSA regards people who identify their lineage as bring Indo-Pak as the labourer-class and that Africans that are non- Arabs are regarded as lower than Arabs.

That elephant in the room is what leads to filthy sub standard camps being provided to Africa. The question is: who is brave enough to address the elephant in the room.

I expect a considered response that speaks to every aspect of this communication without any attempt to delay & placate with plattitudes. In terms of Promotion to Access to Information Act, I require access to every document that SAHUC was provided showing the terms and provision of services for Camp A as well as for Camp D.

Judge Roseni Allie   

The JUSA "clarification"

*JUSA are forked tounged
*Make a mistake once and it is a mistake. More than once then it's a decision
*Interfaith Nelson Mandela prayers. Come on JUSA answer a simple question
*Just as the musjid closure denial in word yet actions defy words.
*The reality being an organization that waters down islam

⚠ Palestine Information Network AQSA ALERT:

A HIGH PROFILE PROPOSAL TO SPATIALLY DIVIDE MASJID AL-AQSA The Hebrew website Zman Yisrael has reported (https://www.zman.co.il/399175/) that Israeli Knesset member Amit Halevi of the ruling Likud party led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is preparing a draft bill to divide Masjid al-Aqsa spatially between Muslims and Jews. It is to propose that the Qibli Musallah and its surroundings in the south of Masjid al-Aqsa be allocated to Muslims, while the plateau of the Dome of the Rock as well as the full northern end of the Masjid be allocated entirely to Jews.

Halevy's draft re-defines Masjid al-Aqsa as constituting only the Qibli Musallah, and that everything else in the wider Masjid purportedly holds no sacredness to Muslims. This opposes the mainstream understanding of Muslims that the entirety of the 144 000 square metres that are walled off is Masjid al-Aqsa - its land is blessed, and the virtues associated with al-Aqsa are to be experienced at every point therein.

The detailed draft bill that Halevy is preparing includes the following:

1- Getting rid of the Jordanian role at Masjid Al-Aqsa and removing the authority of the Islamic Waqf

2- Allowing Jews to enter Masjid al-Aqsa from all gates of the Masjid just as Muslims enter, and not limiting the forced entry of Jews to the Magharibah Gate.

3- Transforming the Jewish presence in Al-Aqsa  into a religious presence, an implicit reference to the establishment of Jewish rituals in the mosque.

4- Allocating the area that starts from the courtyard of the Dome of the Rock right until the far north of Al-Aqsa to the Jews, thereby affording 70% of the Masjid area to Jews only.

This is the first attempt in the Israeli Knesset to expressedly divide Al-Aqsa spatially between Muslims and Jews. Previous attempts in the Knesset had focused on time division - and affording exclusive access to Jews to the Masjid on their religious occasions.

“We will take the northern end and pray there. The entire mountain is sacred to us, and the Dome of the Rock is the place on which the Temple stood. This should be our guideline,” Halevi said. “Israel is the ruling power. It will be a historical, religious and national statement. If this does not happen then you are not actually the owner of the house. You are a klutz[fool] . Why are you even going in there?”

The proposed bill comes days after a new Temple lobby for lawmakers was formed in the Israeli Knesset. The establishment of the lobby was announced by three members of the ruling Likud party.

One of these members, Ariel Kallner, said at the time, "Whoever controls the 'Temple Mount' controls Jerusalem, and whoever controls Jerusalem, he controls this land,” a saying attributed to the right-wing Ukrainian poet and politician Uri Zvi Grinberg, who was a member of the Knesset under Menachem Begin.

These high-profile attempts at division demand greater Muslim vigilance, increased visits and presence at Masjid al-Aqsa all year round, and a thorough elimination of the false notion that the Dome of the Rock holds no significance to Muslims and that the Qibli Musallah is supposedly the 'real Masjid al-Aqsa'. Muslims should embrace the entirety of the Masjid area and the entirety of its rich legacy.

Palestine Information Network



JUSA didn’t make a mistake by inserting that passage about 'interfaith harmony' in it's Tafsīr of Surah Kafiroon. It was by no means a slip of the pen.

It was the outcome of careful deliberation and discussion. And it's roots lie in the almost 20 year long dalliance with interfaith kufr of JUSA secretary general, Reverend Abraham Bham. He led his organization down the road to kufr. And if it does not apply brakes and bail out, in kufr is where it will end up, dragging those who follow it to damnation.

From hijacking the mimbars to urge Muslims to soak their hands in the pigs blood of democracy

to bringing naajis Ramakaafirsonofsatan to the Bhamaphosa Eidgah

to turning friends of the court to keep the masaajids closed

to green lighting + halaalizing first the J&J bio💉weapon and then the even more deadly Pfizer kill💉shot

to turning friends of the court a second time to back the Soros funded feminist lesbian Women’s Legal Center pushing the deeply flawed Muslim Marriages Bill,

what has JUSA not done to turn itself into the enemy of the ummah?




Get Back JUSA

We request all organisations who believe in Allah and His Messenger, Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and the day of reckoning to publicly denounce these acts as per our previous correspondence.

As for Ml Bham for this treacherous act he and his friends are involved in, if Allah and His Messenger, Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam are more beloved to him then himself, come out in the open and make public taubah with you friends. Silence means acceptance of this crime with full understanding and endorsement.

It is clear that UUCSA, its affiliated organisations and the seniors of JUSA are now complicate in these crimes, given our request as per the initial email. A no response means acceptance of these crimes with full endorsement.

The public needs to be warned.

Respected Ulama of our organisation JUSA, we represent a group of Ulama with affiliation to JUSA. The intent of this email is to bring to the attention of JUSA and its branches of the rot and harm senior shura members and Ulama are perpetrating in the name of Deen as leaders.

The debacle at the al huda school in klerksdorp is like the camel that broke the straw. How can Mufti Farouk Minty, a Mufti who supposed to have intricate knowledge of the laws of Shariah, happily and with smiles allow such intermingling and allow our Muslim women to shake the hand of a non-believer? What Islamic values are taught and the school?

What is a clear observation, that in the past we openly promoted photography and videoing with a stance that there is ‘difference of viewpoint’.

Now if we observe on various occasions Ulama are openly intermingling with women, taking videos and photos with women. A few incidences are

The al huda incident last week – Mf Minty

The SONA coverage and allowing political meetings at Nur ul Islam hall in the name of JUSA & Radio Islam – Ml Ravat. It is real sad day to see an Aalim running around behind politicians as if he is the ‘guru’ in politics. Yet he just completed a 24 part series on the signs of Qiyaamah.

Openly taking videos with a women and posting the very same video on his own social media account – Ml Molla

Photos with a group of young girls and openly claiming he has no problems with LGBT and shaking hands with women – Mf Menk

Photos with women and coming on TV with women as co-hosts – Ml Bham & Ml Ravat
Sexual content presented by women on radio Islam, where is modesty? Ulama of radio Islam

What is becoming apparent is that there is a shift in behaviour to openly inter-mingle with women and openly display this via photos or videos on social media. Where is the ‘difference of viewpoint on this now’? This is openly breaking the laws of Deen and Shariah. Are Ulama now hankering after women?

The public narrative will be we sympathise with the Shias now we behave like them, are we going to next legalise Muta for our desires?

What is clear we were warned about this by Moulana Binoori RA. The shift from just photography to publicly broadcasting our sins has become the norm. One thing has led to another, what next?

What is also known in certain Ulama circles for years now, is the relationship Ml Bham has established with a married woman.

His wife suffering from depression, a lady Mrs XX, gives a helping hand. Ml Bham establishes a relationship with her and introduces her to his two friends Mr M (money wala) and Mr S (money launderer).

Would you allow your wife to meet up with other men and exchange WhatsApp messages and get her to send samosas, pies and flowers and exchanging of gifts without the husband being aware?

He, Ml Bham is known as Gora Bhai in the group chats and promotes this filth, entrapping innocent women.

This is what Ml Bham gets up to, a so called face of piety with the reality of shaytaani.

Ml Bham with taqwa and presence of Allah in mind must come clean, if he denies he must put out an affidavit that these allegations are lies and false and take a polygraph test.

In the case of Ml Bham and this illicit relationship, its best he:

Takes marital counselling offered by JUSA to now save his marriage given this will be exposed Resigns for the sake of Deen and disrepute caused to Islam and JUSA He will have no effect and respect in the eyes of the public, people will always doubt him.

The solution is simple and very easy.

Taubah by these individuals and a public announcement by Moulana Jeena and Mufti Ebrahim Pandor on steps JUSA will take to rectify itself. We should not be ashamed, rather call upon senior Ulama of our country to assist in the process of rectification, Ulama such as Mf Salejee, Mf Radha ul Haq and Mf Motara, with Mf Pandor to arbitrate and settle these issues at hand. The current Ulama cannot preside over the matter as they are the problem.

In conclusion, we as JUSA Ulama have lost the moral compass and obedience of Allah laws in our public and personal matters. We are the living proof of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam’s warning “worse than dajaal will be Ulama who will spread such fitnah’

As JUSA, we need to provide clear guidance on these matters or face the wrath of Allah. We will lose the respect of the public once this goes viral.

The issue is no longer, is videos and photography permissible.

Is intermingling with women and the laws of purdah now abrogated by us as JUSA Ulama, the question will be raised in the public domain.

With or without JUSA the Haqq and the Deen of Allah will prevail. Baatlil will be destroyed. After 100 years which side of history do we want to be on?

Our request is, Moulana Jeena & Moulana Pandor are briefed and need to issue a statement within 3 days on our rectification process of JUSA.

JUSA’s silence will make matters worse as it will then be exposed publicly. We will be forced to go public and expose the wrongs of JUSA and its leadership. It is the only right thing to do to warn the public.

The following needs to be considered in the rectification process of JUSA:

JUSA becomes a-political, a political atheist and not hanker behind the government and current incumbent political party’s
Our principles and values must be based on Quraan & Sunnah in all our matters
Radio Islam needs to be fully revamped and all forms of commercial aspects must be removed or alternatively shut down
Our relationship with UUCSA needs to be reviewed
Our relationship with SANHA needs to be cut from the apron strings
The narcissist attitude of our leaders must be brought to check and their wings must be clipped
Concise and clear messages must be given to the public on what we stand for Deen and Deeni actions must permeate from each individual. This will attract people towards the truth.
We have become victims of our own circumstances, the issue is not what other organisations are doing and playing the blame game. It is what we are doing and the fitnah we are spreading in the name of Deen. Let’s not be in denial.

Affiliated Ulama of JUSA


KINDLY CONTACT 0113738000 OR 0837862859 OR 0118378329 TO LODGE COMPLAINTS.



Do Not Spoil Your Hajj
Ask yourself these questions:
Why do majority of the senior scholars do not read Salaah behind Abaraham Bham?
Seniors such as:

1) Moulana Abdul Hameed Saheb
2) Moulana Ahmed Sadeq Desai Saheb
3) Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saheb (Escourt)
4) Moulana Ilyaas Patel Saheb
5) Moulana Shabier Saloojee Saheb
6) Mufti Hashim Boda Saheb
7) Mufti Abdul Qader Hoosen Saheb
8) Mufti Shoaib Ravat Saheb
9) Moulana Haroon Ebrahim
10) Mufti Siraaj Desai Saheb
11) Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo)
12) Mufti Ya'coob Valley
13) Mufti Shuaib (Shallcross)

Why do majority of the Masaajid in Natal do not allow Abraham Bham the podium to lecture?
To name a few:

1) Isipingo Beach
2) Masjid-e-Hilaal
3) Masjid-e-Noor
4) Tongaat
5) Verulem
6) Jumua Masjid- Stanger
7) Escourt
8) Isipingo Hill
9) Isipingo Rail
10) Newcastle
11) Vryheid
12) Umzinto
13) Shallcross

The answer is simple - These are just some of the Shari' reasons why Bham is not allowed:
1) Closed The Masaajid
2) Promoted haraam vaccines
3) According to many senior Ulama, he is not even a Muslim
4) Sits with strange females
5) Promotes Interfaith
6) Silent about the Kuffar Shia- The Haters of Sahabah Radhiyalluhu Anhum
7) Acts on television
8) Attends funerals of Kuffar
9) Makes a mockery of Deen by attending sports functions
10) Praises LGBTQ supporters
11) Takes selfies with idols
12) Worships in Churches
13) Bootlicking the ANC and trampling on the Shari’ah

Do not spoil your Hajj with a wolf in a rethobe kurta - Reverand Bham

You and your organization do not even represent 10% of the Muslims of South Africa. That is a vote of no confidence and you and your ilk who are scholars for dollars, therefore it is not permissible for Muslims to contribute to JUSA, Radio Islam (Shaytaan) and SANHA.

abdulganiosman786@gmail.com Not permissible to join satanic Ebrahim Bham. There is no such thing as "Hajj open day". It's another satanic fabrication of Ebrahim Bham. Even the image supplied in the poster shows a corrupted version of Hajj entailing social distancing. Beware of Ebrahim Bham and his satanic religion!

Bham's public funded birthday bash

A blistering bleeder of public funds

During the course of the week, Ebrahim Bham's Jamiat held a birthday bash. Included in the birthday bash was the customary cake and balloons present at Kuffaar birthday bashes.

Fordsburg Jamiat's birthday cake had "Council of Muslim Theologians" inscribed on it. This then is Fordsburg Jamiat's understanding of "Muslim Theologians", imitating and aping the trends and fashions of the Kuffaar.

Muslim Theologians can never be in the forefront when it comes to imitating and aping the trends and fashions of the Kuffaar. Needless to say, true Ulama are nowhere to be found when it comes to Kuffaar trends and fashions.

Beware of satanic Ebrahim Bham and his group of wolves in sheepskin dubbing themselves "Jamiatul Ulama South Africa"

Neither is it permissible to contribute to this satanic Jamiat, nor is it permissible to host "scholars" of this satanic Jamiat.

And do not incline towards those who do wrong, lest you be touched by the Fire, and you would not have other than Allah any protectors; then you would not be helped. Surah Hud #113

The Chinese Embassy has published a list of states that were bombed by the United States of America after World War II:

• Japan 6.08 and 9.08 1945
• Korea and China 1950-53 (Korean War)
• Guatemala 1954
• Indonesia (1958)
• Cuba (1959-1961)
• Guatemala (1960)
• Congo (1964)
• Laos (1964-1973)
• Vietnam (1961-1973)
• Cambodia (1969-1970)
• Guatemala (1967-1969)
• Grenada (1983)
• Lebanon (1983, 1984) (hitting targets in the territories of Lebanon and Syria)
• Libya (1986)
• Salvador (1980)
• Nicaragua (1980)
• Iran (1987)

• Panama (1989)
• Iraq (1991) (Gulf War)
• Kuwait (1991)
• Somalia (1993)
• Bosnia (1994, 1995)
• Sudan (1998)
• Afghanistan (1998)
• Yugoslavia (1999)
• Yemen (2002)
• Iraq (1991-2003) (joint US and British troops)
• Iraq (2003-2015)
• Afghanistan (2001-2015)
• Pakistan (2007-2015)
• Somalia (2007-2008, 2011)
• Yemen (2009, 2011)
• Libya (2011, 2015)
• Syria (2014-2015)

There are more than 20 states on the list. China urged "never forget who is the real threat to the world."

Were there outrages from the Western community regarding the United States?

Were there loud accusatory cries?

Were there sanctions against the United States at least once?

This whole hypocritical world caudle sits quietly with its tongue in one place, when the USA nightmares countries like a real bandit. Not an exclamation, not a shadow of reproach, not a glimmer of indignation. Cowardly, shameless, hypocritical creatures! I would spit on everyone in his hypocritical mug and would poke his nose into this list.

This list should be broadcast on all possible channels 24 hours a day, continuously. Make videos that would gouge all this Western riff-raff, would not let them sleep peacefully! Pound them and peck, remind every fact of the US crime against other countries.

Help spread




Subhana ALLAH… Palestinian crows tearing up Israeli flags apart … they are doing what billions of Muslims cannot dare do fear of being labeled terrorist and anti semites .. These crows are criminals, terrorists and anti semites - they are wanted hunted alive or dead or in traps…



Open letter to MJC Darul Ihsaan and Jusa


We are JUSA
We closed the masaajid and went to court
We joined the lesbians in court
The Kuffar Shias are our best friends
We are the sidekicks and spies of the corrupt ANC
We are TV actors and our radios name is Radio Shaytaan
We insulted Hazrat UMAR (RA) on Radio Shaytaan
And SANHA fed the world Haraam
We are Scholars for Dollars
صَلَّى ٱللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَآلِهِ وَسَلَّمَ
And Shaytaan is very pleased with us


Ammi Ayesha R Qaseeda

.السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

The smarter way to stay connected to your Masjid and beyond

To access the App, you can download the SmartBilal App FREE from either of the links below.

1. Apple: https://apps.apple.com/za/app/smartbilal/id1524160036
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Search for your Masjid, it will appear if it has the LiveBox transmitter installed, mark as favourite (click the ⭐️) and you will be alerted every time the mic 🎤 at the masjid is switched on which will allow you to hear the Athaan, Salaah and future lectures. There are many other features of the app, like Qiblah locator, Masjid locator, Covid compliance record keeping and temperature recording, Salaah booking and ticketing for limited numbers, salaah times notifications, Quraan, Zakaat calculator etc.

Please watch the short video for a brief overview of SmartBilal. Jazakallah Khayran


Allamah Ibn Nujaym has recorded the bequest of the great Imam Abu Hanifah to his illustrious student, Imam Abu Yusuf. In his bequest to his student Imam Abu Yusuf, the great Imam Abu Hanifah said:

"When you identify evil in a person, do not refer to him with it, but seek the good in him and refer to him with that. [This is] with the exception of matters pertaining to Deen: when you identify such a thing in his Deen, mention that to the people, so that they do not follow him and are wary of him."

وَإِذَا عَرَفْتَ إِنْسَانًا بِالشَّرِّ فَلَا تَذْكُرْهُ بِهِ بَلِ اطْلُبْ مِنْهُ خَيْرًا فَاذْكُرْهُ بِهِ إِلَّا فِيْ بَابِ الدِّيْنِ فَإِنَّكَ إِنْ عَرَفْتَ فِيْ دِيْنِهِ كَذَلِكَ فَاذْكُرْهُ
لِلنَّاسِ كَيْلَا يَتَّبِعُوْهُ وَيَحْذُرُوْهُ

الأشباه والنظائر لإبن نجيم ت970ه ص712 ج2 )

Ebrahim Bham's Jamiat

A Jamiat calling upon you to entrust your hard-earned money with Haraam insurance fraudsters and conmen

In a Jamiat statement dated 19 April 2022, signed by Ebrahim Bham, a “Written Authority and Mandate” is affixed. Take careful note of the words Insure Group Managers and Epic and read on to discover startling and shocking facts about these fraudsters and conmen involved in the Haraam insurance industry:

"This signed Authority and Mandate refers to our contract with Jamiatul Ulama South Africa in respect of Lillah Donations for Jamiatul Ulama South Africa for which I/we extend this authority/mandate to collect by debit order.

I/We authorise IMAGIN8, Insure Group Managers Ltd. or their authorized Third Party (herein after referred to as Epic) to draw against my/our account the contracted value in terms of an authority/mandate from JUSA Lillah to collect and manage monies in respect of Lillah for Jamiatul Ulama South Africa agreement (“Agreement”) for which I/we extend this authority to collect by debit order.

I/We further authorise Epic to increase or reduce such amounts due from, time to time to reflect any change to the Agreement, including changes in the base agreement cost, additional services, products, transactional costs as communicated to Epic by Jamiatul Ulama South Africa.

I/We understand that the withdrawals hereby authorised will be processed through a computerised system provided by the South African banks and I/we also understand that details of each withdrawal will be printed on the bank statement, with the reference prefix “IMAGIN8”.

This authority remains in force until cancelled in writing by me/us.

The individual debit and/or payment instructions so authorised to be issued must be issued and delivered as follows:

In the event that the payment day falls on a Sunday, or recognised South African Public holiday, the debit day will automatically be the preceding ordinary business day.

I/We further autorise Epic to deposit directly into the above account any amount which may be due to me/us in respect of any refund amounts.

I/We shall not be entitlred to any refund amounts which Epic has withdrawn while this authority was in force, if such amounts were legally due."

This is who the Insure Group Managers are:

Financial Crimes Inc: The case against Insure Group Managers

The exact nature of the alleged crimes perpetrated at Insure Group Managers when its directors misappropriated R1.7-bn in premium funds — from which it bought wonky assets and paid about R160-million in dividends to owners Charl Cilliers and Diane Burns — has been detailed in a reportable irregularities report and several affidavits submitted to the Hawks


South African insurance industry rocked by Insure Group ‘premiums misappropriation’ scandal

"And led to the dramatis personae – Charl Cilliers and Diane Burns, directors of Insure Group Managers – being debarred as financial service providers, based on their lack of honesty and integrity.

Both Cilliers and Burns deny all culpability for what happened. But the facts paint a different picture. The story here is that Insure Group Managers, an intermediary which collected insurance premiums from customers, which it was meant to pay over to the insurance companies, instead secretly invested that cash in its own very illiquid, high-risk and ultimately loss-making assets."


Beware of your Lillah funds being misappropriated

Contributing to Ebrahim Bham's Jamiat is contributing to the destruction of Islam!

And co-operate in righteousness and piety, and do not co-operate in sin and transgression. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is severe in punishment."
Surah Maa-idah #2


UUCSA has always claimed that they represent the majority of the Muslims of South Africa in the 9 provinces

(1) Now we have the proposed NHA amendments. How come there are no public objections from UUCSA, JUSA, MJC and Darul Ihsan? You have delegitimized yourself! You claim to offer guidance to the Muslims of South Africa but you are silent!!!

Mr Yusuf Patel. It is about time you answer! Otherwise, you will always be referred to as Yusuf Patel Kalbi!

It seems all of you are bought off by the African National Corruption (ANC) government! What other reason can there be for your silence???

The letter regarding the MJC is attached. There’s corruption going on within the MJC as well! When are you’ll going to be accountable for all this money?

(2) As Ulama, Muftis and Imaams, can you’ll please give guidance to the Ummah regarding the following personalities whom we consider to be Murtads: MBS, Menk and Ebrahim Rasool. What are the Fatwas of MJC, UUCSA, JUSA and Darul Ihsaan??? Please make your fatwas public regarding all of them.

Bham, Zaheer Ragie and Abdul Khaliq Allie, please answer!

(3) How come none of you is prepared to make a public statement regarding the Shias???

Why can’t Radio Islaam also known as Radio Shaytaan also make a public announcement regarding the Shias??? Haider and Sulaymaan Ravat are also responsible for this mess!!! You’ll become so corrupted that you’ll can’t speak!!!

Why can’t ITV and Zaheer Ragie also speak regarding the Shias??? Zaheer Ragie, are you also another scholar for dollar who has sold the Deen???

Sulaymaan Mulla, why don’t you speak? You claim to be an ambassador of Islaam but you are selling out Islaam!!! You don’t listen to your teachers and appear on TV!!!

(4) UUCSA went to court to close the Masaajid!!! Unprecedented in human history!!! Imaams, Shaykhs and Maulanas going to court to close the Masaajid!!! When are you going to apologise???

(5) You went to court to change the laws of Nikaah and Talaaq and you joined the lesbians!!!

Irfaan Abrahams, Ebrahim Gabriels and Igsan Taliep, you’ll should hang your heads in shame!!!

(6) When are you’ll going to criticize the current government (African National Crooks/Corruption (ANC), Desperate/Defeated Alliance (DA) and Economic Free dumb Fighters (EFF)) for bringing the country to its knees in every sphere of life???

People are suffering everywhere, and you are supporting this corrupt government!!!

Did not Nabi Alayhis Salaam prohibit us, does the Qur’aan not prohibit us from this???

وَلَا تَعَاوَنُوْا عَلَى الْاِثْمِ وَالْعُدْوَانِ

And do not aid each other in sin and transgression. Qur'an 5:2

You, AK Allie, Irfaan Abrahams and Igsan Taliep, went to the South African leaders, are you’ll captured Ulama? Why don’t you’ll just say that you’ll are no longer representing the Ummah, you’ll represent the government and you’ll are the puppets of the government!!!

(7) What guidance are you’ll giving the Ummah regarding Israel, UAE and Saudi Arabia?

Why don’t you’ll criticize the Saudi regime??? Are you’ll worried about your visas, touring and gifts from the Saudi government? What do you have to say regarding the cinemas that MBS built in Madina and other parts of Saudi Arabia?

(8) What do you have to say about the promotion of the Satanic so-called Abrahamic faith in Arabia?

Our Ulama are prepared to debate with any one of you live on the radio.

The public are encouraged to convey this message.

These are the email addresses of those Shayaateen and sell-outs:
UUCSA secretariat@uucsa.co.za
JUSA info@jamiatsa.org
MJC president@mjc.org.za deputy1@mjc.org.za deputy2@mjc.org.za
Darul Ihsan disc@darulihsan.com

لَقَدْ جِئْنَـٰكُم بِٱلْحَقِّ وَلَـٰكِنَّ أَكْثَرَكُمْ لِلْحَقِّ كَـٰرِهُونَ

We had certainly brought you the truth, but most of you detest the truth. Qur'an 43:78

Abu Dhar (Radhi Allahu anh) said, "I was with the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) one day and I heard him saying: "There is something I fear for my Ummah more than Dajjal." It was then that I became afraid, so I said: "Oh Rasool Allah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam)! Which thing is that?" He (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said; "Misguided and astray scholars."
[Musnad Ahmad # 21334 and 21335]

Abdullah Yusuf

Letter to General Masjlis

Media reports:

"Israeli Jewish extremists are promoting financial rewards to those who carry out extremist provocations on the courtyards of Al-Aqsa, desecrating the mosque during Ramadan. Rewards include 10,000 shekels for the doing Passover sacrifice there."
Quds News Network


The majority of South Africans have still not submitted their comments on the National Health Act’s Draft Regulations which will effectively act as a long-term replacement to South Africa’s State of Disaster Covid Regulations. The number of submissions so far are very few.

This insane Act will affect every South African as some of our Constitutional rights including our religious freedom will be taken away from us forever.

The National Health Act’s Draft Regulations must be stopped!

1. We oppose all the proposed regulations as they are unconstitutional
2. We oppose forced vaccinations
3. We oppose producing vaccination certificates to attend church and other events
4. We oppose vaccination passports
5. We oppose mandatory masks
6. We oppose restrictions on gathering indoors and outdoors
7. We oppose civilians being forced into state quarantine facilities and administered medication without their consent
8. We oppose the proposed fines and 10 year jail sentences for non compliance to these draconian regulations and amendments.

Your future and your children's future are at stake. Yes we must pray but now is the time to ACT. If you have not submitted your comments on the draft National Health Act, please click on the link below NOW and share with others.


Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

This booklet has been compiled by a group of Ulama (ulama-e-ummati) in response to a question asked with sincerity.

Insha Allah, readers will find it beneficial.

Readers are humbly requested to forwarded it to as many groups and and people as possible. To stand up for the Haq is an extremely great Ibaadah especially during this great month of Ramadaan . May Allah Ta'aala accept everyone's effort to protect His Deen. Ameen



Copy and paste the following into an Email


I, Name & Surname, hereby formally object to the amendment as proposed in the Government Gazette Published on the 15 March 2022 with Government Notice No. 1877–1880.
The amendments to the Regulations relating to the surveillance and control of notifiable medical conditions. The amendments infringes on my rights in terms of all or the applicable right(s) of the following sections of the Constitution:
1.1 Section 9 of the Constitution – my individual right to equality;
1.2 Section 10 of the Constitution – my right to human dignity, including to work;
1.3 Section 11 of the Constitution – my right to life;
1.4 Section 12 of the Constitution – my right to bodily and psychological integrity, which includes the right to security in and control over my body;
1.5 Section 14 of the Constitution – my right to privacy;
1.6 Section 22 of the Constitution – my right to choose my trade, occupation, or profession freely;
1.7 Section 23 of the Constitution – my right to fair labour practices; and
1.8 Section 29 of the Constitution – my right to education through reasonable measures; and
1.9 Section 33 of the Constitution – my right to just administrative action.

2. The Policy itself is contrary to Section 26 of the Protection of Personal Information Act, which prohibits the processing of personal information concerning, amongst others, religious beliefs and/ or health information of an individual.
3. I also object to continuation of the Disaster Management Act, which has long since been an over reach of power by this government, the disaster has never been substantiated and any continuance of the DMA is a clear grab for total control over citizens' lives.

Yours Truly
Name & Surname

You may also CC your email to the following
president@presidency.gov, mmolepo@parliament.gov.za, btyawa@parliament.gov.za, info@parliament.gov.za, pmasiza@parliament.gov.za tsakani.furumele@health.gov.za